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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rosh Hashanah .... Judgement Day!!!

The New Year is here. Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the time when the books are opened and the time when they are closed is upon us. Rosh Hashanah is Judgement Day!

The day when the Book of Life is inscribed for the year to come & all humankind is judged for the previous year. Jews & Goyim alike. Three books of life are opened the Doomed, those for whom HaShem has not decided, and those who will live another year in the Book of Life. To move from undecided to another year, we make amends with those we have offended, and pledge ourselves to work to make ourselves better Jews in the upcoming year.

Rosh Hashanah is Judgment Day. Both society and each individual are judged solely for the past year. This is seen as a kindness. It allows us to review and repent our avoiera in a manageable time frame so they don't amass over many years and overwhelm us and the world. And Life, Death, Health, Wealth, Prosperity & Peace for the coming year is written by Ha'Shem for His people Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael and the world too!!

As it is Erev Rosh Hashanah today, we take stock of our life .... as this month of Elul & access to our King, Ha'Shem HaMelech, is available, it is totally auspicious to do this.  Life is lived forward, but, as Kierkegaard reminds us, it can only be understood backward. This year 5771 has seen the unfolding of horror & disaster for both Klal Yisrael & the world.  We have ten days from tomorrow to Yom Kippur to connect with Ha'Shem & plead our case for a Sweet Year in 5772. Teshuva, Tears, Tefilos & Tehillim are the way to touch Ha'Shems Heart. To transform Diyn with Râcham .... to temper Judgement with Mercy.

Once a year at Yom Kippur we ask Ha'Shem to be forgiven for all of our avoeira from the past year. The catch is that Ha'Shem may only forgive avoiera made against Him. If we have hurt our fellow Jew, then we must seek out the individual and ask their forgiveness. No blanket pardon. We must take action to right the wrong. And for those who have hurt us without respite .... Ha'Shem is our Avenger!!!!

We must also seek the light of Torah to find our inner strengths and overcome our weaknesses which impelled us towards Avoiera and resolve to be better Jews in the New Year to come.  And if we're sincere with Ha'Shem we are given the opportunity to start over with a clean spiritual slate. On Yom Kippur ~ the Day of Atonment ~ the Book is closed and sealed for the remainder of the year. Those who have acknowledged their avoiera and done Teshuva & Mitzvoh receive Merit & are granted a happy, healthy & prosperous Year to come.

Thus the Bracha "May you be inscribed in the Book of Life" abounds as Ha'Shem records the destiny of all humankind in the Book of Life for 5772.  He does this today!!!

We have Ten days from tomorrow to Yom Kippur ... Tears, Teshuva, Tefillos, Tehillim & Torah to temper Ha'Shems hand with Rachamim.  L'Chayim !!!!!!!!!!!!

"Mitzvah Gedolah Le'hiyot Besimcha Tamid"  ~ Rabbi Nachmann of Breslav ~

Monday, September 26, 2011

63 .... is the Magic Number!!

The countries in Green support the 'creation' of a 'palestinian' state on Israeli Soil ... Venezuela, North Korea, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, Iran, Libya, Yemen, and Russia.  Good Company!!

On Friday, September 16th, in Ramallah, palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas ~ a.k.a. Abu Mazen ~  chairman of the "palestinian authority" explained his decision to ask the U.N. Security Council to recognize a "palestinian state" thusly.... “The palestinian people have been abused for 63 years, generation after generation, under occupation.” .... 63 years, huh??? 

Mistakes happen. We all become confused sometimes with the passing of years. But a week earlier, on September 5th, as reported by The New York Times, Abbas told a meeting of Israeli “intellectuals” that “we are going to the U.N. in order to complain that we have lived under occupation in palestine for 63 years.” Oy, another mistake!!  And again,  here is what Abbas told the Egyptian newspaper Al-Youm al-Sabea on August 27th ....  “We are the only nation to still be under occupation after 63 years.”

The Magic number here is 63.  But what does he mean?  Could it be, as some try to reassure us, that his calculations connect the "Israeli occupation"  (ha!) of the last 44 years with the preceding occupation of the “West Bank” by the Jordanian Hashemite kingdom???   Could this be it .... or maybe Mazen is just as confused by numbers here as he is when he denies the Shoah???? (Holocaust)

The Hashemite (Jordanian) military incursion into Judea and Samaria ~ heartland of the tiny Jewish State ~  in May 1948, as part of the effort to abort the newly born State of Israel, was welcomed by the Arab populace (so-called palestinians). The Jordanian occupation continued for 17 years, between April 1950 ~ the date that Judea and Samaria were annexed by the Hashemites ~ until June 1967.   Alternatively, the occupation lasted 18 years, since the ceasefire of April 1949.  In both cases, the palestinians in Judea and Samaria have been "under occupation" for 61 or at most 62 years, so why does Abbas insist on saying it has been a 63-year occupation?   Where does he get this figure from??  Is it a coincidence that this is the number of years that the Jewish State of Israel has existed?

Israeli PM. Benyamin Netanyahu also referred to Abbas's apparent confusion with numbers in his speech to the UN General Assembley last Shabbat, 23rd September .... "Maybe that's what he meant the other day when he said that Israel has been occupying Palestinian land for 63 years. He  didn't say from 1967; he said from1948. I hope somebody will bother to ask him this question because it illustrates a simple truth: The core of the conflict is not the settlements. The settlements are a result of the conflict.. The settlements have to be --it's an issue that has to be addressed and resolved in the course of negotiations. But the core of the conflict has always been and unfortunately remains the refusal of the Palestinians to recognize a Jewish state in any border. I think it's time that the Palestinian leadership recognizes what every serious international leader has recognized, from Lord Balfour and Lloyd George in 1917, to President Truman in1948, to President Obama just two days ago right here: Israel is the Jewish state"

The full speech is included below in the Youtube video,  & here is the text in pdf format .... a pressie for you to download & read !!!! ....
I hope this actually works .......  Netanyahu's Speech to the UN 23rd September, 20011!!!

In a palestinian Authority television channel documentary three weeks ago it was said .....  “Haifa is a famous Palestinian port. Haifa enjoyed a high status among Arabs and the Palestinians, especially before it was occupied in 1948.”

Haifa is in ISRAEL!!!!!!

