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I'm an Irish Girl, A Dubliner, with the 'Gift of the Gab' ... I like to talk & to tell you things. In Celtic times news, views and comment were carried from place to place by wandering Seanachaí ~ Storytellers ~ who relied on their host's hospitality and appreciation. I will need that from you too, as I venture to share Politics, Poetry, Laughter, Love, Life & everything in-between ... from Bog to Blog!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Blog!!!!!!

'A Girl, A Blog & Life in Between'  is ONE YEAR OLD ...... My First Ever Blogiversary !!!!!

Yesterday, actually, was one year since I first started  'A Girl, A Blog & Life in Between'  here on Blogspot. (It had been in existence in a limited, and at first unnamed way on MySpace before).    I'm so proud that I stuck to the blog, no matter what was happening in the doldrums of my life or the real 'Verse!   I've enjoyed writing every post and I've enjoyed & appreciated all of you readers following, commenting,  and complimenting as you have done.  Thank you so very very much!

My first Annual review relates 186 Posts with 74,833 views in that time.  Visitors from the USA,  the UK & Israel being the most numerous, but with visits from as far afield as Switzerland, Australia, Taiwan, Peru, Brazil & Japan I feel  unworthy, overwhelmed & very, very  priveliged.  A number of Arab Countries, Iran & the "palestinian" territories too  .... Wow !!!!  And 71 of you have elected to 'Follow' me so far ......  I Soooooo Appreciate your Support.  Thank you to everyone who's been following and reading throughout this Inaugural year.  It's been a journey!! 

I took as my theme a thought from the Father of Modern Political Zionism,  Theodore Herzl .... "If you Will it, it is No Dream".   Although even maintaining this wonderful Discourse with you all, and the success it has wrought has a Definite Dreamlike quality!!

This Girl has grown as her blog has grown & known a large slice of laughter, drama, change, pride & pain as her life & the year progressed.   Israel too has known pride & pain  ....  the slaughter of the Fogel Family "HY"D" and the loss of Leiby Kletzky  "HY"D" ~ Both of Blessed Memory ~   Pride in Bibi setting the stance in Washington, New building in Yehuda & the Shomron,  New Aliyah  .... some friends & ME !!!!!!!  Failed Flotillas,  Book Bans,  Arab Accusations, Incursions, Interventions & many Anniversaries .... all lamented & celebrated herein.  Poetry Pieces, Movie Musings,  Historical Heroes,  Political Punditry, Seasonal Stories & Laughter with Latma.  And, of course,  Jews News Briefs Everyday with the irrepressible Eliyokim Cohen ...... 

It's been a long year,  thank you for being part of my life & my blog through it.  Here's to the Second of Our Reign.  It looks like it will open with serious confrontation for Eretz Yisrael.  L'Chaim !!!!!     Thank You!!

This blog has also spawned a second blog,  a seedling  ..... the one with the Literary Lean .... Pomegranates & Pearls!!      Sweet, Sour,  Gritty, Unique Pomegranates .... Pearls of Wisdom & Pearls of Pain.   A Perfect Metaphor for life itself, n'est pas??

"It's no accident many accuse me of conducting public affairs with my heart instead of my head. Well, what if I do? Those who don't know how to weep with their whole heart don't know how to laugh either"  
~ Golda Meir, First Female Prime Minister of Israel, 1969 to 1974 ~

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