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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's ... Sylvester Same'ach??

If you thought the Sylvester in my title was a cat you would be wrong ..... Sylvester is the Germanic name for the Goyische Holiday of New Year's Eve!!!  Why is it thus called?  Who was Sylvester??

Sylvester is the German name for New Year's Eve  owing to the fourth century roman pope Sylvester I who arranged for the passage of a host of viciously anti-Semitic legislation during the Council of Nicaea (325 CE), and who convinced Constantine to prohibit Jews from living in Jerusalem.   Sylvester was pope from January 31st, 314 CE to December 31st, 335 CE.  He was  made a saint by the catholic church for his anti semitic activities and his "Saint’s Day" is the day he was buried,  December 31st Saint Sylvester Day!   All catholic “Saints” are awarded a day on which chrstians celebrate and pay tribute to that saint’s memory.   And,  the civil new year is ushered in on “Sylvester Nacht”  hence chrstian celebrations on the night of December 31st are dedicated to Sylvester’s memory.   A 'feast' night of drinking,  making merry and killing Jews.   But, why does Israel also term NYE as Sylvester's Night???

A couple of years ago I listened to Rabbi Lawrence Kelemen's research Shuir on this issue.  It is incisive & will blow you away .....  The Real Story of Xmas & New Years!!!!     I'm reproducing a few of his major points below ~ it will blow you away!!!

In 46 B.C.E. the Roman emperor Julius Caesar first established January 1st as New Year’s day. Janus was the Roman gd of doors and gates, and had two faces, one looking forward and one back.  Caesar felt that the month named after this gd (“January”) would be the appropriate “door” to the year.  Caesar celebrated the first January 1st New Year by ordering the violent routing of revolutionary Jewish forces in the Galilee.  Eyewitnesses say blood flowed in the streets.  In later years, Roman pagans observed the New Year by engaging in drunken orgies  ~ a ritual they believed constituted a personal re-enacting of the chaotic world that existed before the cosmos was ordered by the gds.  As xtianity spread, pagan holidays were either incorporated into the xtian calendar or abandoned altogether.  By the early medieval period most of 'Holy' chrstian Europe regarded Annunciation Day (March 25th) as the beginning of the year.  (According to catholic tradition,  Annunciation Day commemorates the Malakh Gavriel’s announcement to 'Mary' that she would be impregnated by G*d ~ a purely pagan notion ~ and conceive a son to be called jsus.)

After William the Conqueror (AKA “William the Bastard” and “William of Normandy”) became King of England on December 25th, 1066,  he decreed that the English return to the date established by the Roman pagans, January 1st as the proper New Year date.  This move ensured that the commemoration of jsus’ birthday (December 25th) would align with William’s coronation, and the commemoration of jsus’ circumcision supposedly done on January 1st. It would start the new year - thus rooting the English and xstian calendars and his own Coronation!!!!  William’s innovation was eventually rejected after his death, and England rejoined the rest of the xtian world and returned to celebrating New Years Day on March 25th for a period.

    About five hundred years later, in 1582CE, pope Gregory XIII (AKA “Ugo Boncompagni”, 1502-1585) abandoned the traditional Julian calendar.  By the Julian reckoning, the solar year comprised 365.25 days, and the intercalation of a “leap day” every four years was intended to maintain correspondence between the calendar and the seasons.  Really, however there was a slight inaccuracy in the Julian measurement (the solar year is actually 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes and 46 seconds = 365.2422 days).  This slight inaccuracy caused the Julian calendar to slip behind the seasons about one day per century.  Although this regression had amounted to 14 days by pope Gregory’s time, he based his reform on restoration of the vernal equinox, then falling on March 11th, to the date had 1,257 years earlier when Council of Nicaea was convened (March 21st 325 CE.).  pope Gregory made the correction by advancing the calendar 10 days.  The change was made the day after October 4th, 1582, and that following day was established as October 15, 1582.  The Gregorian calendar differs from the Julian in three ways ~  (1) No century year is a leap year unless it is exactly divisible by 400 (e.g., 1600, 2000, etc.); (2) Years divisible by 4000 are common (not leap) years; and (3) once again the New Year would begin with the date set by the early pagans, the first day of the month of Janus ~ January 1st.

I have previously blogged the Hebrew Lunar Calendar here .....  Measured by the Moon!!!!
     The goy world operates the gregorian calendar.