You have to see it, even if you don't want to believe it. Abbas has not made a mistake in his calculations at all.  Since the establishment of the state of Israel and the "occupation" of Haifa & Ha'Shems Holy land by Jews it is true that 63 years have passed. Abbas is not confused at all. He is the head of the PLO, the organization for the liberation of palestine from Jewish presence. As far as he is concerned, the supposed 'palestinians' in the Galilee and the Negev have been occupied for 63 years.  And what he seeks is a Judenrein Palestine!!!!!

And this is what a Judenrein palestine means!!!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Israel .... Anti Semitism is the Issue !!!

This isn't the blog that I intended to publish today. In fact, I have a number of 'ready to go' unpublished blogs .... But, this article drew my attention. It is not quite perfect, just almost so!! And it is important. As it is in the Australian Sunday Media I am assured that it will not be viewed in mainstream, unless published on. So, I am doing so .....

All of this next week my blog will look at Israel. It's status per Ha'Shem, Legally & in International eyes. This article is by Greg Sheridan, Foreign editor of 'The Australian'.

"A YEAR or two ago, I took a taxi from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv. It was a brilliant sunny day and all around me the hills were green, as we passed a prosperous Arab village, a beautiful kibbutz, a bit of jangled traffic.

The taxi driver was English, an English Jew who had found a better life in Israel - better pay, less anti-Semitism, safer streets, an easy air commute to his daughter in England, but close to other relatives in Israel, and lots and lots of sunshine.

That day, a Roger Whittaker song was playing on the taxi radio. This Israel, I thought, there's something beautiful here.

Let me offer you a couple of other images.

On the BBC website, a British journalist, neither Jewish nor Israeli, recounts this experience in Cairo: "While walking in the street, someone pushed me from behind with such force that I nearly fell over. Turning around,

I found myself surrounded by five men, one of whom tried to punch me in the face. I stopped the attack by pointing out how shameful it was for a Muslim to assault a guest in his country, especially during Ramadan.

"Relieved that the assault was over, I was appalled by the apology offered by one of my assailants: 'Sorry,' he said contritely, 'we thought you were a Jew'."

Here's a third image, this time from outside the Middle East. An acquaintance of mine, an American woman, neither Israeli nor Jewish, nor in any way connected with the Middle East, was helping to run an outreach program in southern Thailand involving Muslim and Buddhist students.

At the end, one of the Muslim students said to her words along the lines of: thank you, that was very nice. Much better than I expected. And the final sentence .... "I'd never met a Zionist before."

The key issue in the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, and in the wider Israeli-Arab dispute, is the issue that dare not speak its name, the pervasive and profound anti-Semitism that permeates the contemporary Islamic world, especially the Middle East.

This is the real barrier to peace, and people who are concerned with peace will try to ameliorate it.  It is analytically false, historically untrue and conceptually impossible that all this anti-Semitism has arisen from Israel's sins, real and imagined.

As Richard Cohen pointed out in The Washington Post last week, when Anwar Sadat was a young army officer in 1953, he was interviewed by Al-Musawwar magazine and asked what he would say to Adolf Hitler. His reply?  ....... "My dear Hitler, I admire you from the bottom of my heart".

When he addressed the UN General Assembly in New York yesterday, Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd spoke of the urgency of getting a final settlement between the Israelis and the Palestinians. If this did not happen soon, he feared a "spiralling of violence". If a settlement were reached, huge new Arab markets would open up to Israel, it would receive diplomatic recognition from all its Arab neighbours and attention could focus on the real security threat to the region, Iran. If it did not reach a final settlement soon, then the consequences for Israel's security would be dire.

I do not doubt Rudd's goodwill, nor his analytical competence, but I believe this analysis to be profoundly flawed at four levels.

First, Israel cannot will a peace agreement into existence if there is not a partner on the other side both willing and able to make and enforce a peace agreement that provides for Israel's security.

Second, a failed peace agreement, or one not enforced, could gravely compromise Israel's security, in far more damaging ways than exist today.

Third, Israel's security position has grievously deteriorated in recent months, through dynamics that have nothing to do with the Israel-Palestinian dispute, but which provide a far more dangerous context in which to ask Israel to take existential risks.

Fourth, you cannot have a lasting peace settlement when Israel's neighbours are consumed with hatred for Jews and contempt for Israel as a political entity.

Here's another thought. Very often, normalisation and a period of non-violence precede a peace agreement, rather than a peace agreement producing normalisation. Israel, and international partners, are working hard to normalise life in the West Bank, so that it becomes prosperous and decent, so that the Palestinians have something to lose, as it were.

It's at least as likely that normalisation could lead to peace, as that a peace agreement would magically produce normalisation.

Rudd is not alone in his analysis. It is conventional wisdom among the international conference-going class that the dispute could and must be settled quickly. But let's take my four analytical objections one by one.

Is there a peace partner for the Israelis? This is not a rhetorical question. It's a practical one. If you make peace with an enemy, you must be confident the enemy can control the forces on his side, that attacks won't continue on you.

Now here is the situation Israel confronts. Nearly half the Palestinian population is controlled by Hamas, designated by Australian and US law as a terrorist organisation. Hamas is also formally part of the broader national Palestinian government. It has not, as Western interlocutors once required, renounced terrorism, accepted Israel's right to exist, nor agreed to abide by any past agreements of the Palestinian Authority. Israel cannot just magically make Hamas into a Kumbaya peace movement. Even in the West Bank, the Fatah-led government promotes incitement and hatred against Israel from earliest school materials through to TV broadcasts and the rest. Every map of Palestine contains the whole of Israel, not just the occupied territories. More importantly, perhaps, the Palestinian government maintains itself in Ramallah only through the force of Israeli arms. It is not unreasonable for Israel to have extreme concerns about the sort of government that would eventually emerge in Ramallah.

The second objection is that a failed peace agreement could be much worse than the situation today. If the West Bank goes like Gaza, there will be a flood of rockets and other weapons into it once Israeli soldiers are gone. No Palestinian national movement is likely to accept indefinite Israeli control of its border with Jordan, yet if that border is not controlled the West Bank will likely go like Gaza. But Israel is a small, skinny nation. A Palestinian state would be within a few kilometres of the main Israeli population centres. Gaza-style rocket launches could cripple the Israeli economy. Even stray mortars would paralyse Tel Aviv airport. What if, as Hamas frequently does in Gaza, a West Bank Palestinian government encouraged such rocket launches, but then said they were really being launched by some shadowy militant group beyond its control?

