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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tehillim against Tillim!!!!!

Schoolgirls in Ashdod ~ Would YOU live like this?
As rockets continue to fall throughout the south of Israel I have a pertinent question .... Does cease-fire mean that we cease all self defence & retalitory activity and they fire Rockets continuously?

That is what is happening in Southern Israel today.  Despite an announced cease-fire.  It is time that we Fire until they Cease Showering Southern Israel with Terror.   Southern Israel has come under far more attack today than any prior to operation Cast Lead. It is now high time that there was a new operation ~ Cast Lead II, with no stopping until Hamas and Islamic Jihad are entirely eliminated.   If this means wiping out the entire Gaza region then so be it, rather that than Israel be wiped out, which will be the result of insufficient action, the Hallmark of our present Goverment. It is not just Southern Israel but the Jewish State of Israel that is at stake here. In fact that would be no bad thing. 
In order to secure the safety of our citizens we need to Take Gaza & populate it with Jews. To Rebuild Gush Katif. To Clear our land of All terror & Idolatry.
Land for Peace Doesn't work. This has been Decisively Proven & our Government's inactivity in the face of arab aggression is 'unacceptable'!!!!

Boys Basketball is Interrupted

As the atmosphere down in Southern Israel intensifies, the Soldiers of the Iron Dome continue the battle of protecting the cities that are under constant attack. The ongoing pressure and rush adrenalin can be felt from miles away, but the soldiers keep their focus at all times, determined to do anything in order to complete their job in the best way possible intercepting these lethal weapons.   And they have been doing a Superb job.  Think of this .... Over 300 rockets launched this week from Gaza.  Not One Israeli has been killed, Baruch Ha'Shem!!!!

Beyond the actual launchings, the Iron Dome deals with the need of strengthening the system on a daily basis, to keep it intact and to eliminate future losses. "I been through many sleepless nights since more of the work gets done when the sun goes down, we get called in many times", says Corporal Roman Pindrik, a radar technical engineer who also operated at the Ashdod battery.  Todah & B'rachot to all those who are fighting to keep Israel safe as we sleep. Kol Ha'kavod!!!

What can you do??? ..... Say Tehillim
(Psalms) against Tillim (Rockets).  In the Ancient Armies of Eretz Yisrael Torah Scholars preceeded them to victory reciting Tehillim.  We too can replicate this today ..... Please say the following tehilim  6, 20, 46, 51, 70 and 120.  Todah!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Rockets Rain ... Reality in Southern Israel!

Southern Israel has come under far more attack today than any prior to operation Cast Lead. It is now high time that there was a new operation ~ Cast Lead II, with no stopping until Hamas and Islamic Jihad are entirely eliminated. If this means wiping out the entire Gaza region then so be it, rather that than Israel be wiped out, which will be the result of insufficient action, the Hallmark of our present Goverment. It is not just Southern Israel but the Jewish State of Israel that is at stake here. It's time to stand up for our Citizens & our Jewishness. Time to take Gaza, guys!

This is life in Ashdod, Southern Israel this Morning ..... this is what 1 Million Israelis woke up to this morning. 200,000 Children hiding home from School. This is life in Southern Israel today. Would YOU live like this??  Why are we so Cowering & Cowardly in our response. The World cares nothing ... We Must Act!!!!
Almost 200 Rockets have fallen on Southern Yisrael since Shabbat.  15 seconds to get to Shelter when the Siren Sounds .... 1 Million Israeli's sleeping in shelters or dashing there in the middle of the night.  200,000 Children home from school in shelters since Sunday. 

The Rockets have Rained down on Southern Israel and the World is Screaming at our Retalitary Strikes.  Would you live like this??

Some Quotes from a very very good friend who lives in Ashquelon .... 

"We sleeped in the shelder of my sons flat, we were two families with the children sleeping on the floor in a little room but barouh Hashem we are well, keep on praying for all our people and our land.
we hear the explosions all the time and is scary, children cannot go out, no schools for them and it is difficult to keep them home but we know that Hashem is with our people, love you all"

"hi my friends, your prayers are saving us, till yesterday we had 135 bombs from gaza and today they are bombing us all the day, today tzahal doesnot post the number of bombs but we hear the explosions all the time.....BUT....no casualties! only some workers from abroad were injured and they are doing better today!! we are seing miracles in front on our eyes!! but the children are very scared, the baby E---- 3month old has diarrea because of the stress. Nevertheless our emuna is strong and we are fine. Thank you for your prayers, you are helping us a lot. Love you my dear friends."

"all the children are afected. Y-----, 2 years old, cannot sleep and have flu, he is afraid, my son T----and his wife L---  couldnt sleep neither and they have to go to work every morning. My daugher want us to go to tel aviv since there is calm and there is no war but we dont want to leave the other children."
"Look at those miracles, no injured, only damages, look how your prayers are helping us! Thank you my dearest friend.  A School in Beersheva was hit but we are seing miracles all the day in front on our eyes!! Children were playing in front of the school but no injured. Thanks Hashem!!"

