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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sick ... not 'Chic' !!!!

A fashion label's decision to name one of their jackets after a Nazi concentration camp is more Sick than Chic!!!!   Evil Twin, an Australian line of apparel with the logo "embrace your dark side,"   has dubbed its flannel-lined jacket the Belsen Was a Gas Military Parka.

The clothing line lifted the name from a Sex Pistols song from the 1978 album "The Great Rock and Roll Swindle." 

The song's lyrics decried the horrors of Nazi death camps with darkly humorous lyrics .....

"Belsen was a gas, I heard the other day
In the open graves where the Jews all lay
'Life is fun and I wish you were here'
They wrote on postcards to those held dear."

was a concentration camp in Germany where hundreds of thousands of Jews, including famed teen diarist Anne Frank, died during WWII.  There was, however,  No gas at the camp ~ it was not a Killing Machine, although definitely a death camp ~  Jews there died of other means of mass execution,  disease, hunger and cold!!

The Australian clothing company defines itself as "left-of-centre everyday wear with a dash of avant garde … punk street styles with designer lines and glitzy, trashy '80s influences … wardrobe staples that make a statement."

Shops in New York, Chicago, Dallas, and Los Angeles stock the label.   Although, the coat's creepy moniker may be adversely affecting its sales ~ its price has been slashed 40% on the e-commerce site that stocks the label,   buydefinition.com/catalog/belsen-military-parka

Sign of the Anti-Semitic times ........ ?????

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sad, Soul Sister!!

 Talented, Troubled, Tearaway  .... Amy Winehouse was a Jewish Girl with Attitude!!!!

 Amy Winehouse was found dead last Shabbat in her apartment in London.  Baruch Dayan Emet.  They do not yet know how she died, but in the end it does not matter. What matters is that this incredibly talented Jewish Girl died a sad and lonely death.  Her life unravelled & I can empathise with that .... perhaps it is because we are almost the same age.  She would have turned 28 this coming September.

 Her soul-jazz ballads had a Sultry Sound and dealt with her personal demons .... bad relationships, breakups, drugs, drinking, and rehab.  I have never had an addiction problem, or had to fight that kind of pain,  but I imagine it is an exhausting way to live your life, on the edge. I can't claim to know her druggie or celebrity lifestyle,  or the pressures involved there, but I have known dating disaster.  I do know pain & frustration & loneliness, and I hope Amy knew that the music she created through her personal pain, brought insight & joy to many.  Me included! 

It’s sad that on the day of her death, people wrote they knew her death was coming, and make stupid “Rehab” jokes.  Her life was glorious and wrenching, lived under the spotlight and glare of media intrusion & yet was hushed to a lonesome quiet in death.  Let’s just celebrate her.  Her unique voice,  her musical contribution,  which if not already,  will certainly become classic with the passing of time. Let's remember her more for her voice, her Art, than her tragic death.  Amy Winehouse.  Artist. 

 In the face of the singer’s unraveling,  and up until last Shabbat the most reverberated question surrounding Amy was " “is she or isn’t she in rehab?”   In recent days that has transmuted .....  it’s become impossible to ignore just how psyched that same world  seems to be that Amy Winehouse is Jewish.   A fact of which she was proud ..... And the press vultures which plagued her have joyfully portrayed her Jewish identity as a bizarre contrast with her bad girl image.  So she wasn't the most Torah Observant, or a pin up girl for Frum living,  but her heart before Ha'Shem, who can tell??

Perhaps it's as it is with me ...... Don't judge me by my past. I don't live there anymore!

 Back in 2004,  The Guardian was one of many publications to pin her as “a slight 20-year-old Jewish girl from north London”   and The Telegraph wrote, “Done up to the nines (lustrous lipstick, dark mascara, long black eyelashes, thick black hair), Winehouse looks every inch the Jewish princess.”   In March of 2007,  Rolling Stone  noted that “Ms. Rehab might in fact be the highest-debuting-female-solo-British-tall-Jewish-black-haired-tattoed-with-a-birthmark-on-her-left-arm artist ever to make the U.S. Billboard charts.” 

 Yet another publication .... “The beehived, heavily tattooed Winehouse might be a wee Jewish girl from North London, but she can snarl and wail like Etta James or Eartha Kitt.”   Yes, she could and therein lay her specialness & her princesseyness!!!   She was a Soul Sister in the old tradition.  Just listen to Back to Black!!!

 “Those who have only heard her voice express shock upon seeing the body that produces it: The sultry, crackly, world-weary howl that sounds like the ghost of Sarah Vaughn comes from a pint-size Jewish girl from North London.”    And Again ....  Winehouse has an exceptional voice that’s even more striking when you catch a glimpse of its source: a wispy, heavily tattooed young Jewish woman with a mile-high beehive for a hairdo and a Gothic level of mascara caked onto her face. It almost doesn’t compute.”

A study in contrasts ??  ....  But, Isn't Life??

Amy herself said to a commentator that  "what she really wants to do in 10 years’ time is to settle down and be a good Jewish mum."

And  "At the end of the day, I’m a Jewish girl.”    ..... What a fitting Epitaph!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Lost Princess ....


Once Upon a time .....  there was a King who had six sons and but one daughter he loved his daughter more than any of his other children, and passed many hours in her company; but one day while they were together the princess displeased the King, and he cried out, "May the Evil One take you!"

There seemed nothing amiss that night when the princess went to bed. But in the morning she could not be found.   Then the King tore his hair for grief and guilt. "It is because of what I cried out," he said, "that she is gone." 

Then the Second to the Throne, seeing the King in despair, arose and cried, "Give me a servant, and a steed, and gold, and I will go out and seek the princess."   For a long time he rode through waste land and desert in search of the missing maiden. Once as he passed in a desert he saw a road at the edge of the sand, and he thought, "I have ridden so long in the desert without meeting anyone. Perhaps the road will lead me to the city."

The road led him to a great castle guarded by hosts of warriors. The prince was afraid they would not allow him to enter the castle, but nevertheless he dismounted from his steed, and went up to them; and they allowed him to pass through the gate. Then he came in upon a magnificent courtyard, and saw a marble palace before him. He went into the palace, and walked through halls that were studded with alabaster pillars. Guards stood in all the passageways, but no one questioned him, and he went from room to room until he came to the chamber of the throne, and there a king was seated. Tables laden with delicate foods were along the walls of the room; the prince ate of the delicacies; then he lay down in a corner of the chamber where he might not easily be seen, and he watched to see what would happen.