This is not an argument to say that there can never be a Palestinian state. But it is entirely reasonable to ask that a Palestinian partner be able to ensure that Israel's security will be respected, as it has never been respected in the past.

Some very senior figures say privately that if outrageous attacks occurred Israel could simply re-invade Palestinian territory, but the world would know that Israel had tried to offer an independent Palestinian state.

This is wildly unrealistic. Israel never gets any credit for any offer it makes. In 2000, Ehud Barak offered Yasser Arafat about 95 per cent of the West Bank, all of Gaza, East Jerusalem and territory from Israel proper to compensate the 5 per cent of the West Bank that would accommodate the major Jewish settlement blocs.

Nearly a decade later, Ehud Olmert made essentially the same offer. In neither case could the Palestinian leadership accept the offer because it would have necessitated an end of claims against Israel and an end of conflict. The Palestinians will never get a better offer than they got from Barak and Olmert, who were prepared to take the enormous risks outlined above.

You are forced to ask in the end whether the Palestinian leadership is even serious about an independent state on realistic terms or whether it is caught up either in mere short-term manoeuvering, with no long-term vision at all, or if the long-term vision is some apocalyptic plan for Israel's ultimate destruction.

The late Abdurrahman Wahid, the former president of Indonesia, once told me of his disgust when Yasser Arafat said to him in private conversation that his ultimate aim was to tip the Jews into the sea. Perhaps the greatest analytical problem with those who urge an immediate solution is their failure to recognise the devastating deterioration in Israel's external security situation. The Israeli diplomats in the embassy in Cairo were nearly murdered by a mob two weeks ago. The Egyptian government declined to take calls from their Israeli counterparts as the mob was struggling to smash down the concrete around the embassy so they could smash to pieces the diplomats inside.

Only when US President Barack Obama personally intervened did the Egyptians dispatch soldiers to save the Israelis' lives.

Turkey's Prime Minister, Recep Erdogan, has in effect decided to end his country's long alliance with Israel. He seeks popularity in the Arab world now by demonising Israel and has threatened to send his navy to confront Israel. These are enormous and adverse changes to Israel's security environment. They were not remotely caused by anything to do with the Palestinian dispute. They both reflect the radical decline of US influence in the Middle East. Those arguing for an immediate Palestinian state say Israel can propitiate these concerns by granting a Palestinian state. But where is there one zot of evidence for this?

Instead, regional powers, if they want to help the Palestinians, would be reassuring Israel. But, as we have seen, Israel's neighbours hate Israel and demonise Jews.

The Palestinian leadership itself has more or less guaranteed there can be no settlement by insisting on the right of return of all Palestinians who ever lived in pre-independence Israel, and all their descendants. This amounts to five million people. It ignores, of course, the millions of Jews, and their descendants, forced to leave Arab lands because of murderous anti-Semitic violence. But in any event, as all senior Palestinian leaders know, no Israeli government will ever commit suicide by inviting five million Palestinians to live in Israel proper.

In previous private negotiations, Palestinian leaders have been willing to give up this preposterous claim. But they have made it such a strong part of their emotional denigration of Israel that to do so publicly will inevitably invite a hostile reaction among Palestinians and within the wider Arab world. Taken all together, this means no permanent settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute is possible at present. To pretend otherwise is at the very least irresponsible".

The above is unedited by me! 

Laugh with Latma ~ Satire to Sing to ........

Friday, September 23, 2011

Statehood & the Savage Arab "Street" !!!!


This beautiful baby girl is Dorit Tehallel bat Shlomit. She is the 20 month old baby girl from the Jewish community of Eish Kodesh in the Shomron, Israel,  struck in the head by rocks thrown by maurading Arabs as her parents drove to a Wedding on Wednesday.  Her condition was listed as Serious, as large rocks had pounded her head & smashed up her face.   We learned yesterday that her life is not in danger, miraculously, as the main injuries were to her face ~ she sustained 15 stitches to her tiny face ~ and not to her head, Baruch Hashem! 

She received treatment from Samaria Regional Authority Medics and was evacuated to hospital.  You can see how hurt she is in the video reproduced below.  The Authority Head Gershon Mesika said: "The 'men of peace' of the palestinian murder authority provide yet more proof, to those who still need it, as to just whom we are facing. We face low life terrorists who try to murder babies."    Incredibly the Media have reported this as .... "An Israeli baby girl was lightly injured when palestinians threw rocks at the car she was riding in."  The Media outside of Israel have not reported this At All.  Just another "settler" injured?????   And that is a Euphemism for ..... she is a Jew & it is her own fault!!!!

This was not the only incident to have occurred in Eretz Yisrael during these days either ...... Israel National News  reported that another Israeli driver was 'lightly wounded' from rocks hurled by Arabs as he drove near Halhoul. Several dozen Arabs threw rocks at Border Policemen near Har Adar, not far from Jerusalem.
Three Arabs were arrested Wednesday afternoon in confrontations with security forces near the Kalandiya checkpoint,  North of Jerusalem. Dozens of  rioters had ignited tyres ablaze, and hurled rocks at the security forces.  And Hundreds of palestinian authority Arabs held a violent demonstration near the Zif Junction in Judea, south of Hevron.  PA Arabs flung a concrete block at a passing Israeli-licensed vehicle near the Huwarra checkpoint outside the City of Shechem. The vehicle was damaged in the attack, but the passengers were not injured.  

Although the PA security forces have also been issued equipment for crowd control, they have done little to contain the re-emerging Arab violence. The sole demonstration of PA security containment came within Ramallah on Wednesday, when masked men burned an American flag.   This incident occurred during a speech by PA Secretary-General Tayeb Abdelrahim marking ceremonies held to celebrate recognition by the United Nations of the PA as a new, independent country. Such a celebration is actually premature, as no vote on the matter has yet been taken ~ and in fact, the resolution is to be proposed later today ~ the riots appear to be gaining pace and may be part of the previously announced PA government's strategy of “increased demonstrations” leading up to Friday's vote.   PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is scheduled today to demand in his speech to the United Nations Security Council that the international body recognize the PA as an independent, sovereign nation, and grant it “full membership” in its ranks.