"we should go demonstrate in front of the PM house, the civilians from the south should fight against the politics of our gouvernement, we are not fighting but waiting the next bomb and this is a shame! we are not behaving like jews!  Please share the informations. The media dont mention our war, only you may do it in all the groups and walls. Thank you"
One Million Israeli Citizens live in the path of these Rockets .... 629 Rockets HIT Israel in 2011.  220 in March 2012 according to the IDF Official Count.

And on Sunday Israel's weekly convoy of 'Aid' Supply trucks left for Gaza.  How long are we expected to live like this???

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Go Goldstein!!

He who saves one life saves the world entire ~ Talmud.

Today, Purim Day is the Yahrzeit of Dr. Baruch Goldstein. A Hebrew Hero ...  A man who gave his life for his people, Am Yisrael.  And we have a duty of Zakhor, to remember him as we remember how Jews Actions saved us from Annihalation another Purim Day.

Dr. Baruch Kappel Goldstein, ZT"L, HY"D
Born December 9 or 12, 1956 - 5 or 8 Tevet, 5717 in Brooklyn, New York.
Murdered February 25, 1994 - 14 Adar, 5754 in Hevron, Israel.

Mearat a-Machpela (The Cave of the Patriarchs) is the burial place of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The place was purchased by Abraham. The cave is the second-holiest Jewish site. The insane rulers of Israel gave the Arabs most of Mearat a-Machpelah, even though Arabs massacred the Jewish community in the very same city of Hebron in 1929.

And the "Official" story of Dr Goldstein is simple .... On Purim 1994, a "mad Kahanist" took his rifle, went into a mosque, and shot the worshipers. Never mind that the place should not be a mosque in the first place. Never mind the Arabs were shot from a different rifle than Dr. Goldstein’s. And certainly never mind that he allegedly shot 154 Arabs with 140 bullets.

The absurdity of the government’s scenario was immediately apparent ~ a tender person, a caring doctor, a Jewish patriot shot people in cold blood??? Dr. Goldstein was in fact distinguished for excellence in medical service and who had treated many non-Jews & Jews in the course of his career.

The Arab crowd lynched Dr. Goldstein after disarming him. The Israeli attorney general refused to prosecute the murderers, most of whom were well known and boasted of the murder. In another case, when a Jew shot an Arab terrorist after disarming him, the Jew was sentenced to a long prison term even though he acted in temporary insanity. As everyone says, Arabs are not treated equally with Jews in the state of Israel. They are treated preferentially.

Immediately after murdering Dr. Goldstein, the Arab mob attempted a large-scale pogrom in Hebron, with nine Jews and a number of Arabs killed in the subsequent clashes. The Hamas-led pogrom was premeditated, prepared long before the incident, and official warnings indicated this. A day before, a palestinian mob (“worshipers”) rioted in the Maarat Hamachpela, and shortly before the incident they chanted “Slaughter the Jews,” as the Shamgar report concedes. Acting on Major Stellman’s order, the IDF surprisingly released the arrested Palestinian inciter. Despite the exceedingly high tensions and clear pogrom mood, the IDF and Border Police didn’t bring reinforcements but left only a handful of guards at the Cave of the Patriarchs. Massacre of Jews was in the air .... just as in 1929.

The official story accuses Dr. Baruch Goldstein of opening fire on Arabs. Any sensible person would ask how the doctor could achieve at least 154 Arab casualties, including 29 dead, with 140 bullets? He is claimed to have walked into the Cave with four cartridges, thirty-five rounds each for Galil rifle. Shooting into the dense crowd of arabs, it would have been just impossible to reach 154 of them. It would have been impossible to spend one round only for each casualty. It is very hard to kill with a single shot in such hurried circumstances. Even allowing for all those incongruities, there is physically no way to score 154 Arab casualties with 140 bullets.

The Arabs murdered Dr. Goldstein when he tried to reload his rifle, so at least one of the four cartridges was still unused, bringing the number of bullets down to 105. It is completely implausible that almost every bullet wounded several Arabs, passing through their bodies. Shooting four cartridges in rapid-fire mode would not have produced that many casualties, and might have jammed the rifle. Shooting 105 or 140 bullets in semi-automatic mode would have taken considerable time, giving the guard just meters away enough time to react, and the Arabs time to flee.

Even the best shooter cannot realistically score 154 casualties acting alone, with a single rifle, hurrying, in a dense crowd. And Dr. Goldstein was not a great shooter. Neither before, nor after him, in thousands of terrorist acts throughout the world, was such a score ever achieved. No shooter came even close. To compare, the Arab who inflicted nineteen casualties in Merkaz HaRav yeshiva in March 2008 spent about 600 bullets.

