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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Vehi Sheamda ~ Torah is Triumph!!

Apologies for the lack of posting lately. It has been a time of turmoil in my personal life. Back to 'proper' posting post Pesach.     Chag Pesach Sam'each to All !!!!!

Therefore, all who devour you shall be devoured, and all your adversaries, yea all of them, shall go into captivity, and those who plunder you shall be plunder, and all who prey upon you I will give for prey" 
~ Y'ermiahu 30.16 ~

"For I am with you, says Ha'Shem, to save you, for I will make an end of all the nations where I dispersed you, but of you I will not make an end ..... "   ~ Y'ermiahu 30.11 ~

The Jewish Nation ~ Am Yisrael ~ is indestructible.  Pesach reminds us of this.  The miraculous sweep of Jewish destiny from the Exodus to nuclear Iran ~ and what it means today. The Triumph of Torah learning in Today's Communities. Chief Rabbi of South Africa, Dr. Warren Goldstein's Pesach Message featuring Yaakov Shwekey.  It is Torah that sustains the World &  Torah Judaism is on the increase, B"H!!

Chag kasher vesame`ah!!

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