We are obviously being 'warned'  that this is just a taste of what is to come ...... perhaps a 'million man' march on Jerusalem as Abbas appeals to the UN General Assembley in New York to grant 'palestinian statehood'.  I know this has been touted on the social networking sites. 
Arabs in Yeudah and the Shomron have threatened to storm Jewish communities in their homes there too.  The IDF are on alert & women in our communities have been learning to shoot & handle weaponry well  ... if  Arabs do descend on our communities en masse, spreading IDF forces too thin to effectively block them,  the potential of wrath filled women warriors should be a point to ponder for potential invaders!!

To yet again quote Gershon Mesika  in closing ....  "They hold an olive twig in their mouths and murder weapons in their hands. To these barbarian terrorists they want to give a state. The Nation of Israel is strong, the government needs to learn from it and be strengthened by its spirit ~ no to folding and surrendering, yes to construction and stamping out terrorism." 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Blog!!!!!!

'A Girl, A Blog & Life in Between'  is ONE YEAR OLD ...... My First Ever Blogiversary !!!!!

Yesterday, actually, was one year since I first started  'A Girl, A Blog & Life in Between'  here on Blogspot. (It had been in existence in a limited, and at first unnamed way on MySpace before).    I'm so proud that I stuck to the blog, no matter what was happening in the doldrums of my life or the real 'Verse!   I've enjoyed writing every post and I've enjoyed & appreciated all of you readers following, commenting,  and complimenting as you have done.  Thank you so very very much!

My first Annual review relates 186 Posts with 74,833 views in that time.  Visitors from the USA,  the UK & Israel being the most numerous, but with visits from as far afield as Switzerland, Australia, Taiwan, Peru, Brazil & Japan I feel  unworthy, overwhelmed & very, very  priveliged.  A number of Arab Countries, Iran & the "palestinian" territories too  .... Wow !!!!  And 71 of you have elected to 'Follow' me so far ......  I Soooooo Appreciate your Support.  Thank you to everyone who's been following and reading throughout this Inaugural year.  It's been a journey!! 

I took as my theme a thought from the Father of Modern Political Zionism,  Theodore Herzl .... "If you Will it, it is No Dream".   Although even maintaining this wonderful Discourse with you all, and the success it has wrought has a Definite Dreamlike quality!!

This Girl has grown as her blog has grown & known a large slice of laughter, drama, change, pride & pain as her life & the year progressed.   Israel too has known pride & pain  ....  the slaughter of the Fogel Family "HY"D" and the loss of Leiby Kletzky  "HY"D" ~ Both of Blessed Memory ~   Pride in Bibi setting the stance in Washington, New building in Yehuda & the Shomron,  New Aliyah  .... some friends & ME !!!!!!!  Failed Flotillas,  Book Bans,  Arab Accusations, Incursions, Interventions & many Anniversaries .... all lamented & celebrated herein.  Poetry Pieces, Movie Musings,  Historical Heroes,  Political Punditry, Seasonal Stories & Laughter with Latma.  And, of course,  Jews News Briefs Everyday with the irrepressible Eliyokim Cohen ...... 

It's been a long year,  thank you for being part of my life & my blog through it.  Here's to the Second of Our Reign.  It looks like it will open with serious confrontation for Eretz Yisrael.  L'Chaim !!!!!     Thank You!!

This blog has also spawned a second blog,  a seedling  ..... the one with the Literary Lean .... Pomegranates & Pearls!!      Sweet, Sour,  Gritty, Unique Pomegranates .... Pearls of Wisdom & Pearls of Pain.   A Perfect Metaphor for life itself, n'est pas??

"It's no accident many accuse me of conducting public affairs with my heart instead of my head. Well, what if I do? Those who don't know how to weep with their whole heart don't know how to laugh either"  
~ Golda Meir, First Female Prime Minister of Israel, 1969 to 1974 ~

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Satire for Saturday!!!

I Love Latma, they make me laugh out loud ..... Laugh with me & Love them with me.
 Shauva tov!!

Back to Blogging tomorrow!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A New Nuremberg??

Historical anniversaries are typically an occasion for remembrance, but what and why we remember is constantly changing .... take, for example, the 1935 Nuremberg Laws, whose passage 76 years ago today,  September 15th, 1935, at their annual party rally in Nuremberg, by the Nazis announced new laws that revoked 'Reich' citizenship for Jews and prohibited Jews from marrying or having sexual relations with persons of  "German or related blood." "Racial infamy," as this becomes known, was made a criminal offence.  A Crucial first step in the Criminalisation of being a Jew!!    To Hitler's regime, the laws were a marker along the triumphant journey to the thousand-year Reich, to be celebrated as the purging of a foe from the political body of a resurrected Germany.  To Jews,  the laws represented a signpost pointing to the dead end ahead, where we became not only "inferior subjects" but "sub-humans" to be disposed of at the will of the Furher!
I think this is important information to review  right now,   how easily it is absorbed and becomes a societal "norm" that Jews are somehow 'Subhuman',    given that on September 20th,   the United Nations will discuss the conferring of Statehood on a fraudlent  "palestinian" entity which has similar aspirations & a stated desire  to create a  Judenrein Middle East ..... See yesterday's blog   What would a "Palestinian" State mean for Jews??

The UN, born from the ashes of the Shoah, was, first and foremost, set up to guarantee that genocidal policies or instigation to genocide would be prohibited by international law. This is provided for in the UN conventions against genocide.  And Israel is the LEGAL entity by International Laws which date back to the break up of the Ottoman Empire.  It is a Historical entity,  and homeland to Am Yisrael, the Jewish people for much longer than that .... 3,300 years in fact!   It is Ha'Shems gift to HIS chosen children,  as an everlasting possession!!  And yet,  the world is still seeking the annihilation of  Am Yisrael & it's extermination from Eretz Yisrael!!!!


These Nuremberg laws consisted of three separate pieces of legislation Rubber-stamped by the Reichstag in an atmosphere of Fascist pomp.
The Reich Flag Law replaced the colors of the Weimar Republic with the swastika. The Reich Citizenship Law established a distinction between "citizens of the Reich," who were entitled to full political and civil rights, and "subjects" who were excluded from those rights.  The third statute, known as the Blood Law, legislated the subordinated status of Jews by prohibiting marriage or sexual relations between Jews and German citizens, the hiring by Jews of German citizens under the age of 45 as servants, and flying the German flag by Jews.