Of this there is no doubt ~ Baruch Goldstein was murdered by Arabs. Dr. Goldstein appeared on the scene when these Arabs had already started the riot they had prepared for months. The doctor was the first Jewish victim of the Arab mob. Israeli soldiers on duty shot at the Arab crowd, achieving the impressive 154 casualties. But at that time of rampaging peace process, the Peres ~ Rabin clique could ill afford the picture of Arabs massacring Jews in Hebron, so they embellished the story of Dr. Goldstein’s “massacre.” So the subsequent Arab riot became “justified” instead of being a normal Arab pogrom. The Israeli establishment used the fact that Dr. Goldstein was a member of Kach (Rabbi Meir Kahane's party) to ban the party. Maybe they should also have banned the medical profession, since he was also a doctor?!?!.

I have listened to numerous arguments over the years that I should not support Dr Goldstein, as he was a 'murderer' and 'terrorist' settler. A 'Mad' settler who 'murdered' muslims. I don't subscribe to this analysis. As far as I am concerned he is a Jewish Patriot & Hero, who gave his life to protect Jews. He commited the ulitmate act of mesirut nefesh in giving his life for the Jewish People in order to prevent a massacre. Around Purim in 1994, a repeat of the 1929 Arab massacre of the Jews of Hebron was planned. Goldstein had had enough and decided to take action since the government of the day refused to. He stopped the massacre in its tracks on Purim Day, February 25, 1994. The killing of Arabs in the Cave of the Patriarchs is no different from the ancient events we celebrate on Purim.

Goldstein is buried across from the Meir Kahane Memorial Park in Kiryat Arba, a Jewish neighbourhood adjacent to Hebron. The park is named in memory of Rabbi Meir Kehane, founder of the Israeli political party Kach,  a party treasonally classified by the United States and Israeli governments as a terrorist organization. Goldstein was a long-time supporter of Meir Kehane, as I am.  Kehane Chai!!!!

"If one comes to slay you, slay him first!" This is Judaism, this is what should be a light unto the feet of the Israeli Defense Forces. Instead, thanks to the gentilized concepts of the gentilized Hebrews, their hearts and minds have been hobbled by perverted mercy. The Mercy of Fools." ~ Rabbi Meir Kehane ~

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Purim Party!!!

"These days should be remembered and observed in every generation by every famiy, and in every province and in every city. And these days of Purim should never cease to be celebrated…"    
~  Megillat Esther 9:28  ~

Chag Same'ach Everyone .....

It's Purim ...... So Party!!!!!

Based on "Raise Your Glass" by P!nk

The Maccabeats ~ http://www.maccabeats.com/

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rocks, Rioters & the Right thing to Do!!!

Five months ago, on September 23rd 2011, 25-year-old Asher Hillel Palmer and his 10 month old infant son Yonatan were murdered in a terrorist attack. The Palmers were killed when their car went off the road after it was stoned as they were traveling on Highway 60 near Kiryat Arba.  Arabs ambushed their car and stoned them, causing their car to overturn on the highway. After an investigation the police arrested the murderers who were part of a terror cell responsible of many similar attacks, Both murderers who are residents of the city of Halhul, just south of Hebron, were indicted of nationalistically-motivated murder. The Military Prosecution filed the charges with the Ofer Military Court.
Two weeks ago, Palmer's father and brother were alone at the first trial hearing. They were appalled and heartbroken to discover the police had let more than twenty terror supporters enter the court and cheer the defendants while slurring their victims and the Palmer family members. The next public hearing for the murderers of Asher and Yonatan Palmer will be March 11th at Machane Ofer.  The family is calling the public to come and show their support, not just to the family members but to all the victims of the arab 'palestinian' terror. Let's make sure the Palmer family doesn't have to go through this outrageous experience alone again.

The hearing will be on Sunday, March 11th at Machne Ofer at 9:30 a.m. The time may change based on the needs of the court. The hearing is open but prior security clearance is needed to enter the courtroom. Those who wish to show their support to the Palmer family and come to the hearing should send their name to Asher's father, Michael, at mcpfiveone@gmail.com by March 6th and he will send it to the army for clearance.  Please Support if you can!
The Palestinian Authority headed by Mahmoud Abbas has long promoted rock-throwing through its production and distribution of video and music clips adulating the rock-throwers. In their hands, rocks are weapons in every sense, and the targets are civilian Israelis. And resort to those weapons is on the rise recently in Eretz Yisrael.

