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Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Warning to Jewish Women on Facebook !!!

This is Mike Roepke
I am posting this here because this FRAUDSTER has had contact with a friend of mine.  A Jewish lady who shall remain nameless for now.  He is a Predator of Jewish women.  He is NOT JEWISH and he is NOT converting to Judaism as he has said in many forums both within and without Facebok.  He is pretending to be pro-Israel and has infiltrated several pages on Facebook looking for "help" to fulfill his "dream" of going to Israel.  He is looking for MONEY and perhaps a Jewish lady to legitimise him. 

These are his Facebook Pages ....    HERE    And Here ....

He does not work for "Mossad" and is in fact Homeless and Jobless and Broke in the USA.  He lives in his truck and runs his Woodwork 'business' from his Truck  (see below picture of him 'working' in a Hotel parking lot in Tennessee!!!).  I wonder if the IRS know he is in fact 'working' from this location?????
My friend from FB  was in danger as this man apparently has a propensity toward violent behaviour  and the police had to be called to remove her from a dangerous situation.  Please take this seriously people.  He is right now, as we speak trawling for new victims .... who may not necessarily be female.  Jewish Men active in their communites can be called on to establish his cause and allow him to take further advantage in Eretz Yisroel itself, which is his avowed goal. 

This is his Woodwork Page .... Michael's Woodworks!    (A Scam!!!!)

Jewish Ladies ..... BEWARE !!!!!!!