The Nuremberg Laws codified segregation and anti-Semitism into legislation. It was  in the words of Michael Berenbaum, as "the first step towards destruction of an entire people."  But long before 1935,  Hitler's vitriolic hatred of Jews was the centerpiece of his politics.    And when the Nazis assumed power in 1933, they quickly barred Jews from public office and most professions, and gradually from all facets of public & private life.   These laws were a legal embodiment of an already existing anti-Jewish boycott movement on the ground, enforced by the brownshirt bully boys of the SA.  Two years later, the Reichstag confirmed Radical Racist policies that were already well on the way to total genocide.   The Nuremberg Laws are important as an example of the 400 decrees and regulations through which the Nazi regime translated its obsession with racial hygiene into "a routine process of problem-solving,"  in the words of Zygmunt Bauman.  And they advanced the "Final Solution" to 'the Jewish problem'.  Mechanised Death.  These laws illustrate how the idea of genocide became a popular political project, requiring the mobilization of millions of active and passive supporters. How much indifference does it take to 'not notice' the dissappearance & death of 6 million Jews??? 

It may even be symbolically powerful, to suggest that the road to Auschwitz began in Nuremberg in 1935.  To be precise,  on September 15th, 1935.  Today ..... 76 years on  & the genocidal rantings of Arabs ~ Nazi's in all but name ~ still claim a centrepiece of our News media!    

"The Zionist regime is a rotten, dried tree that will be eliminated by one storm", "the Jews stink"; "As the Imam said, Israel should be erased from the map"; "After the Second World War, the Jews founded an artificial, false and sham state" "They must know that their end is imminent"; "Among the Jews there have always been people who have slain G-d’s prophets and who have opposed justice and integrity. Throughout history, this religious group has inflicted unspeakable damage on the human race, and it has plotted against other nations and other ethnic groups in order to engender cruelty, malice and wickedness"; And if a Jew hides behind a tree or a rock, the tree or rock will call out “O son of Islam come and kill the Jew who is hiding behind me”

These obscene statements, often made along with affirmations denying the very existence of the Shoah. were uttered by Arabs .....  leaders, imams, terrorist militants, street rioters (take your pick) in the last week!!   I shall mention perhaps tomorrow in a blog the threat to life & limb of Israeli Embassy staff in Cairo last Shabbat.  Or the evacuation under threat of Israeli Embassy staff in Jordan just today?  What does this say about our World???

At the origin of the extermination of the Jews there is a psychological and propagandistic structure that delegitimizes the very existence of  Jews.   The Nuremberg laws were an important element in it's construction.  The attack that is directed at Israel today,  and I mean literally today,  is increasingly more well-structured with the same elements, the same accusations of conspiracy, of thirst for blood, of insatiable desire for power and for money that led to and encouraged the Shoah & the Genocidal slaughter of  Jews, describing them as sub-humans, unfit to live.  

It is by now simply impossible to maintain that the attack on Israel in our day  is connected to criticism of its politics,  it is being revealed daily more & more as naked Jew hatred.  Naked Anti-Semitism.  Attacks on European Jews in 2009 exceeded those perpetrated on the eve of the Second World War there,  and these figures have Worsened, not improved in the interim.  Anti-Semitism has not grown due to criticism of the State of Israel.  It is the delegitimization of the State of Israel that has grown due to and along with the rise of anti-Semitism in the nations.  And in less than two weeks in New York City an attempt will be made by a significant number of nations, spearheaded by Arab Islamists  to 'write it out of existence' altogether with the fraudulent 'creation' of a fake 'palestinian' entity in it's stead.  Is this too difficult for the world to denounce???

And what of the Jews who live there??  What do the Arabs plan for us??  What do we mean when we promise  NEVER AGAIN?????  What does the World mean??

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What would a "Palestinian" State mean for Jews??


Arab "palestinian" leaders have announced that "the world is about to witness the birth of a Palestinian state" as a result of their bid for a Unilateral Declaration of Independence by the United Nations when the U.N. General Assembly meets in New York City next week.  The United Nations does not have the authority to endow such statehood and cannot "create" a state!!

This has not deterred the Arabs ..... Fatah is urging All Arabs in Israel & in the Middle East to turn September 21st into a day of "national struggle"  ~ a phrase which translates in Arabic as "jihad"   ~ and take to the streets for mass marches, including a march to reclaim Israel's Capital City of Jerusalem!

Maen Areikat, the palestine Liberation Organization's ambassador to the United States said yesterday that any future palestinian state it seeks with help from the United Nations and the United States should be free of Jews ....... "I think it would be in the best interest of the two people to be separated" Maen Areikat said.   So an admission ..... palestine would be Judenrein!   Such a state would be the first to officially prohibit Jews since Nazi Germany, which sought a country that was Judenrein ~ cleansed of Jews.   And to add insult to this already eggregious  statement, Elliott Abrams, a former U.S. National Security Council official added that this palestinian demand wass unacceptable and "a despicable form of anti-Semitism ....  A small Jewish presence in a future Palestine, up to 1% of the population, would not hurt the Palestinian identity", he said ..... I am not usually rendered speechless!!!!!

palestinian Authority President and PLO Chairman,  Mahmoud Abbas has bluntly stated “when a palestinian state is established, it would have no Israeli presence in it.”

Hamas is not a member of the PLO  but is also sworn to eliminating the State of Israel by jihad, and this is where it differs with the PLO who favours the approach of acquiring territory in stages as a prelude to a final assault on the Jewish State.  The PLO has made it abundantly clear that it is not prepared to accept the rule of international law, openly declaring in Article 20 of its Charter .....

    “The Balfour Declaration, the Mandate for Palestine, and everything that has been based upon them, are deemed null and void.”

Will United Nations members support such blatant and continuing disregard of international law by the PLO and fail to demand the PLO amend its Charter?

The PLO has also refused to acknowledge the connection of the Jewish people with their ancient biblical and legally sanctioned homeland by stating in Article 20 of its Charter ....

 “Claims of historical or religious ties of Jews with Palestine are incompatible with the facts of history and the true conception of what constitutes statehood. Judaism, being a religion, is not an independent nationality. Nor do Jews constitute a single nation with an identity of its own; they are citizens of the states to which they belong."

Will the United Nations endorse any PLO approach whilst it exhibits Jew-hatred on such a scale?

