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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rosh Hashanah .... Judgement Day!!!

The New Year is here. Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the time when the books are opened and the time when they are closed is upon us. Rosh Hashanah is Judgement Day!

The day when the Book of Life is inscribed for the year to come & all humankind is judged for the previous year. Jews & Goyim alike. Three books of life are opened the Doomed, those for whom HaShem has not decided, and those who will live another year in the Book of Life. To move from undecided to another year, we make amends with those we have offended, and pledge ourselves to work to make ourselves better Jews in the upcoming year.

Rosh Hashanah is Judgment Day. Both society and each individual are judged solely for the past year. This is seen as a kindness. It allows us to review and repent our avoiera in a manageable time frame so they don't amass over many years and overwhelm us and the world. And Life, Death, Health, Wealth, Prosperity & Peace for the coming year is written by Ha'Shem for His people Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael and the world too!!

As it is Erev Rosh Hashanah today, we take stock of our life .... as this month of Elul & access to our King, Ha'Shem HaMelech, is available, it is totally auspicious to do this.  Life is lived forward, but, as Kierkegaard reminds us, it can only be understood backward. This year 5771 has seen the unfolding of horror & disaster for both Klal Yisrael & the world.  We have ten days from tomorrow to Yom Kippur to connect with Ha'Shem & plead our case for a Sweet Year in 5772. Teshuva, Tears, Tefilos & Tehillim are the way to touch Ha'Shems Heart. To transform Diyn with Râcham .... to temper Judgement with Mercy.

Once a year at Yom Kippur we ask Ha'Shem to be forgiven for all of our avoeira from the past year. The catch is that Ha'Shem may only forgive avoiera made against Him. If we have hurt our fellow Jew, then we must seek out the individual and ask their forgiveness. No blanket pardon. We must take action to right the wrong. And for those who have hurt us without respite .... Ha'Shem is our Avenger!!!!

We must also seek the light of Torah to find our inner strengths and overcome our weaknesses which impelled us towards Avoiera and resolve to be better Jews in the New Year to come.  And if we're sincere with Ha'Shem we are given the opportunity to start over with a clean spiritual slate. On Yom Kippur ~ the Day of Atonment ~ the Book is closed and sealed for the remainder of the year. Those who have acknowledged their avoiera and done Teshuva & Mitzvoh receive Merit & are granted a happy, healthy & prosperous Year to come.

Thus the Bracha "May you be inscribed in the Book of Life" abounds as Ha'Shem records the destiny of all humankind in the Book of Life for 5772.  He does this today!!!

We have Ten days from tomorrow to Yom Kippur ... Tears, Teshuva, Tefillos, Tehillim & Torah to temper Ha'Shems hand with Rachamim.  L'Chayim !!!!!!!!!!!!

"Mitzvah Gedolah Le'hiyot Besimcha Tamid"  ~ Rabbi Nachmann of Breslav ~

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