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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Good Life in Gaza .....

The LIE is that Israeli blockade of Gaza has literally turned the 'palestinian' Refugee Camp City of Gaza into an inhumane prison camp with horrendous food shortages. The Gazans, as you can see are suffering soooo ....

It's interesting to note that the 'humanitarian' flotillas all REFUSED to bring a parcel or letter to Gilad Shalit from his family. And the latest Flotilla of Fools to Gaza right now with thousands of letters of support to fake 'palestinians'  aboard the 'Audacity of Hope' is no exception to that.  They REFUSED to take a letter to Gilad from his Dad.  And the Irish "Aid" Ship is carrying  ..... NO AID ... just Journalists & wannabe celebrities with one Aim.  To Defy the LEGAL Israeli Blockade of Terror Shipments to Gaza!!!!

"There are 1.5 million people living in Gaza and only one of them really needs humanitarian aid, Only one of them is locked in a tiny room and never sees the light of day, only one of them is not allowed visits and is in uncertain health ~ his name is Gilad Shalit, and last Friday FIVE years passed since he was kidnapped.”

The World is Upside Down for Sure!

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