The “complete end of the occupation” referred to by Abbas ~ even in the context of any two-state solution concieved of  ~  means the ethnic cleansing of all Jews living in the newly recognized palestinian State by  forcibly expelling them from their homes where tens of thousands have lived for more than thirty years. And Jews have had a presence for more than 3,300 years. Their right to live there has been sanctioned in international law by Article 6 of the 'Mandate for Palestine' and article 80 of the United Nations Charter.
Member States of the United Nations cannot close their ears or avert their eyes to what Abbas has made very clear  “We have frankly said, and always will say: If there is an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, we won’t agree to the presence of one Israeli in it,”

Like Hitler ~ he is being truthful.  Will the world whisper its support??

Jews were ethnically cleansed from the Judea, Samaria (Israel's heartlands)  and East Jerusalem following Jordan’s conquest of both areas in 1948 until their return after the Six Day War in 1967.  Abbas has made it clear that he wants to return to the 1948 position ~ by doing as the Jordanians did  ~ eliminating all signs of Jewish life in East Jerusalem and  all of Israel by ethnic cleansing and by destroying Synagogues, desecrating sacred sites and trashing Jewish cemeteries.  Remember that Headstones Hundreds of years old were smashed or used as paving stones for roads & latrines in 1950's Jordanian rule of Jerusalem!!

As the United Nations deliberates on a possible palestinian State along the 1967 lines, it might do well to remember what happened the last time the Arabs occupied East Jerusalem from 1948-1967.  After the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem was captured, the destruction, desecration and systematic looting of Jewish sites began and continued. 57 ancient synagogues (the oldest dated to the 13th century), libraries and centres of religious study were ransacked and 12 were totally and deliberately destroyed. Those that remained standing were defaced, used for housing of both people and animals.  The city’s foremost Jewish shrine, the Western Wall, became a slum. Appeals were made to the United Nations and in the international community to declare the Old City to be an ‘open city’ and stop this destruction, (Rome was declared an open city at the end of WWII), but there was No Response!!! This condition continued until Jordan lost control of Jerusalem in June 1967, when Israel regained it's holiest land, Baruch Ha'Shem!

On the Mount of Olives, the Jordanian Arabs removed 38,000 tombstones from the ancient cemetery and used them as paving stones for roads and as construction material in Jordanian     Army camps, including use as latrines. When the area was recaptured by Israel in 1967, graves were found open with the bones scattered. Parts of the cemetery were converted into parking spaces, a filling station, and an asphalt road was built to cut through it… The Hurva Synagogue, attributed to Rabbi Moses Ben Nahman (Ramban), was the main synagogue in Jerusalem in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries (and possibly much earlier), until the Ottomans closed it in 1589 because of Muslim incitement. It was burned by Arabs in 1721 (Hurva means destruction in Hebrew), but again rebuilt in the 19th century, becoming the most prominent Synagogue in the Jerusalem skyline.    For that reason, when it was captured by the Arab Legion during the battle for Old Jerusalem in 1948, they dynamited it to show that they controlled the Jewish Quarter. The Hurva Synagogoue has now been rebuilt, Baruch Ha'Shem!

Is the United Nations  prepared to signal its willingness to endorse the expulsion of Jews from their current homes in their own land in flagrant violation of the decisions of the League of Nations and the United Nations Charter?   Is the United Nations prepared to Slaughter the Jewish State in the full knowledge of what a "palestinian" state would mean???

Source for News & Analysis is Arutz Sheva, Israel National News.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remember, Remember THAT Day in September ....

“In what distant deeps or skies
Burnt the fire of thine eyes?
On what wings dare he aspire?
What the hand dare seize the fire?
~ William Blake ~  (1794)

It was Ten years ago.  Today.  I was 18 & newly in University in the UK on September 11th,  2001.  A new Academic Life in London.  It was Tuesday.  A Beautiful Early Autumn Day.  I began the day with a walk & then intended to complete my reading of 'The Guardian' from the previous Sunday with a coffee. I read an article praising the Burqua & looking at the position of women in the Islamic world. It was an apologist position, positively in favour of Burqua wearing. I was considering this article when I got a cellphone call telling me that a plane had hit the WTC in NYC.  My first thoughts were that it must be a private plane lost, then my friend suggested it looked bigger than that. It was 1.15 GMT or 9.15 am in New York.

I abandoned prep plans for my next lecture & headed to the Student lounge to see the news on tv. I arrived just in time to see the second plane strike the South Tower. I immediately understood.

I remember the tower burning,  then the second tower struck.  I remember the horrific vision, surreal, of men and women leaping and falling to their deaths from the burning towers. The only choice left to them, how to die.  I remember the scream of sirens, and the screams of onlookers.  I remember the resolute faces of rescue workers. I remember the burning towers falling. 

The horror was immediate and unmistakable .....  it occurred in what we have learned to call real time, and in real space. For we,  who were made witnesses by the long lens of television, the events were seen as through a glass, brightly. Their reality was visible but not palpable. It took hours to begin to comprehend their magnitude.  It is took days for the defensive numbness they induced to wear off.   It has taken not months ~ or years ~ to measure their impact and meaning.  It has taken much longer that that .... A Decade just to get here.  And we have not reached there yet.    The  pain, the grief, the lives lost and families devastated, the sheer barbaric ingenuity of evil. The scar that wrought in our humanity is still unhealed.

Today, The Tenth Anniversary of this Attrocity,  we remember the innocent victims of September 11, 2001.  Those trapped in the Towers.   Is there anyone who hasn’t played out the nightmare of having been trapped in one of the towers?   Is there anyone who hasn’t wondered if she would have had the superhuman composure to call and comfort a loved one while relegating her own terrors to the background?   Dozens of phone calls home were placed from the towers between the moment that the first plane hit and the time that the north tower collapsed. When words should have been most impossible to find, there were words.  Words of fear, and words of love,  and consolation.  And it is with words that today I recall & remember ...... 

I remember the rescuers ~ real heroes ~ who rushed into those burning towers,  or stayed there despite the mortal danger & gave their lives, and those who now suffer illness because they were there, trying to help. I remember the heroes on Flight 93 who fought back, armed only with courage in the face of death. And I remember every member of the armed forces, our defenders, who have given life and limb and the minutes and days of their lives, to protect us.   Since that terrible day, I have struggled to understand. The lives lost that day, and since then in my defence, the suffering of the injured and wounded, the grief of those who lost loved ones, demanded no less.  I have learned much, and I have begun to understand.