On New Years Day 1577 pope Gregory XIII decreed that all Roman Jews, under pain of death, must listen attentively to the compulsory catholic conversion sermon given in Roman synagogues after Friday night services.  On New Years Day 1578  Gregory signed into law a tax forcing Jews to pay for the support of a “House of Conversion” to convert Jews to xtianity.  On New Years 1581 Gregory ordered his troops to confiscate all sacred literature from the Roman Jewish community.  Thousands of Jews were murdered in the campaign as they refused to surrender the precious Sifrei Torah.

  Throughout the medieval and post-medieval periods,  January 1st,  supposedly the day on which jsus’ circumcision initiated the reign of chrstianity and the death of Judaism,  was reserved for anti-Jewish activities ..... synagogue and book burnings, public tortures, rape, and murder.   The heretical non testament, the greek book of xtianity instructs this of xtians.  So Sylvester means Slaughter the Jews Day.  Nice xtian history, huh??

They answered and said unto him, Abraham is our father. Jesus saith unto them, If ye were Abraham's children, ye would do the works of Abraham.  Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it."  john 8.44

"Bring my enemies, who didn't want me to be their king. Kill them in front of me.'"  luke 19.27

So, we're Sons of Satan to be Slaughtered!!!!!!

And today,   we yet again have reason to fear those pogrom nights by xtian Jew haters, with their calls of "Juden Raus".    This has been augmented by a constant drip of xtian supposed Jew-lovers who for lack of respect for our right to our Torah unmauled by them,  seek ways of eliminating our tenets of Torah in indirect devious ways as they explain clearly on their sites to their believers and hangers on.   It is disgusting!!  

Although this day should be a time of bitter remembrance ~ we have a duty of Zakhor ~ it is not a time of celebration for Jews. 
Any celebration or acknowledgment of this day gives homage to the Goyyim who massacred and mistreated us for millenia.   Neither is it New Years.  Today is 19th of Teves,  5773.  This Is Our Calendar.  Our Only Calendar, G*d's Only Calendar and the one for all Jews.   As Rosh Ha'Shana  is the Jewish New Year and this occurs Every Tishrei.  It is not today.  Today is simply Sylvester's Day!

I Love this ....

Chanukkah Chutzpah!!!

This is my very favourite Chanukkah photograph.  I think it truly shows 'Chutzpah'  and total Defiance in the face of Nazi Aggression.  The photograph features  a Chanukkah Menorah from Kiel, Germany and it belonged to the Posner family.  The Posner family left Germany in 1933 and arrived in Eretz Yisrael in 1934.  The Menorah still belongs to the Posner family and is lit every year at Chanukkah, B"H.   Both the Menorah and the photograph are displayed in Yad Vashem's Holocaust History Museum.

We celebrate Chanukah by kindling the Menorah for eight days, adding a new light each night, bringing increasing Kedoshah into our lives and our communities.   This concept of Ma'alim B'Kodesh  to grow spiritually and to continuously add more mitzvos,  more Torah and holiness to our lives is the essence of our faith symbolized by the manner in which we light our Menorahs.

Man's Soul is the Candle of Ha'Shem .. which searches out the innermost parts
~ Mishlei 20.27 ~

Chanukkah is NOT a holiday that celebrates religious freedom but rather redemption of Jewish identity.  And this is sooooooo epitomised by the above photograph, I think!!!

Also, I haven't posted in about three weeks, since the Chag of Chanukkah.  I wanted a break and a 'bridge' post to link to today.  This special photograph is it!!!!

Credits ~ Posner Family Estate, courtesy of Shulamit Mansbach, Haifa, Israel
Photographer ~ Rachel Posner.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Maccabeats ..... Shine On!

 I Adore Acappella .... specifically, I adore the Maccabeats, the Yeshiva University acappella group.   The Maccabeats,  have gained legions of fans and millions of YouTube views for their catchy acappella parodies and covers of other artists’ songs.  Millions have heard and seen their catchy creations online.  The result has been dozens of feature stories in print, dozens of stories broadcast on local radio and TV,  a live performance on national television, and even a dinner at the White House.  A Cappella is a long tradition at universities. It reflects a love of Music, shared fun and the ability to create and concoct harmonies.  And the Maccabeats obviously LOVE what they do ..... 

