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Monday, March 12, 2012

Rockets Rain ... Reality in Southern Israel!

Southern Israel has come under far more attack today than any prior to operation Cast Lead. It is now high time that there was a new operation ~ Cast Lead II, with no stopping until Hamas and Islamic Jihad are entirely eliminated. If this means wiping out the entire Gaza region then so be it, rather that than Israel be wiped out, which will be the result of insufficient action, the Hallmark of our present Goverment. It is not just Southern Israel but the Jewish State of Israel that is at stake here. It's time to stand up for our Citizens & our Jewishness. Time to take Gaza, guys!

This is life in Ashdod, Southern Israel this Morning ..... this is what 1 Million Israelis woke up to this morning. 200,000 Children hiding home from School. This is life in Southern Israel today. Would YOU live like this??  Why are we so Cowering & Cowardly in our response. The World cares nothing ... We Must Act!!!!
Almost 200 Rockets have fallen on Southern Yisrael since Shabbat.  15 seconds to get to Shelter when the Siren Sounds .... 1 Million Israeli's sleeping in shelters or dashing there in the middle of the night.  200,000 Children home from school in shelters since Sunday. 

The Rockets have Rained down on Southern Israel and the World is Screaming at our Retalitary Strikes.  Would you live like this??

Some Quotes from a very very good friend who lives in Ashquelon .... 

"We sleeped in the shelder of my sons flat, we were two families with the children sleeping on the floor in a little room but barouh Hashem we are well, keep on praying for all our people and our land.
we hear the explosions all the time and is scary, children cannot go out, no schools for them and it is difficult to keep them home but we know that Hashem is with our people, love you all"

"hi my friends, your prayers are saving us, till yesterday we had 135 bombs from gaza and today they are bombing us all the day, today tzahal doesnot post the number of bombs but we hear the explosions all the time.....BUT....no casualties! only some workers from abroad were injured and they are doing better today!! we are seing miracles in front on our eyes!! but the children are very scared, the baby E---- 3month old has diarrea because of the stress. Nevertheless our emuna is strong and we are fine. Thank you for your prayers, you are helping us a lot. Love you my dear friends."

"all the children are afected. Y-----, 2 years old, cannot sleep and have flu, he is afraid, my son T----and his wife L---  couldnt sleep neither and they have to go to work every morning. My daugher want us to go to tel aviv since there is calm and there is no war but we dont want to leave the other children."
"Look at those miracles, no injured, only damages, look how your prayers are helping us! Thank you my dearest friend.  A School in Beersheva was hit but we are seing miracles all the day in front on our eyes!! Children were playing in front of the school but no injured. Thanks Hashem!!"

"we should go demonstrate in front of the PM house, the civilians from the south should fight against the politics of our gouvernement, we are not fighting but waiting the next bomb and this is a shame! we are not behaving like jews!  Please share the informations. The media dont mention our war, only you may do it in all the groups and walls. Thank you"
One Million Israeli Citizens live in the path of these Rockets .... 629 Rockets HIT Israel in 2011.  220 in March 2012 according to the IDF Official Count.

And on Sunday Israel's weekly convoy of 'Aid' Supply trucks left for Gaza.  How long are we expected to live like this???

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