Musicians played upon their instruments, and sang before the king; soon the king held out his hand and commanded that the queen be brought. Then the music became more joyous, and people danced in the court, and made merry, and drank, for the queen would soon appear.  When the queen came into the chamber she was given a smaller seat next to the throne; the wanderer looked upon her and saw that she was indeed the princess he sought. And as she looked out over the room she saw the man withdrawn into an obscure corner, and she recognized him. She got down from her throne and went to him and said, "Do you not know me?"

"You are the Princess!" he said. "But how have you come to this place?"

"The King let fall an angry word," she said. "He cried, 'May the evil one take you!' and this is the palace of evil."

"The King is grief-stricken because of what he has done, and I have sought for you these many years," the wanderer told her. "How may I take you away?"

"You cannot take me from this place," she said, "except that you first go and select a place for yourself, and there you must remain for an entire year, thinking only of my deliverance, longing and hoping to rescue me, and on the last day of the year you must not eat a particle of food, but must fast, and on the last night of the year you must not sleep; then you may come to me."

He did as she told him to do. He went into the desert and remained there an entire year, and at the end of the year he did not sleep, and did not eat, but returned toward the palace of the evil one. On the way, he passed a beautiful tree heavily laden with ripe fruit, and a terrible desire came over him to taste of the apples, so he went and ate. At once he fell into a deep sleep, and he slept for a very long time. When he awoke he saw his servant standing beside him, and he cried out, "Where am I?"

"You have slept many years," the servant said; "I have waited by you, while I lived on the fruit."

Then the wanderer went to the palace and came to the princess; and she cried, "See what you have done! Because of a single day, you have lost eternity! For if you had come on that day, you might have rescued me. I know that it is difficult to refrain from eating, and it is especially difficult on the last day, for the evil spirit was strong in you on that last day. But you must go again and choose a place and remain there another year, praying, and longing, and hoping to deliver me; on the last day of that year you may eat, but you must drink no wine, for wine will cause you to sleep, and the most important thing of all is not to sleep."

He went back to the wilderness, and did as she had told him to do, but on the last day, as he was returning toward the palace, he saw a flowing spring. He said to his servant, "Look, the fountain of water is  red, and it has an odour as of wine!" Then he knelt and tasted of the spring, and at once fell to the ground and slept. He slept for many years.

And in that time a great army of warriors passed on the road, among them were mounted riders, and carriages, and at last there came a great carriage drawn by fourteen steeds. The princess was in that carriage; but when she saw the wanderer's servant on the road, she ordered the carriage to be halted, and she went down and saw the wanderer sleeping, and she sat by him and wept. "Poor man," she said; "so many years you have sought me, and wandered so far, and endured so much pain, and yet because of a single day you have lost me, and see how you must suffer, and how I suffer because of that day!" Then she took her veil from her face; she wrote upon the veil with her tears, and left it beside him; and she got into her carriage and rode away.

After he had slept seventy years, the man awoke and asked his servant, "Where am I?"   The servant told him what had happened, of the army that had passed, and how the princess had wept over him. Just then the wanderer saw the veil lying beside him, and he cried, "Where does this come from?"

"The Princess left it for you," the servant said. "She wrote upon it with her tears."

He who was Second to the Throne held the veil up to the sun, and saw the marks of her weeping, and read of her grief at finding him so, and read that she was gone from the first palace of the evil one, but that he must now seek her in a palace of pearls that stood on a golden mountain. "Only there, you may find me," the Princess had written.
   Then the wanderer left his servant and went alone in search of the Princess.

For many years he wandered among mankind, asking and seeking for the palace of pearls upon the mountain of gold, until he knew that it was to be found upon no chart, and in no land inhabited by men, and in no desert, for he had been everywhere. But still he searched in the wilderness, and in the wilderness he came upon a giant who carried a tree that was greater than any tree that grew in the world of men. The giant looked upon the wanderer and said, "Who are you?"

He answered, "I am a man."

"I have been so long in the wilderness," said the giant, "that it is many years since I have seen a man." And he looked at the man.

The man said, "I seek a palace built of pearls upon a golden mountain."

The giant laughed, and said, "There is no such place on earth!"

But the man cried, "There is! There must be!" ....... and he would not give up his seeking.

Then the giant said, "Since you are so obstinate, I'll prove to you that there is no such place on earth. I am the lord over all the animal kingdom, and every beast that runs over the earth, from the greatest to the tiniest, answers to my call. Surely if there were such a place as you seek, one of my creatures would have seen it." So he bent and blew on the ground, making a sound that was narrow as the call of wind in the grass, and wide as the rustling of leaves; his call spread like spreading water, and at once the beasts of the earth came running, leaping toward him: the timid gazelle and the wild tiger and every creature from the beetle to the great elephant, all came, and he asked of them: "Have you seen a palace of pearls built on a golden mountain?"

The creatures all answered him, "No."

Then the giant said to the man, "You see, my friend, there is no such place at all. Spare yourself, and return home."

But the man cried, "There is, there must be such a place! And I must find it!"

The giant pitied him, and told him, "I have a brother who is lord over all the creatures of the air; perhaps one of them has seen this place, for birds fly high."
Then the man went further into the wilderness, until he found another giant who carried a great tree in his hand. "Your brother has sent me to you," he said. And he told the giant of his quest. The giant whistled into the air, and his cry was like the sound of all the winds that murmur and shriek high over the earth; at once every winged creature, insect and eagle, answered his call. But none had seen a palace of pearls upon a golden mountain.

"You see," said the giant, "there is no such place at all. You had better return home, and rest yourself."

But the man cried, "There is, there must be such a place, and I will not rest until I find it!"

At last the second giant said, "I have a brother who is lord over all the winds. Go to him, perhaps he can help you."

After many years the wanderer came to the third giant, who carried a still greater tree in his hand; and the wanderer told the giant what he sought.

Then the giant opened wide his mouth, and the call he hurled over the world was like the tumult of colliding heavens. In that instant, all the winds over the earth came rushing to him, and he asked them, "Have you seen a palace of pearls upon a mountain of gold?" But none of them had seen such a thing.

"Someone is jesting with you, and has sent you on a fool's quest,"
the giant said to the man. "Better go home, and rest yourself."

But the man cried, "There is, there must be such a place!" Just then another wind came hastening to the giant, and lay breathless and weary at his feet.

"You have come late!" the giant cried angrily, and he lifted the great tree to lash the wind. "Why did you come tardily to my call?"

"Master," the wind said, "I came as soon as I could, but I could not come sooner, for I had to carry a princess to a mountain of gold on which there stands a palace built of pearls."
The man heard, and was overjoyed. "Can you take me there?" he begged. The wind answered, "I can."