And, in fact, a dramatic rock and brick-wielding ambush was captured on tape last week and broadcast on Israel’s Channel 10 television news (see the video below).  Zehava Weiss, an Israeli teacher who lives in Karmei Tzur, found herself in a scary situation on her way home from work last Tuesday.  She became the target of a rock salvo that smashed her windshield.  Channel 10 reported that the rock throwers along the road to Beit Ummar (near to  Beit L'chem) choose their targets carefully, waiting for cars to get close enough to see if the driver is 'palestinian' ~ in which he gets a pass ~ or a Jew,  and it is we who get the rock and brick treatment.  Weiss, whose car was captured by an AFP photographer and videographer, told Channel 10, “I heard them. I saw them. I saw the murder in their eyes.”

"It was only when I arrived home that I realized the entire front of the car was covered with shattered glass particles including me, the infant seat, the back seat, everything. There was also damage caused to the sides of the car. At least eight large rocks and blocks had hit my car".    Zehava Weiss,  the driver, came out unscathed from this incident, Baruch Ha'Shem, but it has become a daily experience for residents in this region of Eretz Yisrael.  And such trauma stays with you .... especially with children in such cars.  

"Then I had to tell my children what happened in a normal, non-hysterical fashion so as to prepare them for further conversations that they would hear from grownups talking about the incident.  This is the first time I experienced such a serious and difficult incident as this and pray it is the last. And we have been living in Karmei Tzur for the past eight years. But now I know from first-hand experience with surety that rockthrowings occur all the time, especially on Highway 60 between the Gush Etzion junction and Halhoul. My first-grade son's transportation has also been stoned."

As with the slaughter of Rabbi Fogel & his Family in Itamar one year ago the Mainstream Media remain silent.  WHY??  How long more must we silently endure such viciousness & violence from those ursurpers who occupy our precious land, our birthright,  the inheritance of every Jew in the world.  Eretz Ha'Kodesh .... Yisrael???

The area of the accident is quite prone to rock attacks. Cars are stoned daily, many times in areas known from their vulnerability. Unfortunately, very little, if anything, is done to prevent these attacks. Very high ranking officers, during instructions to lower-level commanders, have been quoted as saying that ‘rock attacks are sufferable.’ In other words, the IDF really doesn’t have any responsibility to stop such attacks or apprehend the terrorists hurling the rocks. The ‘settlers’  ~ I detest this term & it is more and more what ordinary Jews living in Yisrael are being called ~ can and will just have to live with this reality.   But lately, our enemies have begun using a new method in their continued attempts to kill Jews. Instead of standing on the side of the road and throwing a rock, they are heaving them from moving cars, coming at you from the opposite direction. They toss a rock out their window, in front of your car, just prior to passing you.   The impact is tremendous. The rock is flying at the speed at which the car was driving. When it impacts with the car moving in the other direction, the force is phenomenal. 

In fact, this is exactly what happened to Asher & little Yonatan Palmer. That’s why no one was seen fleeing on foot from that incident, because the rock was thrown from a moving vehicle. It hit the windshield, breaking it, hitting Asher in the face, causing him to lose control of the car. The rock was found in the wrecked car.  A hole, the type of which caused by a thrown rock, was also identified in the windshield.  Yet the police and army initially claimed that the ‘accident’ was Asher’s fault. They claimed that the rock entered the car as it flipped over in a rock-bed on the side of the road. All this in an effort to cover up the murder of two Jews by Arabs. According to my sources, the police have already concluded that the ‘accident’ was not an accident, that it was cold-blooded murder; the killing two Jews.  WHY????     Some of Asher’s possessions went missing
from the scene of the crash and have not ever been found.  There are also signs of possible additional violence at the site whose detail will doubtlessly emerge at the trial.  These details prove, without any doubt, that the 'accident'  was Arab terror.

The police/security establishment has one fear, and one fear alone. It is not dead Jews. It is dead Arabs. They are petrified of the thought that Arabs will attack Jews, on the roads or in our communities, and that the Jews will respond, causing Arab casualties, resulting in Arab propaganda campaigns, similar to those following the Marmara debacle, leading to massive foreign pressure on Israel.   STOP before
more Death & Destruction will surely follow.     

That is what we must do.  Stop these murderous mauraders and stop this cowardly appeasement of world opinion.  The Slaughter of Jewish Children is ACCEPTABLE to the Goy World ~ Jewish Blood does NOT count. Surely, this is the only lesson we can glean from the Fogel Family Slaughter where 3 month old Hadas was beheaded & then termed a "hardened settler"  (responsible for her own horrific death???)  by an Anti Semitic world.  Anti Semitism is Acceptable ... nay, Fashionable in the 21st Century!!!

Where is our response???? ...... ISRAEL IS JEWISH LAND and we have been Swindled of our birthright long enough.  It is time to CLEAR THE LAND.  It is time to CLEAR OUR LAND of ALL who so stain it.  It is simply the Right thing to do ....... Let's do it NOW !!!!!!!