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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Alfred Hitchcock Presents ......

And, the Master of Horror,  Hitchcock,  Narrates the REAL Horror of the 20th Century ..... The Horror of the Holocaust!

Rare Footage ......   Providing a Witness to the World!!!!

And I Apologise, but I've 'flu & Strep throat.  So, my brain is all Woolly at the moment.  Be Back Blogging after Shabbat for Sure!!!

Remember too, Eliyokim Cohen's Jews News Briefs Page ..... Updated Here Daily!!!!

Thank you to my friend 'Rabbi BB Melman' for directing me to this Footage!!!!


  1. The world must know! Thank you, Pana, for sharing it with your wider legion of devoted fans.

  2. This is what happens when you offer Statehood to a Sadist .... Is is about to happen again this September????

    This footage is Important to Watch & SHARE!!!!

  3. Somehow, I got through them all, Pana. I began yesterday from Rabbi Melman's page and finished here.

    I keep thinking in my mind that the world knew something was going on and decided to talk about it.

    Now, they are talking again. Battleships and submarines are poised and ready, yet they continue to only want to talk.

    We must think and act. We must pray. Ha'shem will hear us. We cannot wait for the world powers to be done talking.

    Thank you for posting. I will share.

    I wish you refuah shlema and Shabbat Shalom