Then the master of the winds said to the man, "You will have need of gold, where you are going, for in that city all things are of high worth." And he took a wonderful purse, and gave it to the wanderer. "Whenever you put your hand into this bag," the giant said, "you will find it filled with gold, no matter how much gold you draw out of it."

Then the wind took up the wanderer and set him down upon the golden mountain.

The wanderer saw the palace of pearls that stood within a wonderful city, and the city was surrounded by many walls guarded by warriors. But he put his hand into his marvellous purse, and gave them gold, and they let him pass, and when he came into the city he found that it was a pleasant and beautiful place. Then he lived there for a long while, and there the princess lived, but in the end, with wisdom and righteousness, he took her home to the King. 

~ Rabbi Nachman of Bratzlaw ~ 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

An Xtian Xposed !!!

Rabbi Tovia Singer ~ Counter Missionary

I have a tale to tell, a personal tale today, for it concerns an xtian conspiracy to "christianise"  me and is a tale of organised conpiracy and missionising by xtians on FaceBook.  There is obviously an active "Prayer & Action" Group on FaceBook, designed to defraud Jews of their precious Neshamot, and Am Yisrael of it's citizenry.  I was sent details within the last week to my inbox on facebook,  from an acquantaince on my friends list who wishes to remain anonymous ~ and I have promised this ~ but this person was drawn into an elaborate web to trap and "christianise" me.  And obviously, I am not the only one .... but I am the only one I know about!!!!

It also seems that these xtians are funded because they can travel accross a continent or here to Israel as they wish to personally "visit" their targets. This is upsetting because it concerns both myself in person and my seven year old daughter of whom I am the sole parent.  And a Rabbi,  a personal friend,  told me that this indeed is the new tactic among xtian missionaries.

This christian cell is controlled (certainly in my case) by one cultist in particular .... David Mark Hipkins Snr.

Once upon a time ..... I went to America.  Having just got my green card I embarked for the USA for study purposes, but also to spend time someone special to me, and with whom I wanted to develop our relationship. I got all set up with employment, apartment & car ... and then events spiralled as they sometimes do .... My Dad OBM died & I ended my relationship when I realised I was being presented with a choice to accept Polygamy or leave. It became too painful to live with and I left. I was alone in the world and 6,000 miles away from my childhood home & I posted status updates reflecting my sadnesses. I was sent a friend request by Hipkins, a "caring" christian, a goy, who said he wanted to be my "Daddy",  one week after my Dad died. He wanted to be my adopted Dad.  My parents had died, but they would always be my parents and I wasn't looking for goy replacements!!!!!

He wanted me to come stay with his family in Virginia so he could be a "proper" Dad. It all sounded really cultish & off the wall and of course I said NO. Especially when he offered to pay for my plane ticket. I defriended him & he persisted in messaging so I eventually re-added him, and he attempted to "share" with me about "jesus". He wanted my phone number and address details etc. Needless to say he never got them from me .... although he did get my address eventually from online sources somewhere and despite me telling him not to come to California, that I would not under any circumstances meet with him or "have dinner to discuss Israel & Judaism", he travelled 4,000 miles from Va to Ca and spent 12 hours one day patrolling my beach and local Pier,  located literally at the back entrance to my home, virtually imprisoning me.  He left dissappointed,  as unlike him I was as good as my word!!

I was then contacted by a Private Investigator in relation to another young girl on FB who was having a similar problem to me, except that she had given him her phone number and he called her every day at least three times. I messaged with this girl ~ not Jewish ~ but she had concerns because he didn't listen to her & bullied her and was attempting to get her to move to Va so he could be a "proper" Daddy to her. She was a single parent too & in a vunerable place. Sound familiar?? In fact it turned out that there were 8 other girls all young, all pretty who were approached by Hipkins to be their "Daddy" !!!!!!

The man is big into contol .... he does not take NO for an answer.  He told me almost daily that I was his business ...... as I was now his "daughter",  and it appears that he has been discussing my personal and private business with others, perfect strangers, in intimate detail for quite some time now, especially my dating life!!!  .... I would not expect that level of interference even from real family.  He obviously views tyrannical behaviour as being the way to be the patriarch to his family!

It just so happens that last month he chose the wrong person to discuss it all with ..... and tried to organise a physical meeting here in Israel, in Yerushalayim of all places between me & this person. All in a bid to get me SAVED by the jesus idol. The whole thing is majorly suspect and makes my skin crawl. The plan is clearly laid out in the screenshots accessed by the link below.  I reported him to Yad Le'achim just before Shabbat for his attempts to Missionise Me. 

Facebook Photo Album ~ An Xtian Xposed !!!

I don't know if other Jewish Girls have been targeted in this manner but I would seriously suggest that they have been.  I didn't really know it was Stalking ....... I knew it was harrassment.  I'm not frightened, not at all, but I was just unsure of exactly what to do.   I did know two things kind of innately ... one was that it probably was not just me .... and that turned out to be correct.  And secondly,  that publicly exposing him is probably the most effective means to prevent him from deceiving anyone about his motives. Perverts such as this inculcate fear only because their activities are hidden in the dark.

I just didn't know who to speak to or go about it. I have since spoken to a Rabbi ~ well more than one,  actually three ~ & my Rabbi has blessed the distribution of thisinformation  ... & assured me that it constitutes care in warning other Jews of Danger & complies with Halakhah & Lashon Hara l'toeles,  for a constructive purpose, that of benefitting Jews.
  This man believes that his personal "calling" in life is to "Bless Jews" .... with the jesus Idol obviously!!!!


I especially sent this to those on my friends list who were mutuals with this Nut, some Rabbi's involved in counter-missionary activities & those female friends who I feel are in some way vunerable. I have not ruled out wider action like letters to the editors of Virginia Newspapers, and I have been advised that should I wish to pursue a prosecution, that is feasible.

This predator raped my friends list, as I got a number of messages from those on mine that he contacted and offered to be a  Daddy to them also.   I am left wondering just who else has been targeted by this Action group????

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Gaza Ghetto III ... Coffee in Carino's??

Shavua tov .... It is Saturday Nite.  Great for Coffee & a Chat ... or perhaps a Dinner Date??? 

Oh! but where can the "poor palestinians" of the Gaza Ghetto venture???  Perhaps to Carino's in Gaza City.  The Humanitarian Horrors abound !!!!!

They don't seem to have a website .... but perhaps you could 'Like' their Facebook Page   http://www.facebook.com/pages/Carinos-Caffe/  ... and phone for a reservation??