I remember three firemen defiantly raising the American flag ~ the flag of freedom ~ on a pile of smoking rubble. I remember the celebrations in the streets of Gaza as they danced and passed around candies in celebration,  (before Arafat threatened death to any who dared broadcast such images). And the 'palestinians' were hardly alone in rejoicing at the death and destruction wrought by the murdering terrorist jihadi that day. It happened throughout the Arab & Islamic world. 

In fact,  it happened throughout history.  It is Arab behaviour.  It is taught to Arab children & today's generation of Arab children are still rioting & raping today.  Still Slaying in brutality & still dancing in the Streets at Death.  Today.  One decade On.  I daresay it will be a similar story two decades on,  or ten decades on!

There is a book (one of a series) by the infamous British Historian Eric Hobsbawm, defining the long 19th Century,  which came to a close with the declaration of WWI in 1918.  And another, the short twentieth one.  That sure came to an end at 9.15am on September 11th, 2001.  Francis Fukuyama said in a famous essay that it was the beginning of the end of history ..... It has been said that the world changed.  The world did not change on September 11, 2001. Our view of the world changed.   At least mine did!!    It was as if a monstrous kaleidoscope had been turned, and an entirely different vision of the world was presented to me. In this horrific vision, we were suddenly surrounded by enemies unknown, their evil motives and goals beyond our comprehension. But they had been there all along, and they were not hiding. We simply did not see them for the evil they are or the threat they represent. I had thought just an hour before how the burqua evened the 'playing field' for the unpretty girls!!!

How naieve was I????

We must learn to comprehend the evil motives and goals behind 9/11, and the evil men who advance them. I use the word evil, for evil exists. We just have to remember a little further back to recall the horrors of the Holocaust at Nazi Hands.  These men too were truly evil & failing to recognize their essential wickedness, if we do that, we too will suffer the evil fate they plan for us.  Not just for Jews this time.  A Holocaust for All Humanity.   These men believe in Global Jihad and the establishment of a Worldwide Caliphate under Sharia law. In this evil vision, we are all of us,  slaves.  That is if you are not Jewish like me ..... for me there is no leave to breathe.  Jews are less than human in Islamic eyes .... Subhuman,  & we are to be Slain completely as a people.  Wiped from the face of the World.  According to the tenets of their beliefs,  humanity has but three options.  All humanity  must convert to Islam, or accept second-class citizenship, pay a tax for the privilege, and submit to their rule and their law. Or All must die. There are no other alternatives.

This war upon the rest of humanity, this jihad, did not begin on September 11th, 2001. It began centuries ago. It began even before the 'christian' Crusades. It is a fundamental tenet of Islam that all the societies of so-called infidels should made subject to the Caliphate, by any means. And while some would have us believe that only a small minority of Muslims supports this jihad, the silence of so many Muslims in the face of this evil belies such claims.  The Qu'ran itself proclaims that silence is assent. In fact, it is a tenet of Islam that no duty of truth or fairness is due to infidels, and deceit in the service of jihad is no sin. Therefore even the words of the apologists for Islam, those who deny the inherent evil, are untrustworthy. Their protestations of innocence and benevolence cannot be taken at face value. We must judge them by their actions alone, and be not deceived.   And History Attests to their Actions .....

In some ways, I will forever feel unworthy of the sacrifices that others have made to preserve and protect me & my way of life. Do we not have a duty to do what we can, lest their sacrifices be in vain? Europe is once again appeasing the malevolent aggressor.  Unbelievably,  America is too .....   Where is the 'safe haven'  promised for our people, for Jews???  Apparently not even our historic homeland, granted by Ha'Shem himself .... Eretz Yisrael!!

We must never Forget, we must never Forgive & we must never Surrender. It is the only fitting tribute we can give to those who sacrificed so much on that day in September.

Today, I will remember .......  We Owe the Dead No Less.

I was in London in September 2001, and this was one occasion where the British Anthem was forsaken.  I don't know of any other .... it always makes me cry!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Alfred Hitchcock Presents ......

And, the Master of Horror,  Hitchcock,  Narrates the REAL Horror of the 20th Century ..... The Horror of the Holocaust!

Rare Footage ......   Providing a Witness to the World!!!!

And I Apologise, but I've 'flu & Strep throat.  So, my brain is all Woolly at the moment.  Be Back Blogging after Shabbat for Sure!!!

Remember too, Eliyokim Cohen's Jews News Briefs Page ..... Updated Here Daily!!!!

Thank you to my friend 'Rabbi BB Melman' for directing me to this Footage!!!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

An Olympic Orgy ~ A Memorial!!

From August Anniversaries to A September Story ...... Actually, September holds an Array of 'Anniversaries' for me ..... Both my Parents (of  Blessed Memory) Yahrzeits are this month,  18th & 22nd of September, respectively.  It is thus a Month of Mourning for Me.  September 11th will be a day forever etched in my mind,  as I recall the searing Images impressed there by Islam.  And September also holds the memory of yet another Massacre, in Munich, Germany.  An Olympic Orgy of Murder & Mayhem,  which occurred 39 years ago today ..... 5th/6th September, 1972.
The 1972 Olympics in Münich were the second occasion that Germany hosted the event. The first time, in 1936, was deeply political, as Hitler and the Nazi party used the event for a stage-managed propaganda display of their supposedly 'Model' society. After the horrors of war, Germany was not initially allowed to compete in the Games, and when it did so it was eventually to be as a team split between the Westernised Federal Republic of Germany, and the Soviet-dominated German Democratic Republic of East Germany.

1972 was an opportunity for the Germans to erase from memory the 'Nazi' Games, and instead replace them with a Games held in a carefree spirit. Security was light, and spending was concentrated on having fun, reflected in an abstract 'happy' logo for the games.

That isn't to say that there were not security preparations. Famously, Dr. Georg Sieber prepared a set of worst-case scenarios for the Games, which included an eerily accurate prediction of exactly what transpired. One of his scenarios was of a highjacked plane being crashed into the stadium, (echoes of another September morning here), but it was scenario 21 ~ terrorists with sympathies for the palestinian cause breaking into the Olympic Village and kidnapping members of the Israeli Olympic squad ~ that actually happened!

Although it was still a few years before rolling 24 hour news channels were developed, the fact that the attack happened at the Olympic Village meant there was plenty of media around. The 1936 Games had been relayed on big screens within Berlin, and the 1948 Games had been the first shown live on TV. Since then, media coverage had increased exponentially, with the 1964 Games from Tokyo being the first time live pictures were broadcast over the Pacific from Japan to the USA.

