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Thursday, September 15, 2011

A New Nuremberg??

Historical anniversaries are typically an occasion for remembrance, but what and why we remember is constantly changing .... take, for example, the 1935 Nuremberg Laws, whose passage 76 years ago today,  September 15th, 1935, at their annual party rally in Nuremberg, by the Nazis announced new laws that revoked 'Reich' citizenship for Jews and prohibited Jews from marrying or having sexual relations with persons of  "German or related blood." "Racial infamy," as this becomes known, was made a criminal offence.  A Crucial first step in the Criminalisation of being a Jew!!    To Hitler's regime, the laws were a marker along the triumphant journey to the thousand-year Reich, to be celebrated as the purging of a foe from the political body of a resurrected Germany.  To Jews,  the laws represented a signpost pointing to the dead end ahead, where we became not only "inferior subjects" but "sub-humans" to be disposed of at the will of the Furher!
I think this is important information to review  right now,   how easily it is absorbed and becomes a societal "norm" that Jews are somehow 'Subhuman',    given that on September 20th,   the United Nations will discuss the conferring of Statehood on a fraudlent  "palestinian" entity which has similar aspirations & a stated desire  to create a  Judenrein Middle East ..... See yesterday's blog   What would a "Palestinian" State mean for Jews??

The UN, born from the ashes of the Shoah, was, first and foremost, set up to guarantee that genocidal policies or instigation to genocide would be prohibited by international law. This is provided for in the UN conventions against genocide.  And Israel is the LEGAL entity by International Laws which date back to the break up of the Ottoman Empire.  It is a Historical entity,  and homeland to Am Yisrael, the Jewish people for much longer than that .... 3,300 years in fact!   It is Ha'Shems gift to HIS chosen children,  as an everlasting possession!!  And yet,  the world is still seeking the annihilation of  Am Yisrael & it's extermination from Eretz Yisrael!!!!


These Nuremberg laws consisted of three separate pieces of legislation Rubber-stamped by the Reichstag in an atmosphere of Fascist pomp.
The Reich Flag Law replaced the colors of the Weimar Republic with the swastika. The Reich Citizenship Law established a distinction between "citizens of the Reich," who were entitled to full political and civil rights, and "subjects" who were excluded from those rights.  The third statute, known as the Blood Law, legislated the subordinated status of Jews by prohibiting marriage or sexual relations between Jews and German citizens, the hiring by Jews of German citizens under the age of 45 as servants, and flying the German flag by Jews.

The Nuremberg Laws codified segregation and anti-Semitism into legislation. It was  in the words of Michael Berenbaum, as "the first step towards destruction of an entire people."  But long before 1935,  Hitler's vitriolic hatred of Jews was the centerpiece of his politics.    And when the Nazis assumed power in 1933, they quickly barred Jews from public office and most professions, and gradually from all facets of public & private life.   These laws were a legal embodiment of an already existing anti-Jewish boycott movement on the ground, enforced by the brownshirt bully boys of the SA.  Two years later, the Reichstag confirmed Radical Racist policies that were already well on the way to total genocide.   The Nuremberg Laws are important as an example of the 400 decrees and regulations through which the Nazi regime translated its obsession with racial hygiene into "a routine process of problem-solving,"  in the words of Zygmunt Bauman.  And they advanced the "Final Solution" to 'the Jewish problem'.  Mechanised Death.  These laws illustrate how the idea of genocide became a popular political project, requiring the mobilization of millions of active and passive supporters. How much indifference does it take to 'not notice' the dissappearance & death of 6 million Jews??? 

It may even be symbolically powerful, to suggest that the road to Auschwitz began in Nuremberg in 1935.  To be precise,  on September 15th, 1935.  Today ..... 76 years on  & the genocidal rantings of Arabs ~ Nazi's in all but name ~ still claim a centrepiece of our News media!    

"The Zionist regime is a rotten, dried tree that will be eliminated by one storm", "the Jews stink"; "As the Imam said, Israel should be erased from the map"; "After the Second World War, the Jews founded an artificial, false and sham state" "They must know that their end is imminent"; "Among the Jews there have always been people who have slain G-d’s prophets and who have opposed justice and integrity. Throughout history, this religious group has inflicted unspeakable damage on the human race, and it has plotted against other nations and other ethnic groups in order to engender cruelty, malice and wickedness"; And if a Jew hides behind a tree or a rock, the tree or rock will call out “O son of Islam come and kill the Jew who is hiding behind me”

These obscene statements, often made along with affirmations denying the very existence of the Shoah. were uttered by Arabs .....  leaders, imams, terrorist militants, street rioters (take your pick) in the last week!!   I shall mention perhaps tomorrow in a blog the threat to life & limb of Israeli Embassy staff in Cairo last Shabbat.  Or the evacuation under threat of Israeli Embassy staff in Jordan just today?  What does this say about our World???

At the origin of the extermination of the Jews there is a psychological and propagandistic structure that delegitimizes the very existence of  Jews.   The Nuremberg laws were an important element in it's construction.  The attack that is directed at Israel today,  and I mean literally today,  is increasingly more well-structured with the same elements, the same accusations of conspiracy, of thirst for blood, of insatiable desire for power and for money that led to and encouraged the Shoah & the Genocidal slaughter of  Jews, describing them as sub-humans, unfit to live.  

It is by now simply impossible to maintain that the attack on Israel in our day  is connected to criticism of its politics,  it is being revealed daily more & more as naked Jew hatred.  Naked Anti-Semitism.  Attacks on European Jews in 2009 exceeded those perpetrated on the eve of the Second World War there,  and these figures have Worsened, not improved in the interim.  Anti-Semitism has not grown due to criticism of the State of Israel.  It is the delegitimization of the State of Israel that has grown due to and along with the rise of anti-Semitism in the nations.  And in less than two weeks in New York City an attempt will be made by a significant number of nations, spearheaded by Arab Islamists  to 'write it out of existence' altogether with the fraudulent 'creation' of a fake 'palestinian' entity in it's stead.  Is this too difficult for the world to denounce???

And what of the Jews who live there??  What do the Arabs plan for us??  What do we mean when we promise  NEVER AGAIN?????  What does the World mean??

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  1. Great blog Princess Pana. You are right that this is a foreshadowing of things to come and the historical parallels are there. I also have recently come to believe that the Shoa was a foreshadowing of what is to come, not just for Jews but for all of us. I believe the Jewish feast days and their dates are very significant here. Rosh Hashanah, at the end of September, is a crucial date both biblically and politically.