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tragedy & Tears .... Thoughts for Leiby Kletzky!!

Tisha B’Av came early this year to Boro Park, Brooklyn.  New York.   An eight-year-old boy, ~ he would be nine this week ~ Leiby Kleztky, was on his way home from day camp when he mysteriously disappeared. A frantic search, spearheaded by the FBI and aided by his entire community, failed to find him for two full days. And then his mother and father had to endure every parent's worst nightmare.

Leiby was found dismembered. Parts of the body were discovered in a suitcase wrapped in a black plastic garbage bag in a dumpster. The rest were in the refrigerator of a man of whom trusting little Leiby had asked directions ~ for on this his first attempt to walk home alone he trusted in a strangers assistance.

Words fail to convey the immensity of this tragedy.

Apart from its ghoulish aspects, it is simply too much to imagine what it means to send off a smiling child for a summer’s day of fun only to learn that all that is left of him is a memory.It's been said that the cruelest word in the English language is "never".

Never will Leiby’s parents ever again be able to hold him, to hug him, to prepare him for life with words of advice and of Torah. Never will his family be able to share in the milestones of his growth to maturity. Never will there be a Bar Mitzvah to celebrate, graduations to attend, a wedding canopy to stand under with him and his bride as he prepares to embark on his own journey to family and future.  Never will all those who knew Leiby as a child be able to find out what his unique talents might have enabled him to accomplish.  Never will the Jewish community discover the contributions Leiby might have made to it and to the larger world.

Ever since the beginning of humankind, Torah has reminded us that a single death leaves none of us untouched. In the aftermath of the first murder, Ha'Shem turned to Cain in anger and admonished him with the words “The sounds of the bloods of your brother cry out to Me from the ground."  Not blood, but bloods, in the plural. Rabbinic commentators explain that when Cain killed his brother he effectively destroyed all of Abel’s future progeny as well.  In the words of Talmud, he who murders one person is as if he destroys an entire world.

The loss of one person diminishes every one of us. It affects our collective future. It alters what might have been. It prevents us from ever receiving all the precious benefits every single life has to offer. And when murder snuffs out the life of a child, the enormity of the word never ~ that we will never truly know what that child might have become ~ staggers us beyond comfort. 

This is not the time for us to attempt any glib rationalizations or theological efforts to explain away the horror. Jewish law, in its profound wisdom, teaches us that we are not permitted to offer consolation "while the body is still before us."  The time for comfort can come only after the necessary tears.

Today is a day for Tears .... to cry to Ha'Shem to heal the hole that this little boy's absence tears in his family. To cry for Leiby & his family. To cry for Am Yisrael.  For Jews are one ..... one nation, one body and this grief is to be shouldered by all. We must cry for Leiby & his family &  let them know that we cry with them.  For our tears are the words our hearts don't know how to express.

The fact that we shed them proves that evil has not fully triumphed.  And most important of all, the Midrash assures us that the tears of the righteous summon Ha'Shem to hasten the day when wickedness and its practitioners will be eradicated from Earth. 

People oft times say I wish there was  something I could do to make things better. To right the wrong. To help heal the hurt.  Well there is ..... today take on another mitzvah, improve yourself and your relationship with Ha'Shem. Something small that you can do, without a neder for the Aliyah Neshama of  Leiby, Yehuda Ben Nachman .

My heartfelt condolences to the Kletzky family!!

A friend who attended remarked ..... "I was one of those in attendance, and one of the many crying. The streets were packed with mourners for blocks. It was heartbreaking just to listen to the sound of the voices speaking the hespedim ~ which are missing from the very inadequate video footage here. In order to shield the father, who spoke,  from even more pain, he had not yet even been told that his son's body had been dismembered."

Sources: ~ Stephen Hughes (Photo),  Mark Bernstein (Mourner), Aish.com (Article), All eds. & errors are mine.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Yo!!! ..... It's Operation Yonatan.

Meet Yoni Netanyahu  .....  Yonatan "Yoni" Netanyahu (Hebrew: יונתן "יוני" נתניהו) ~  March 13, 1946 ~ July 4, 1976 ~  was commander of the elite Israeli army commando unit Sayeret Matkal. He was killed in action, the only military casualty of Operation Thunderbolt in Entebbe, Uganda, where the Israeli military rescued hostages after an aircraft hijacking. He was the leader of the assault, later renamed 'Operation Yonatan' in his honour. He was awarded the Medal of Distinguished Service for his conduct in the Yom Kippur War. He is also the elder brother of Israel's present Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.  He belongs to my Heroes of Israel Gallery on Facebook!!

Netanyahu joined the Israeli Defence Forces in 1964. He volunteered to serve in the Paratroopers Brigade, and excelled in the Officer Training Course. He was eventually given command of a paratroopers company. On June 5, 1967, during the Six Day War, his battalion fought the battle of Um Katef in Sinai, then reinforced the Golan Heights. During the battle, Yonatan received a wound to his elbow while helping rescue a fellow soldier who lay wounded deep behind enemy lines.

After the Six Day War, Netanyahu went to the United States to study at Harvard University, but returned a year later because of the War of Attrition. Instead, he studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, returning to active military service after half a year.

In the early 1970s he joined Sayeret Matkal (Israeli special forces), and in the summer of 1972 was appointed as the unit's deputy commander. During that year, he commanded a raid (Operation Crate 3) in which senior Syrian officers were captured and exchanged in return for captive Israeli pilots. The following year he participated in Operation Spring of Youth (Hebrew: מבצע אביב נעורים‎) in which the alleged terrorists and leadership of Black September were selectively killed by Sayeret Matkal, Shayetet-13 and the Mossad.  During the Yom Kippur War in October 1973, Netanyahu commanded a Sayeret Matkal force in the Golan Heights that killed more than 40 Syrian Commando officers in a battle which thwarted the Syrian commandos' raid in the Golan's heartland. During the same war, he also rescued Lieutenant Colonel Yossi Ben Hanan from Tel Shams, while Ben Hanan was lying wounded behind Syrian lines.

Following the war, Netanyahu was awarded Medal of Distinguished Service (Hebrew: עיטור המופת‎), Israel's third highest military decoration, for his wartime conduct. Netanyahu then volunteered to serve as armour commander, due to the heavy casualties inflicted on the Israeli Armored Corps during the war, with a disproportionate number of these in the officer ranks. Netanyahu excelled in Tank Officers course. and was given command of the Barak Armored Brigade, which had been shattered during the war. Netanyahu turned his brigade into the leading military unit in the Golan Heights.