Okay,  so now you all know I have had a several years-long obsession with the Yeshiva University Maccabeats.   An all male acappella group who went viral and sort of changed the face of Modern Orthodoxy and how the goyim and some Jews view Orthodoxy.  They sang for President Obama,  they  sell T-shirts   (I own several and a hoodie, yet to be autographed, cough, cough, cough .......).      Every Jewish kid knows who they are  (and most moms too!!!).     Actually,  it was at Chanukkah two years ago that Maccabeats came to prominence for the first time & I have blogged before my love for them,  I have introduced the Maccabeats here ....    Awesome!!!!!          
They’re wonderful and talented and sweet.   And,  their first 'hit' two years ago at Chanukkah,  where they were termed   'Youtube Sensations'  as they burst on the webscene with the timely legendary Torah tale of the Maccabees was   Candlelight .... 


More than a Million views were captured,  singing engagements followed and busy became a business.  The following year, last year 5772,   saw them engage with Jewish Reggae Star
Matisyahu and a cover,  an approved re-release of his hit 'Miracle'  for the next Chanukkah Chag.   Matisyahu wrote the song. 

His rendition is   HERE

 But that wasn't all .....    This single release headlined a campaign  Miracle Match!!     This campaign linked with the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation which helps children and adults suffering from leukemia, lymphoma, and other cancers and genetic disorders find matching donors for blood and marrow transplants.  It is life saving and life transforming.  A cause close to my own heart.    Every year, more than 10,000 patients in the United States alone need a transplant, and about half of them do not find a matching donor. They rely on Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation and other registries to save their lives by finding their Miracle Matches.   And Chanukkah, based itself on a Miracle of Ha'Shem is all about Miracles.    Since last Chaunkkah  over $80,000 has been raised to benefit   The Gift of Life   and their efforts to register bone marrow donors and save lives. To date,  the Miracle Match Campaign has led to 24 matches and seven transplants requested, B"H!!!!

"We light candles in testament that faith makes miracles possible." 
 ~ Rabbi Nachum Braverman

This Tzedaka still continues with Maccabeats Support .......   HERE!!!!

And this Chanukkah,  Maccabeats have 'upped their game'   yet again,  and have taken things to the next level as they release their newest song/video "Shine" ,   their very first original song.  Self penned.  

And now, this Chanukkah the lads have unveiled their first original song, "Shine."

 Same Maccabeats quality, professionalism and where appropriate, humour, all wrapped up in a new, catchy song not heard nor performed before.  I particularly love the use of continuity with "Miracle" and the reappearance of the Greeks from "Candlelight."   

 Their own website introduces it thus ..... "In honor of Hanukkah 2012, we are proud to debut our first original song, “Shine.”   Shine is a song about Hanukkah and so much more, and we hope that the song and video inspire all of our fans to keep the flame of Hanukkah burning well beyond the Festival of Lights.  Since we love our fans, we’ll be honest with you. We need your help. We’re very proud of Shine, but it isn’t a parody of a wildly popular radio hit that everyone is already humming. If you want to help “shed the light in each direction” you’ll have to share and play the song for all your friends, just like we played it for you. We’re really excited to have you with us on this next stage of our fantastic journey. You can also grab the song on  iTunes.

 Last but not least, this year we are once again partnering with the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation for our Miracle Match Campaign. This campaign raises much-needed funds to process tissue samples from potential donors. Miracle Match has saved lives, and could save so many more with your help. To learn more about the campaign, visit   www.makesomemiracles.com."

 Whoooo hoooo ......     But that's not all!

I oftentimes wondered what would happen to the Maccabeats when they all graduated from YU.  Would they dissappear??   Would they break up and be no more??  How terrible that would be!   It has happened &  on viewing the comments on 'Shine' it appears that a certain Astronaut (Noah) has been so sorely missed.  Not to worry.  It has been taken care of.  Graduated and unable to utilize the Maccabeats name,  certain members  (with an obvious obsessional fan following !?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!) have formed 
the "break off" group  StandFour,   these four former Maccabeats now have real lives that are too busy to allow them to travel across the country as readily as their fellow singers still students.  However, even though they won't be touring, they still want to produce quality, engaging Jewish music and videos, hence StandFour was born.   Also,  an Acappella group and also Jewish and great.   And also with an original single this Chanukkah.   I love the modern music choices.  I love them in hoodies looking all casual and hip-like. It’s beautiful acapella.  It's beautiful singing.   It's official. I'm obsessed & I adore them too.  Nobody erases who we are ever!!!!   So, What else do they StandFour

Ha'Shem.  Torah.   All that is good in our world.  I love them already!!!   Total Jewish Awesomeness!!!!   Through the Eight Nights of Chanukkah and beyond ....   Chag Chanukkah Sameach!!!!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Israel ~ Images of a Week at War!!

