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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Go Goldstein!!

He who saves one life saves the world entire ~ Talmud.

Today, Purim Day is the Yahrzeit of Dr. Baruch Goldstein. A Hebrew Hero ...  A man who gave his life for his people, Am Yisrael.  And we have a duty of Zakhor, to remember him as we remember how Jews Actions saved us from Annihalation another Purim Day.

Dr. Baruch Kappel Goldstein, ZT"L, HY"D
Born December 9 or 12, 1956 - 5 or 8 Tevet, 5717 in Brooklyn, New York.
Murdered February 25, 1994 - 14 Adar, 5754 in Hevron, Israel.

Mearat a-Machpela (The Cave of the Patriarchs) is the burial place of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The place was purchased by Abraham. The cave is the second-holiest Jewish site. The insane rulers of Israel gave the Arabs most of Mearat a-Machpelah, even though Arabs massacred the Jewish community in the very same city of Hebron in 1929.

And the "Official" story of Dr Goldstein is simple .... On Purim 1994, a "mad Kahanist" took his rifle, went into a mosque, and shot the worshipers. Never mind that the place should not be a mosque in the first place. Never mind the Arabs were shot from a different rifle than Dr. Goldstein’s. And certainly never mind that he allegedly shot 154 Arabs with 140 bullets.

The absurdity of the government’s scenario was immediately apparent ~ a tender person, a caring doctor, a Jewish patriot shot people in cold blood??? Dr. Goldstein was in fact distinguished for excellence in medical service and who had treated many non-Jews & Jews in the course of his career.

The Arab crowd lynched Dr. Goldstein after disarming him. The Israeli attorney general refused to prosecute the murderers, most of whom were well known and boasted of the murder. In another case, when a Jew shot an Arab terrorist after disarming him, the Jew was sentenced to a long prison term even though he acted in temporary insanity. As everyone says, Arabs are not treated equally with Jews in the state of Israel. They are treated preferentially.

Immediately after murdering Dr. Goldstein, the Arab mob attempted a large-scale pogrom in Hebron, with nine Jews and a number of Arabs killed in the subsequent clashes. The Hamas-led pogrom was premeditated, prepared long before the incident, and official warnings indicated this. A day before, a palestinian mob (“worshipers”) rioted in the Maarat Hamachpela, and shortly before the incident they chanted “Slaughter the Jews,” as the Shamgar report concedes. Acting on Major Stellman’s order, the IDF surprisingly released the arrested Palestinian inciter. Despite the exceedingly high tensions and clear pogrom mood, the IDF and Border Police didn’t bring reinforcements but left only a handful of guards at the Cave of the Patriarchs. Massacre of Jews was in the air .... just as in 1929.

The official story accuses Dr. Baruch Goldstein of opening fire on Arabs. Any sensible person would ask how the doctor could achieve at least 154 Arab casualties, including 29 dead, with 140 bullets? He is claimed to have walked into the Cave with four cartridges, thirty-five rounds each for Galil rifle. Shooting into the dense crowd of arabs, it would have been just impossible to reach 154 of them. It would have been impossible to spend one round only for each casualty. It is very hard to kill with a single shot in such hurried circumstances. Even allowing for all those incongruities, there is physically no way to score 154 Arab casualties with 140 bullets.

The Arabs murdered Dr. Goldstein when he tried to reload his rifle, so at least one of the four cartridges was still unused, bringing the number of bullets down to 105. It is completely implausible that almost every bullet wounded several Arabs, passing through their bodies. Shooting four cartridges in rapid-fire mode would not have produced that many casualties, and might have jammed the rifle. Shooting 105 or 140 bullets in semi-automatic mode would have taken considerable time, giving the guard just meters away enough time to react, and the Arabs time to flee.

Even the best shooter cannot realistically score 154 casualties acting alone, with a single rifle, hurrying, in a dense crowd. And Dr. Goldstein was not a great shooter. Neither before, nor after him, in thousands of terrorist acts throughout the world, was such a score ever achieved. No shooter came even close. To compare, the Arab who inflicted nineteen casualties in Merkaz HaRav yeshiva in March 2008 spent about 600 bullets.

Of this there is no doubt ~ Baruch Goldstein was murdered by Arabs. Dr. Goldstein appeared on the scene when these Arabs had already started the riot they had prepared for months. The doctor was the first Jewish victim of the Arab mob. Israeli soldiers on duty shot at the Arab crowd, achieving the impressive 154 casualties. But at that time of rampaging peace process, the Peres ~ Rabin clique could ill afford the picture of Arabs massacring Jews in Hebron, so they embellished the story of Dr. Goldstein’s “massacre.” So the subsequent Arab riot became “justified” instead of being a normal Arab pogrom. The Israeli establishment used the fact that Dr. Goldstein was a member of Kach (Rabbi Meir Kahane's party) to ban the party. Maybe they should also have banned the medical profession, since he was also a doctor?!?!.

I have listened to numerous arguments over the years that I should not support Dr Goldstein, as he was a 'murderer' and 'terrorist' settler. A 'Mad' settler who 'murdered' muslims. I don't subscribe to this analysis. As far as I am concerned he is a Jewish Patriot & Hero, who gave his life to protect Jews. He commited the ulitmate act of mesirut nefesh in giving his life for the Jewish People in order to prevent a massacre. Around Purim in 1994, a repeat of the 1929 Arab massacre of the Jews of Hebron was planned. Goldstein had had enough and decided to take action since the government of the day refused to. He stopped the massacre in its tracks on Purim Day, February 25, 1994. The killing of Arabs in the Cave of the Patriarchs is no different from the ancient events we celebrate on Purim.

Goldstein is buried across from the Meir Kahane Memorial Park in Kiryat Arba, a Jewish neighbourhood adjacent to Hebron. The park is named in memory of Rabbi Meir Kehane, founder of the Israeli political party Kach,  a party treasonally classified by the United States and Israeli governments as a terrorist organization. Goldstein was a long-time supporter of Meir Kehane, as I am.  Kehane Chai!!!!

"If one comes to slay you, slay him first!" This is Judaism, this is what should be a light unto the feet of the Israeli Defense Forces. Instead, thanks to the gentilized concepts of the gentilized Hebrews, their hearts and minds have been hobbled by perverted mercy. The Mercy of Fools." ~ Rabbi Meir Kehane ~

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