In June 1975,  Netanyahu left the Armoured Corps and returned to Sayeret Matkal as unit commander. He was killed in action on July 4, 1976. while commanding Operation Entebbe, his first big operation since returning to the unit. Netanyahu was the only Israeli soldier killed during the raid (along with three hostages, all of the Popular Front for the Liberation of palestine members, and dozens of Ugandan soldiers). Netanyahu was shot outside the building being stormed, and would soon die in the arms of Ephraim Sneh, commander of the mission's medical unit. The operation itself was considered a success by Israel, and was posthumously renamed Mivtsa Yonatan (Operation Yonatan) in honour of Netanyahu.

Netanyahu was buried in Jerusalem's Military Cemetery at Mount Herzl on July 6 following a military funeral attended by enormous crowds and top-ranking officials. Shimon Peres, then Defence Minister, said during the eulogy that “a bullet had torn the young heart of one of Israel’s finest sons, one of its most courageous warriors, one of its most promising commanders ~ the magnificent Yonatan Netanyahu.”

In 1980 many of Netanyahu's personal letters were published. Author Herman Wouk describes them as a "remarkable work of literature, possibly one of the great documents of our time." Many of his letters were written hurriedly under trying conditions in the field, but according to a review in the New York Times, give a "convincing portrayal of a talented, sensitive man of our times who might have excelled at many things yet chose clearsightedly to devote himself to the practice and mastery of the art of war, not because he liked to kill or wanted to, but because he knew that, as always in human history, good is no match for evil without the power to physically defend itself."

 And, as it seems this is now a book review ... so, some excerpts from "The Letters of Yoni Netanyahu" ....  Yonatan Netanyahu's Page at Amazon!

" I would rather opt for living here in continual battle than for becoming part of the wandering Jewish people. Any compromise will simply hasten the end," (A letter to his brother Benjamin Netanyahu on his decision to stay in Israel)

"As you no doubt know from reading the papers, the situation in Israel is, in a word catastrophic! Not a day passes, literally, without a border incident, sabotage, mine explosion, murder, ambushes, shootings and setting fire to fields. During all the years of my service and of my living here the situation has never been so tense. In the army, everyone is impatient ~ when are we finally going to strike back?!! We have complete confidence in our strength. We are capable of anything". (October 1966)

"The real cause is the sense of helplessness in the face of a war that has no end. For the war has not ended, and it seems to me that it will go on and on… This is the 'quiet' before the next storm. I've no doubt that war will come. Nor do I doubt that we will win. But for how long? Until when?.. We're young, and we were not born for wars alone". (A year after the Six Days War)

"In another week I'll be 23. On me, on us, the young men of Israel, rests the duty of keeping our country safe. This is a heavy responsibility, which matures us early... I do not regret what I have done and what I'm about to do. I'm convinced that what I am doing is right. I believe in myself, in my country and in my future". (1969, on his decision to return to enlist in the IDF)

On Death ~ "that's the only thing that disturbs me. It doesn't frighten me; it arouses my curiosity. It is a puzzle that I, like many others, have tried to solve without success. I do not fear it because I attribute little value to a life without a purpose. And if I should have to sacrifice my life to attain its goal, I'll do so willingly". (At age 17)

Author Herman Wouk noted that "Yoni" Netanyahu was already a legend in Israel even before his death at the age of 30. He wrote ...."He was a taciturn philosopher-soldier of terrific endurance, a hard-fibred, charismatic young leader, a magnificent fighting man. On the Golan Heights, in the Yom Kippur War, the unit he led was part of the force that held back a sea of Soviet tanks manned by Syrians, in a celebrated stand; and after Entebbe, "Yoni" became in Israel almost a symbol of the nation itself.  Today his name is spoken there with sombre reverence."

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said his "hard line against all terrorists" came as a result of the death of his brother.  I'm not going to comment on that, but I'm instead going to say I Love Yoni Netanyahu, who is for me the very definition of a Hero. He sacrificed his life at age 30 in Israel's defence...determined that terrorism would not succeed. Terrorists become 'martyrs' so that other people can die. Yoni died so that other people could live. I wish I had better words to honour his memory!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Audacity of Dopes !!

This year's version of the Gaza flotilla is dead in the water. Sunk by a changed perception of them by public opinion, Israeli Diplomacy & European authorities who are fed up with them. Last year they were flavor of the month. Their mission hit headlines with the action that took place on the Turkish "Mavi Marmara" ship. The world forgot that five other ships were tamely towed into Ashdod port and the passengers deported.
Following the refusal of the Turks to not only allow the "Mavi Marmara" sail, but also to disallow their ports to be used as launch pads for yet another anti-Israel exercise, the organizers decided to base their fleet in a Greek port before setting out on their provocative cruise to Hamas.  And Greece stepped up to the Plate, Baruch Ha'Shem !!!!!

Greece, struggling with a serious economic crisis, welcomed Israeli advances with open arms. Increasing Israel investment and tourism into Greece will significantly assist the Greek economy.  Past Greek governments had been quite radically left wing but recent trends have made the current government much more pragmatic. So, when the Gaza flotilla fly approached the Greek spider's web, Israel requested the Greek authority to recognize the ships as representing a provocative act against a friendly country. The Greeks obliged by refusing to grant sailing permits to the boats. The Flytilla too has Flopped! .... Following the False Flotilla propaganda & passengers into Oblivion.  Baruch Ha'Shem!!!

Enjoy LATMA  .... Satire for Summer in the Sun in the Land of Ha'Shem.

Friday, July 8, 2011

The 'Flytilla' has Flopped!!

Jerusalem Calling! ...... I've always wanted to say that ~ My Eurovision Dreaming Days, I suppose  ~ It ranks alongside "Follow that Cab",  which I did manage to say to a taxi driver once in my life.

Israel deployed hundreds of extra police at its already heavily guarded international airport Thursday and asked European airlines to bar potential troublemakers from Tel Aviv-bound flights in anticipation of the arrival of hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists.  In Paris, eight activists were blocked from boarding a Malev Airlines flight on Thursday. One of those turned away, Philippe Arnaud, said Malev showed him a list provided by Israeli authorities of nearly 400 people being barred from Israel. German carriers Lufthansa and Air Berlin said they also received lists.

The activists, expected to arrive in Israel late Thursday and Friday, say they are on a peaceful mission to the "West Bank" ~ the rogue term they use to describe the Israeli heartland of Judea & Samaria ~  to draw attention to the plight of 'palestinian's living under Israeli 'occupation'. 