The 1972 hostage crisis unfolded live on television screens around the globe. The Münich Massacre was one of the first "made for television" terrorist atrocities designed to bring attention to the Palestinian cause. On several occasions during the crisis it seemed that the kidnappers were able to follow police preparations to tackle them by simply turing on their television sets. Images of the murderers from the world's TV screens became one of the defining images of international terrorism.

Moshe Weinberg and Yossef Romano (OBM) were murdered prior to the scene of the hostage crisis being shifted to a military airport at Fürstenfeldbruck. It was there that a totally inept failed rescue attempt ended up with the 9 remaining Israeli hostages being murdered.

At first the Games continued during the crisis, but eventually they were halted for a few hours. When they were re-started, it was with a memorial service held in the Olympic Stadium, attended by many of the competing athletes. Ten nations opposed to the existence of the State of Israel requested that their flags not be flown at half-mast during the ceremony. As disrespectful as this was to the spirit of Olympic competition, the IOC acquiesced and granted this request. The massacre of 11 Israeli athletes was not considered sufficiently serious to merit cancelling or postponing of the Olympics. Truly, the world cares nothing for Jewish Blood!

“Incredibly, they're going on with it,” Jim Murray of the Los Angeles Times wrote at the time. “It's almost like having a dance at Dachau.” ...... WWII Death Camp, less than 10 miles away!

Not all the athletes stayed however, and the Israeli team did not continue to compete in the Games. The entire Egyptian team withdrew as well. The destination the terrorists had asked to be flown to was Cairo, and the Egyptian team felt there would be bad feeling directed towards them.

"You give a party, and someone is killed at the party, you don't continue the party. I'm going home."
~ Jos Hermens, Athlete ~

It didn't take long though, for most the sportsmen and women of the Games to get their usual sense of priorities back. Just 4 days after the 11 Israelis were murdered, all of the political dissent at the Games was focussed back on the Cold War & the fight for medals. Why would anyone want a medal from such tainted games??

A palestinian guerrilla group, the Black September Organization claimed responsibility for the killing of the eleven Israeli's in Munich. The Fatah originated in 1957 and boasted an estimated membership of over 11,000 by the late 1980's. The United States Department of State's 1988 publication of Terrorist Group Profiles, describes the Fatah as the military arm of the palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). Fatah is an acronym spelled backwards representing Harakat al-Tahrir al Filistini. The phrase translates as palestine Liberation Movement. Former Fatah leader Yasir Arafat assumed leadership of the PLO in 1969. The Fatah utilized the name Black September Organization from approximately 1971 to 1974. Some sources speculate that Arafat utilized the name to distance himself and the PLO from the actions of the BSO, in a bid to hunt a certain respectability among the International community. Many terrorist experts speculate that Arafat controlled Black September and utilized it as his primary military force.

In September 1970, King Hussein's military forced the group out of Jordan and into Lebanon. The expulsion of Fatah from Jordan and Egypt severely limited the group's ability to launch cross-border operations into Israel. Thus, the Fatah resorted to increased terrorist activities as a means to attack Israel. Black September conducted nine major terrorist attacks in 1971 and early 1972 prior to the Munich Olympic incident. Dedicated to armed struggle, its goal has never changed .... unable to defeat Israel militarily, however, the Arab strategy is to demonize and delegitimize, creating yet another Arab palestinian state, in addition to Jordan. In order to accomplish this, it concocted a narrative, an identity and ethos to compete with Zionism and Jewish history .....  Palestinianism!!

It is widely believed that a subsequent Lufthansa 'hijack' in West Germany, where the perpetrators called for the release of the surviving Münich terrorists was rather convenient for the German authorities. They were able to swiftly hand the suspects over to Libya, and avoid the embarrassment of a trial which might expose their failure to prevent the kidnapping and the deaths of the Israelis. In scenes that are lamentably, still depressingly familiar today, those who had murdered unarmed civilians were treated as heroes of war upon their return to their Arab homelands. It was followed up by a world-wide effort to legitimize the Terrorist Arafat which directly lead to the Oslo Accord, & to negotiations to carve up Eretz Israel in the guise of 'peace negotiations'. Bassam Abu Sharif, a member of the PFLP at the time, said the motive for the operation in Munich was to attract publicity for the palestinian cause and to win the release of palestinian prisoners. It suceeded & Israel has been demonised.

Don't be Deluded .... those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it!!  This is an apt description of the present decision of the UN,  as well as most of the terrorist appeasing governments of the world,  involved even today in 'peace' talks with those who proclaim the perpetrators of this murder in Munich as heroes & whose avowed goal is a Judenrein Middle East.   It seems they are to be handed a 'State of palestine' as a reward for their Murderous efforts over the last century.  A Universal Declaration to this effect is to be issued this month in New York ..... Of course a Declaration & a State are not exactly synonomous concepts!!

The Massacre at Munich was one of Islam's most gruesome displays of its signature contribution to civilization in the twentieth century. Its cold-blooded brutality is pure Islam, as surely as it's Murderous Mayhem forever changed the New York skyline on yet another September day.   New York would do well to remember this,  this September day !!!

 Let us today Remember the 11 Israeli team members taken hostage and subsequently Murdered in Munich, on the 40th Anniversary of their Slaying ....

1) wrestling referee Yossef Gutfreund (inset), age 40;
2) wrestling coach Moshe Weinberg, 33;
3) weightlifter Yossef Romano, 31;
4) weightlifter David Berger, 28;
5) weightlifter Ze'ev Friedman, 28;
6) wrestler Eliezer Halfin, 24;
7) track coach Amitzur Shapira, 40;
8) shooting coach Kehat Shorr, 53;
9) wrestler Mark Slavin, 18;
10) fencing coach Andre Spitzer, 27;
& 11) weightlifting judge Yakov Springer, 51.

"When I was a kid, my father used to say 'Our greatest hopes and our worst fears are seldom realized.' Our worst fears have been realized tonight. They’ve now said that there were eleven hostages. Two were killed in their rooms yesterday morning, nine were killed at the airport tonight. They’re all gone!" 
~  Jim McKay, ABC journalist for the Olympic Games, Munich, Germany, September 1972 ~ 

 And tomorrow .....  An Anniversary Album.  The Pictures will tell the tale!