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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tehillim against Tillim!!!!!

Schoolgirls in Ashdod ~ Would YOU live like this?
As rockets continue to fall throughout the south of Israel I have a pertinent question .... Does cease-fire mean that we cease all self defence & retalitory activity and they fire Rockets continuously?

That is what is happening in Southern Israel today.  Despite an announced cease-fire.  It is time that we Fire until they Cease Showering Southern Israel with Terror.   Southern Israel has come under far more attack today than any prior to operation Cast Lead. It is now high time that there was a new operation ~ Cast Lead II, with no stopping until Hamas and Islamic Jihad are entirely eliminated.   If this means wiping out the entire Gaza region then so be it, rather that than Israel be wiped out, which will be the result of insufficient action, the Hallmark of our present Goverment. It is not just Southern Israel but the Jewish State of Israel that is at stake here. In fact that would be no bad thing. 
In order to secure the safety of our citizens we need to Take Gaza & populate it with Jews. To Rebuild Gush Katif. To Clear our land of All terror & Idolatry.
Land for Peace Doesn't work. This has been Decisively Proven & our Government's inactivity in the face of arab aggression is 'unacceptable'!!!!

Boys Basketball is Interrupted

As the atmosphere down in Southern Israel intensifies, the Soldiers of the Iron Dome continue the battle of protecting the cities that are under constant attack. The ongoing pressure and rush adrenalin can be felt from miles away, but the soldiers keep their focus at all times, determined to do anything in order to complete their job in the best way possible intercepting these lethal weapons.   And they have been doing a Superb job.  Think of this .... Over 300 rockets launched this week from Gaza.  Not One Israeli has been killed, Baruch Ha'Shem!!!!

Beyond the actual launchings, the Iron Dome deals with the need of strengthening the system on a daily basis, to keep it intact and to eliminate future losses. "I been through many sleepless nights since more of the work gets done when the sun goes down, we get called in many times", says Corporal Roman Pindrik, a radar technical engineer who also operated at the Ashdod battery.  Todah & B'rachot to all those who are fighting to keep Israel safe as we sleep. Kol Ha'kavod!!!

What can you do??? ..... Say Tehillim
(Psalms) against Tillim (Rockets).  In the Ancient Armies of Eretz Yisrael Torah Scholars preceeded them to victory reciting Tehillim.  We too can replicate this today ..... Please say the following tehilim  6, 20, 46, 51, 70 and 120.  Todah!!


  1. And the latest Rocket Attack on Ashdod, 9:23 PM ~ Israeli time & the Iron Dome successfully intercepted rocket, Baruch Ha'Shem!!!!!!

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