Israeli concerns have been further heightened by deadly clashes in recent weeks with pro-palestinian Arab activists along its frontiers with Lebanon and Syria.  Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said officers deployed at Tel Aviv’s Ben-Gurion International Airport have been prepared to deal with scenarios ranging from uneventful landings to airport officials being attacked.   Israel is known for its strict airline security, beginning with check-ins on incoming flights, and officials claim they have sophisticated intelligence procedures in place to identify potential troublemakers. It’s unclear how many activists would be denied entry after landing at the airport.  Israel says it will not stop people because of their political beliefs, but that its only concern is to stop people who plan to carry out illegal or violent acts. (How Crazy is that????).    

Rosenfeld said airport facilities could hold as many as 80 detainees, and that any overflow would be sent to a prison in southern Israel.  The airborne activists, meanwhile, have denied any direct connection with the latest attempt to breach the Gaza blockade, which appears to have largely fizzled in recent days. The flotilla ships were held up by mysterious malfunctions and Greek authorities who did not let them set sail from ports in Greece where the ships had mustered.


In Europe, German federal police said as long as passengers had valid tickets and passports, they had no grounds to stop any activists at airports there.  Two German airlines, flagship carrier Lufthansa and Air Berlin, said Thursday they received lists of people from Israel who are not allowed into the country.  Lufthansa said it would comply. Lufthansa “is obliged not to transport any passengers who do not hold valid entry permits or whose entry into the respective state has been denied by local authorities beforehand as in this case” company spokesman Patrick Meschenmoser said Thursday. He declined to say how many passengers were on the list, or whether any of them had planned to fly with the airline.

Arnaud, the activist turned away in Paris, has led calls to boycott Israeli products in France. He said Malev refused to let him and seven others board at Charles de Gaulle Airport. “They showed us a letter from the (Israeli) interior ministry with a list of nearly 400 people, with names … saying to bar us from traveling to Israel,” he said by telephone from the Paris airport.  WTG ISRAEL !!!!

The French airport authority wouldn’t comment on the incident, and Malev Airlines officials in Paris could not be reached.  In London, Britain’s Foreign Office said it had not been asked by Israel to prevent anyone from boarding flights to Israel.

The “Welcome to Palestine” movement has estimated that between 500 and 700 people would arrive on flights over the weekend. It accused Israeli authorities of badly overreacting, noting that there are strict security procedures before boarding the plane.   “This is a total circus by the Israeli authorities, who are painting us as criminals,” said French activist Olivia Zemor.  As terrorist enablers that is precisely what they are!!!!

During a visit Thursday to Bulgaria, Netanyahu said Israel would exercise the “basic right” that every country has to block provocateurs from entering.  “We have a restrained resolve to deal with provocations, to prevent disruptions of the public order,” Netanyahu said.  And Eretz Yisrael as a Soverign Nation has EVERY right to do just that!!

The latest development comes in wake of recent failed attempts to jump start a second naval flotilla to the coasts of Gaza aimed to protest against Israel's naval blocked of the Hamas ruled Palestinian territory. Heavy diplomatic pressure applied by Israel and a series of technical problems have so far prevented the Gaza-bound ships from sailing off the coasts of Greece.  And it's intending passangers are fizzling away .... Baruch Ha'Shem!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Let Us Remember London's Loss !!

Fifty-two people died after Islamic Jihadists detonated backpacks on board three Underground trains and a LT bus. The attacks by four suicide bombers on the London Transport system on 7th July 2005 were the largest mass murder in Britain in peacetime, killing 52 passengers on The Tube and on the No. 30 bus at Tavistock Square and injuring 800 more, many seriously. Injured or not, and serious or not all who lived through the experience carry vivid and unsettling memories.

About 3,000 people were directly affected ~ 52 died, hundreds were injured and thousands hurt in a way that cannot be seen from the outside. I was in London that summer & it affected me, and I wanted to blog & thought & thought about how it is best to remember those who died,  six years on. What would be a fitting tribute, honouring the 52 lives lost on 7 July 2005, ensuring that the world will never forget them.  And then it came to me ....

The attack on the Tube trains and the buses that summer morning was an attack on all of us, anyone who lives and works and travels in the beautiful, busy, bustling city of London, or any city on this planet. The public were the targets, not politicians or those in power. Ordinary people, who continue to feel they are the targets of terror attacks, every time they use public transport, even today, six years on.

These were the ordinary Londoners and visitors whose lives were cruelly destroyed on 7th July 2005. These are the people who are missed by sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and partners. They were innocents going about their everyday lives who represent the diversity and dynamism of the great World City that London is. The bombers looked them in the eye and decided their lives were not important. We need to say back that these were important lives, lives that cast a real shadow and count.

So, here is the count .... and the lives that were blown away, six years ago, today.


James Adams, 32, a mortgage broker who was travelling from his home in Peterborough to London through King's Cross from where he called his mother.

Samantha Badham, 35, had taken the Tube with her partner, Lee Harris. The couple usually cycled to work but caught the Tube because they were planning a romantic dinner to celebrate their 14th anniversary.

Lee Harris, 30, an architect who died after receiving treatment at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, east London. His partner, Samantha Badham, also died in the attacks.

Phil Beer, 22, a hair stylist, was on his way to work at the Sanrizz salon in Knightsbridge with his best friend, Patrick Barnes, who was injured.

Anna Brandt, 41, a Polish cleaner living in Wood Green. She had 2 daughters.

Ciaran Cassidy, 24, of Upper Holloway, north London, an Irishman, on his way to his job as a shop assistant for a printing company in Chancery Lane. He was a keen Arsenal fan.

Elizabeth Daplyn, 26, an administrator at University College Hospital in London, left home in Highgate with her partner, Rob Brennan, before taking a Piccadilly Line train.

Arthur Edlin Frederick, 60, from Grenada, living in Seven Sisters, north London, on his way to work at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Karolina Gluck, 29, from Poland, said goodbye to boyfriend, Richard Deer, 28, at 08:30. The IT consultant was travelling from Finsbury Park to Russell Square.

Gamze Günoral, 24, a Turkish student, left her aunt’s house in north London to catch the tube to go to her language college in Hammersmith.

Ojara Ikeagwu, 55, a married mother-of-three from Luton, was on her way to Hounslow where she worked as a social worker.

Emily Jenkins, 24, from Richmond. Having just returned to the UK from Australia, she was waiting to hear whether she had been successful in her application to become a midwife, on the day she was killed. She had been!

Adrian Johnson, 37, a keen golfer and hockey-player with two young children. He was on his way to work at the Burberry fashion house in Haymarket where he was a product technical manager.

