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I'm an Irish Girl, A Dubliner, with the 'Gift of the Gab' ... I like to talk & to tell you things. In Celtic times news, views and comment were carried from place to place by wandering Seanachaí ~ Storytellers ~ who relied on their host's hospitality and appreciation. I will need that from you too, as I venture to share Politics, Poetry, Laughter, Love, Life & everything in-between ... from Bog to Blog!!

Mitzvah Music !!!!!

Introducing ....... David Dome !!!!!

Meet David Dome.  Accomplished Singer/Songwriter of  Modern Jewish Music from London, England.  A Musician for the promotion of Emuna or as he puts it .... A Masked Avenger for the Jewish People's Front Of Emuna!!!!    David's music belongs the genre of spiritual popular music written from a traditional Jewish perspective.   David himself adds ... "I write songs about my journeys on the teshuva road and my daily need to stay connected to Ha'Shem . They are always of a personal nature and come from a deep place to the surface to be set free."    And 'A Girl, A Blog & Life In-between'  is featuring this Promotional Page for his wonderful work.   And your listening  pleasure!!!

David's Production is Profilic  .... Making New Music almost on a daily basis.   This is his latest tune .....   The Source of All Blessing!!

Please Listen, Like & PURCHASE  his Moving Music from his various Pages ........ 

You can purchase tracks individually or complete Albums from Amazon or iTunes,  accessibile thru the links below.


 Or Visit David's Own Webpage ....... www.daviddomemusic.com

LISTEN WHILE YOU LOOK ....... &  BROWSE THE BLOG.     ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!