"We don’t thrive on military acts. We do them because we have to, and thank G*d we are efficient"  
~ Golda Meir ~

I've tarried way, way too long in posting this particular promised blog.  I couldn't decide what video should accompany these images, I have many, many videos of Rockets slamming into Israel from Gaza, and crying children and adults.  So, I decided instead to post the one below,  HaTikvah ... this is Israel!!!!

I'm posting Images along with the captions I originally posted.  A Vignette of War.  Israel has been subjected to many days of war,  just to survive. More than any other nation.  And is still hated and branded the agressor by all other nations.  Just because we are Jews.  This is the Truth.   Eretz Yisrael Chai!

The picture above is perhaps my favourite image from this war.  It's caption when I posted was "This awesome photo from the Israeli army deployment area near the Gaza border shows IDF Command as they prepare for a potential ground operation in the coastal enclave of gaza shows the true strength of the IDF.  This soldier's right hand connects him to his commander in the field,  his left to his Creator, Ha'Shem. The Commander in Chief!!!!!"

Israel's armies have always thus marched to victory .... with Torah Scholars at the helm. Learning & davening for success.  When we put our trust in Ha'Shem ..... Wonders Abound!!

"Some trust in chariots, and some in horses,  but we will make mention of the name of Ha'shem,  our G*d."    
~ Tehillim 20.8 ~

Israel does not make it's citizenry targets for terror, instead it shields its Citizens from Terror.  Tehillim against Tillim.  Please say Psalm 20 for the Safety of Israel this Shabbat.

Life in a Bomb Shelter in Israel.   How long would YOU be prepared to live like this family? 12,000 Rockets worth?? 4 years  worth???     12 years worth???  Should children remember childhood like this?????    This is everyday life in Southern Israel And yet we are accused of genocide in gaza???? This is a defensive war ... a Justified War.  We just need to see it through to the end and make an end of Gaza!!!!!!!!!!!   

We Shield our Children Well. We Cherish our Children. We Cherish Life,  B"H.  Why then do so many arab children die?? ...... Well, apart from obvious lies such as pretending Syrian children (arab violence)  belong to this conflict ~ which I will blog in the next week, I'Y"H ~ they are used as shields in the hope that the IAF won't target.  A hope which is more often than not realized to our own detriment.  The IDF are truly the most moral fighting force, not only in the modern day world, but in the history of warfare itself.   That is why arab rockets are launched from schools and apartment blocks,  they are useful as propoganda tools.  Alive .... as photo fodder for international anti semitic media to ask why is Israel firing on them, or as dead as an exceptional propoganda tool.  We have more respect for our children, our citizenry and life in general.  We are above animal level existence.
  Arabs apparently are not!

Why Do Arab Children Die??? ..... They are used as Propaganda Pieces by Hamas.  Repeatedly.  Media Fraud is widespread and nourished by all arab sources.  Wake up World!

Where did YOU Sleep last night??   This is where Jewish children do homework, entertain themselves sleep and eat .... would YOU live like this with your family?? More than 3 Million Israelis are in rocket range from Gaza and 1 million Jews have had to do this intermittently for 12 years.  This past week ... approximately 4 million.  Is this an acceptable level of arab terror to you??   Should we allow it continue so as to appease world opinion???


A Happy Meal in a Concrete Tube .... hmmmm??  Would you be Happy??   Jews must no longer cower in bomb shelters while their hate-filled enemies shower explosive projectiles down on them at will. This was today in Nitzan.  NO CEASEFIRE!!    Finish the Job!!!  CLEAR OUR LAND!!!!  Make Hamas History!!!!   Crush Gaza!!!!  Repopulate Gush Katif with our people & make the desert  Bloom not Boom!!!!


School in Sderot .... It's on.  Then Off.  This is School for Jewish Children.  Southern Israel Style.    On the walk home the Sirens Still Sound .....  So, Cling to Mama!