Helen Jones, 28, a Scottish (London-based) accountant who had previously escaped death in 1988 when wreckage of Pan Am Flight 103 crashed upon Lockerbie. Her family, from Chapelknowe, Dumfries and Galloway, said: "Helen will live on in the hearts of her family and her many, many friends".

Susan Levy, 53, from Cuffley in Hertfordshire, the mother of Daniel, 25, and James, 23. She had just said goodbye to her younger son.

Shelley Mather, 26, from New Zealand, a tour manager with Contiki Tours.

Michael Matsushita, 37, left his fiancée, Rosie Cowen, 28, at the couple's flat in Islington for his second day at work as a tour guide. He had lived in New York at the time of the 9/11 attack.

James Mayes, 28, worked as an analyst for the Healthcare Commission and had just returned from a holiday in Prague. He was heading from his home in Barnsbury to an ‘away day’ at Lincoln’s Inn and was thought to be travelling by Tube via King's Cross.

Behnaz Mozakka, 47, an Iranian biomedical records officer from Finchley who worked at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital.

Mihaela Otto, 46, from Romania, known as Michelle. A dental technician from Mill Hill, North London.

Atique Sharifi, 24, an Afghan national who was living in Hounslow, Middlesex.

Ihab Slimane, a 24-year-old I.T. graduate from Lyon, France, who was working as a waiter at a restaurant near Piccadilly Circus, was said by friends to have caught a Tube from Finsbury Park.

Christian 'Njoya' Small, 28, an advertising salesman from Walthamstow, east London.

Monika Suchocka, 23, originally from Dąbrówka Malborska, in northern Poland, arrived in London two months earlier to start work as a trainee accountant in West Kensington. A flatmate named Kim Phillip said whilst she was still missing: "This is her first time in London and she is really enjoying the excitement of it all".

Mala Trivedi, 51, from Wembley was manager of the X-ray department at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital.

Rachelle Chung For Yuen, 27, an accountant from Mill Hill, north London, who was originally from Mauritius.

Michael Stanley Brewster, 52, a father of two who was travelling to work from Derby. He died in the arms of fellow passengers who tried to help.

Jonathan Downey, 34, an HR systems development officer with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea from Milton Keynes, had just said goodbye to his wife at Euston .

David Foulkes, 22, a media sales worker from Oldham, Greater Manchester, was on his way to meet a colleague. It was his first ever journey on the London Tube network.

Colin Morley, 52, of Finchley, marketing consultant. He was originally from Crosby, Liverpool.

Jenny Nicholson, 24, daughter of a Bristol vicar, who had just started work at a music company in London

Laura Webb, 29, from Islington, a PA. Laura was the youngest of three children.

Lee Baisden, 34, an accountant from Romford who was going to work at the London Fire Brigade.

Benedetta Ciaccia, 30, an Italian-born business analyst from Norwich. One of three sisters, she was due to marry her Muslim partner in a ceremony which was to have joint Catholic and Muslim rites later that summer.

Richard Ellery, 21, was travelling from his home in Ipswich to his job in the Jessop’s store in Kensington, via Liverpool Street Station. He texted his parents, Beverley and Trevor, at 8.30am to say he was on his way to work.

Richard Gray, 41, a father of two young children, who worked as a tax manager. He was from Ipswich. At the remembrance service for the victims of the bombings in November 2005, Richard's daughter, Ruby, was chosen to present a posy to the Queen.

Anne Moffat, 48, from Harlow in Essex, who was head of marketing and communications for Girl guiding UK.

Fiona Stevenson, 29, a solicitor who lived at the Barbican, London. Her parents, Ivan and Eimar, of Little Baddow, Essex, described her as "irreplaceable".

Carrie Taylor, a 24-year-old graduate from Billericay, Essex. June Taylor, her mother, said: "We have a little farewell ritual. Carrie gives me a kiss goodbye". The day before the bombings, she had written on the bare plastered wall of her parents kitchen (which was about to be redecorated) 'Carrie Louise Taylor, 6/7/05, we got the 2012 Olympic Games on this day'.

Anthony Fatayi-Williams, 26, a Nigerian-born executive with an oil and gas company based in Old Street, had been living in the UK for eight years.

Jamie Gordon, 30, from Enfield, worked for City Asset Management and was engaged to be married to his girlfriend Yvonne Nash.

Giles Hart, 55, a BT engineer from Hornchurch and father-of-two, was travelling to Angel via Aldgate.

Marie Hartley, 34, from Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, was in London on a course. She was a mother of two young sons.

Miriam Hyman, 32, from Barnet, North London, a picture researcher. She had spoken to her father by phone after being evacuated from King's Cross station and reassured him that she was all right.

Shahara Akther Islam, 20, from Plaistow, East London, a bank cashier who lived with her parents, and was both fully Westernised and Muslim. Shahara was of Bangladeshi origin, she was the eldest of three children, her parents having moved from Sylhet, Bangladesh to the UK in 1965.

Neetu Jain, 37, was evacuated from Euston and caught the bus to take her to work as a computer analyst. Ms Jain was planning to move in with her boyfriend, Gous Ali. 

Sam Ly, 28, from Melbourne, died at the National Hospital of Neurology ~ the only fatality of ten Australians caught in the bombing.

Shyanuja Parathasangary, 30, a post office worker travelling from Kensal Rise to Alder Street.

Philip Russell, a 28-year-old finance worker at JP Morgan who lived at Kennington in South-East London.

William Wise, 54, an IT specialist at Equitas Holdings in St Mary Axe.

Gladys Wundowa, 50, from Ilford in Essex, a cleaner at University College London. She had finished her shift and was heading to a college course in Shoreditch. Her body was taken to her homeland of Ghana for burial.

And, finally, Anat Rosenberg, 39, an Israeli lady I knew. A charity worker who called her boyfriend to tell him she was on the Number 30 bus just seconds before the blast. Anat was special. Caring & fun.  I knew her. I miss her & I know her family in Israel miss her too. She loved London  in the Summertime & I was there too, studying. She was scared of going back to Israel because she was scared of suicide bombings on buses. It is one of the reasons she often cited for leaving Israel. How ironic is that??

Those Who Are Remembered Do Not Die ..... We Will Remember You.   Always.

I have a Pictorial Remembrance for later today ....

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Lush Life !!

For everyone who’s ever used a face cream, anti-wrinkle treatment, “bath bomb” or body “butter” .... did you ever think that while performing your beautification rituals,  you might actually be supporting Hamas and its sympathizers?

Well, if you use a brand of high-end spa products by a company called LUSH, you Are!!!!