On hearing a siren citizens in Israel are instructed to lie down and cover their head with hands. A Mother Shields her Child in the Street in Ofakim. How long must this go on???   Would you continue to live like this without retaliating?    Labelled as 'Illegal' for being a Jew.  Without Justice?  Without Defence?? 

This is why Pillar of Defence!!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Lost Dreams & Found Dreams .....

"In the Eyes of a Child ....."

Melody for Monday.  Where did Movie and/or Music Mondays go to??   Music Monday or Film Friday?   Life got in the way and all my posts merged  ~ their importance to everyday life,  of life around as opposed to life within me grew.  I've always posted 'organically' on my blog here.  Or so I thought.  It grew with me, alongside me, my opinions opined .... and changed.  And critical times demanded crucial issues be attended to.  And events sucked me in and spit me out.  Anti Semitism cried out.  And had to be heard.  Urgently.  Jewish life ~ Yiddishkeit ~ intervened and so my original intentions are abandoned.  Long ago now.  It is our times which temper my posts.  But,  even so,  I suppose I can say I've officially been neglecting my blog .... and I Apologise.  I'm very, very sorry.  I didn't mean for it to happen.   I have been posting twitter updates and stuff.   Just not here .... Social Media is just so Multifarious now.  I've been MIA and avoiding involvment,  sort of.   Blogs are involved.  And Involving .... and  I have been trying to deal with overwhelming things .. I think it's called LIFE!    My Life.  And my posts have suffered alongside me!!!   Anyways ...... I did promise &  have prepared an 'Israel, Images of War' blog.  Also a 'War Wounded' blog,  but neither are quite ready to post publically just yet.  Apologies. Really.  I also want to post on the ongoing imprisonment of Jonathan Pollard in the US.   And of Mainstream Media Anti Semitism in the recent Gaza War.   And then, this Motsi Shabbos it is holiday time.  The Chag of  CHANUKKAH!!!! 

I don't know if I will have time to complete all pre Chag .... but I will try to post all I have mentioned, perhaps even more than one post a day.  We will see.  Catch up week to Chanukkah, IY"H!!!!

And for today, at least,  a return to Music Monday.  My listening fare this Morning.  It started with the picture above being in my inbox when I woke.  It woke a memory for me.  Inside me. Nacescent within.  Perhaps the Inscription.  I remembered something.  Something long ago & far away and I recalled a lyric.  Then I listened to this track from whence it came.  Take it where you find it  by fellow Irishman Van Morrison.  It touched me inside.  You might have to be Irish too for it to touch you.  I'm not sure .... but I did promise poetry and song.  And Laughter.  Okay, sparse laughter, but it is poetry and song.   And feeling.   And a return to posting for me. 
Self Indulgence.   On Monday.

Men saw the stars at the edge of the sea
They thought great thoughts about liberty
Poets wrote down words that did fit
Writers wrote books, thinkers thought about it

Take it where you find it, can't leave it alone
You will find a purpose to carry it on
Mainly, when you find it, your heart will be strong about it

Many's the road I have walked upon
Many's the hour between dusk and dawn
Many's the time, many's the mile
I see it all now through the eyes of a child

Take it where you find it, can't leave it alone
You will find a purpose to carry it on
Mainly, when you find it, your heart will be strong about it

Lost dreams and found dreams
In America, in America, in America
Lost dreams and found dreams
In America, in America, in America

So and close your eyes, leave it all for a while
Leave the world and your worries behind
You will build on whatever is real
And wake up each day to a new waking dream

Take it where you find it, can't leave it alone
You will find a purpose to carry it on
Mainly, when you find it, your heart will be strong about it

Lost dreams and found dreams
In America, in America, in America
Lost dreams and found dreams
In America, in America, in America

Change, change, come over, change, come over
Talkin' about a change, change, change
Change, come over, now
Change, change, change come over

I'm gonna walk down the street
Until I see my shining light
I'm gonna walk down the street
Until I see my shining light

I'm gonna walk down the street
Until I see my shining light
I'm gonna walk down the street
Until I see my shining light

I see my light, see my light
See my shining light
I see my light, see my light
See my shining light

Lost dreams and found dreams
In America, in America, in America
Lost dreams and found dreams
In America, in America, in America

Lost dreams and found dreams
In America, in America, in America
Lost dreams and found dreams
In America, in America, in America .....