Some may not have ever heard of the luxury cosmetics company Lush, but on the hip streets of Soho in London, West Hollywood in LA, South Beach, Florida or the elegant Mayfair in London, the boutique soap-pusher has become a household name. Billed as a purveyor of “fresh, handmade” cosmetics, Lush’s products promise to pamper you head to toe with luxurious all natural lotions, soaps, bath gels, lipsticks, shampoos and perfumes.

Seems innocent enough, right? ....... Think twice!!

It turns out British-born Lush supports a number of far-left causes ~ spun on its website as “ethical campaigns” ~ running the gamut from global warming to oil spills, gay marriage to a “no one is illegal” campaign, to advancing the fight against nuclear energy!!  All polarizing issues that carry an inherit risk of alienating customers ~ but when Lush announced its support for the anti-Israel, jihadi sympathizing OneWorld campaign ~ the company’s foray into the murky flotilla laden waters of the Israeli 'palestinian' conflict went beyond the pale.

With a reported $350 million in annual revenue (some reports even say $500 million) and locations in over 40 countries, Lush’s far-reach and influence cannot easily be dismissed.

Lush serves 40 Countries!

You might remember OneWorld ~ the group started by various recording artists whose stated aim is to “Free palestine” from its Israeli “oppressors.”   With the help of well-known music group Coldplay, OneWorld launched a song titled “Freedom for Palestine.”  This pro-palestinian song pushes a revisionist narrative, which paints Israel as “illegal occupiers” committing “crimes against humanity.

The fact that Judea, Samaria, Gaza and East Jerusalem are territories 'under dispute'  ~ although I don't support this contention either ~  and are thus not in fact “illegally occupied,” ~  and that the charge of Israel committing “crimes against humanity” is completely erroneous ~ the IDF are the most moral army in the world ~  doesn’t seem to be of consequence to OneWorld and its supporters!

Lush’s website even hosts a separate section just for the OneWorld campaign.  Below is a screenshot of the dedicated page ......

Lush 'support palestine' Page

Lush’s OneWorld page features the following statement ......

"This month we have the exciting opportunity to help secure a UK chart position for a song called ‘Freedom for Palestine’ by a collective of musicians called OneWorld. The aim of the song is to raise awareness of the Israeli occupation of Palestine and the resulting poverty and other human rights abuses."

And, despite outraged customers requesting Lush to sever ties with OneWorld,  Lush’s crusade to “free the palestinians” continues.  After receiving a written complaint from a former customer who found the company’s anti-Israel bend repugnant, Lush stuck to its guns and continued to vilify Israel in a written response.  Below is reportedly Lush’s reply written by “customer care manager”  Vicky Jansson.

Filled full of historical inaccuracies, this is a perfect example of what happens when a cosmetic company believes itself to be a think tank on foreign policy .....

"Thank you for your email. I‘m sorry to hear you’re disappointed with Lush’s support for the OneWorld project. The history between Israel and Palestine is long, complicated and often under dispute. However, what is very clear is the level of suffering occurring today, in part due to the construction of the wall which is cutting Palestinian people off from vital health services and has dramatically increased poverty in the area. History does not excuse such suffering. It will take both sides to come to a solution, but what is also clear is that this is not a conflict of two equal sides and thus the onus must be on the dominating force, Israel".

Jansson then goes on to liken palestinian experience to the long suffering plight of Tibetans. She failed to mention the fact that Tibetans do not mobilize terror squads, spawn suicide bombers, or lob rockets into civilian population centers in neighboring China.   Perhaps most hypocritical is Lush’s involvement in human rights campaigns for both gays and women, given that both communities suffer unspeakable persecution in the Muslim world.  Out of the 40 countries Lush has a presence in, Israel is not one of them, yet Saudi Arabia ~ where women aren’t even allowed to show their face let alone make it more attractive with cosmetics ~  found a place in Lush’s anti-semitic heart!!!!!!

Help Hamas Soap!

Another blogger put it thusly ..... and I endorse completely  "…it is clear that the people at Lush have absolutely no understanding about it the history between Israel and palestine, because they have accepted the narrative of political activists whose objective is nothing less than the destruction of the Jewish State. Have you ever thought about the possibility that almost every piece of information being promoted by those people is a lie?  Have you, or any of your Lush colleagues ever been to Israel (and I don’t include trips to the ‘West Bank’ under the protection of anti-Israel groups in that question) and spent time with Israelis? Clearly not, because if any of them had they will know that the narrative presented on the Lush website is a total lie!!!" .... (edited a little by me for emphasis!)

 The OneWorld page, which first featured prominently on Lush’s site, is now rather difficult to find ~ slipping inconspicuously to the very bottom of a laundry list of other Lush-sponsored causes. In a passive-aggressive way, Lush doesn’t seem to want to give up OneWorld, but, doesn’t necessarily want to shout its support from the rooftops either. Is Lush trying to downplay its controversial ties in order to mislead unsuspecting customers?

 Supporting extreme anti-Israel groups that are sympathetic to terrorist activity against the State of Israel may prove not good business. We should assure them of this!!!   For example, one of their supporting groups is called “Friends of al-Aqsa”.  Visiting their website speaks for itself .... See?????     Therefore, each purchase of a LUSH product supports extreme anti-Israel activity including boycotts ~ and perhaps even open terrorist activity ~ against the only democracy in the Middle East.

The hypocrisy of this situation is quite staggering considering that LUSH prides itself on supporting “ethical campaigns”, including numerous human rights issues, yet it has stores in Saudi Arabia, a blatant human rights abuser, which in no way champions 'beauty' or its expression for women . And Lush does not have a store in Israel, a champion of human rights, the ONLY champion of human rights in the Middle East.  Baruch Ha'Shem!!!

What can you do???

BOYCOTT Lush procucts ... TELL them so!

RALLY Support for this cause among your friends & Neighbours.

JOIN our Facebook Page   Boycott the Anti Israeli Company LUSH!   and get your friends to do the same.

Make people aware by posting to your Status Update ....  “If you purchase LUSH soaps and lotions, then you are supporting Hamas and other anti-Israel terrorist groups”. 

Tell the TRUTH about where LUSH is sending Monies .... Expose their Anti -Semitism!!!

Demand that LUSH immediately withdraws its support for the OneWorld organization.  

Contact LUSH at ....  http://www.lushusa.com/shop/customers/contact-us/

Go visit your local LUSH Store & voice your Opinion .... LOUDLY !!!!

Boycott LUSH ~ Buy Israeli Beauty Products ..... SUPPORT ISRAEL!!!!!!!!!!