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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Circumcision in the City !!!!

On April 20, 1923, the first copy of Der Stuermer ("The Attacker") was published in Germany.  The first few editions of the Nazi weekly lacked many of the central elements that were to make Der Stuermer so popular and so notorious .... it  offered few if any cartoons, and carried only a few ads. But Der Stuermer even then  had a circulation of several thousand.  In fact, it was one year later, in April 1924 that Der Stuermer published its first cartoon directed against Jews,  for which it would become infamously identified in history.    Der Stuermer was to appeal to the common man, to the worker with little time to read. Thus, Der Stuermer's articles used short sentences and a simple vocabulary.  Ideas were repeated.  Headlines grabbed a reader's attention. And Cartoons were easily understood.  

Philippe Rupprecht (pen name "Fips") was Der Stuermer's  prolific cartoonist.  Rupprecht's cartoons were caricatures used to present various themes of an anti-Semitic nature. He drew Jews with large, hooked noses, bulging eyes, unshaven, short, and fat. He often drew them as vermin, snakes, and spiders. Rupprecht was also very good at drawing the female form ~  usually nude or partially nude.  With breasts bare, these "Aryan" women were often depicted as the victims of Jews.  These naked women made the paper especially attractive to young males, who eagerly devoured their stories about scandal, sex, and crime.  All laid at the table of villianous Jews  ......  as were the constant 'Blood Libel'  accusations,  the Anti-Semitic Fairy Tale That Refuses to Die!!    Even today ......

And the cartoons I'm displaying here are not from Nazi Germany in the 1930's,  but from that ever so  'enlightened' city of San Francisco, USA,   as that 'gay' city attempts to ban male infant circumcision in a wave of anti-semitic hate.  What do you think of their published  Campaign Cartoons???

A San Francisco group has gathered over 12, 000 signatures, more than enough to put a measure on the November ballot, that would ban performing circumcision on males under the age of 18 in that city.  The measure seeks to amend an existing law that prohibits genital mutilation on females by introducing  "the San Francisco Male Genital Mutilation Bill"   Those who violate the law would face a fine of up to $1000, and up to a year in jail.  Many religious groups have spoken out against the proposed law, calling it unconstitutional because it violates religious freedom.   It does much more than that!

I am not in this blog going to examine the substantive issue of Circumscion at all (perhaps if it is warranted I may look at the issue in detail in a future blog),  but I do need to mention two points here.  The first that Male infant circumscion does NOT equate in terms of procedure to female circumcision practices.  Female Genital Mutilation is just that.  They are NOT equivalent procdures.   Male circumcision is healthier with or without the important religious significance.  The Islamic practice of Female Genital Mutilation (cutting off the clitoris) is sick Misogyny.  To equate the two is officially legislating for Jew-hatred! 

If you are confused at all about that being the intent here ....  just view the campaign materials.  This campaign seeks to Ban Circumscion because it is a Jewish practice.   Ban Jewish practice & you effectively ban Jews ... you get yourself a fine Judenrein (Jew free) city.   Ha'Shem's Law requires that the boy be circumcised on the eighth day.  It is THE sign of our covenant with Ha'Shem,  and pertains ONLY to Jews.   If you abolish infant circumcision, you Criminalize Judaism!!   That's what this measure is all about!!!!  

San Francisco's anti-circumcision measure will be decided by voters in November, but let's look at the literature for the movement which aims to sway voters  .... disturbing images  including dark, evil-looking Rabbis and a blond superhero saving babies from their clutches.  The star cover image of this comic book shows a dark,  bearded Rabbi looming over a naked baby laying on a pool table, as a superheo appears ready to save the child.   Matthew Hess, author of the upcoming anti-circumcision referendum,  defends his material .....  "A lot of people have said that,  but we're not trying to be anti-Semitic.  We're trying to be pro-human rights."

Not Anti-Semitic???

 Hess is pushing his political effort with other dark, threatening images of Jewish characters.  And has just released a new   "Foreskin Man" card set    being sold through Cafe Press feautures the terrifying-looking  "Monster Mohel."    The astounding description ..... "Nothing excites Monster Mohel more than cutting into the infantile penile flesh of an eight day old boy."    This material is indistinguishable from cartoons the Nazis  prepared & published in "Der Strummer".   Perhaps that was for benign purposes too???

Defenders of the measure say it’s all about “human rights” and “protecting babies” from "unnecessary procedures"The proponents of this bill are overwhelmingly pro abortion,  including late term abortions approaching birth.  Ten days separates 'legal' termination of pregnancy or an  'illegal' Brit!!!!     It is very much part of the 'gay' thing to regard  an uncircumcised member as a particular prize!  They also see no infraction of  my daughter's rights when having S&M parades in San Francisco's public parks where children are subjected to the sights & sounds of their (uncircumcised) Pierced Penises and Sponsored Spankings!!!!  

Critics have long suspected there was something vaguely anti-Semitic in this proposal & Ban proponents have hitherto insisted their proposal had nothing to do with Jews  ~  really, it’s all about the rights of children.  Well, any doubt that they were lying have now been dispelled, with the publication of this new campaign literature & this campaign comic book, called “Foreskin Man” named after its baby-saving superhero,  which features a litany of evil Jews doing battle with blond Nordic saviours, here displayed for you to see & decide on it's anti-semitic nature!!!   

A week after it was announced that San Francisco would be putting a male circumcision ban on September's ballot, a San Diego group has moved to ballot a circumcision ban in Santa Monica a s well, the Los Angeles Times reported last Wednesday.     David Lehrer, a Jewish leader in LA  said that the ban would "take the notion of the Mommy State to a ridiculous extreme. It probably touches on being anti-Semitic".    I would suggest that to be a massive understatement!    Antisemitism is resurgent today globally in a way not seen since the eve of WWII.   In the 1930's, as now in America,  Socialism was politically dominant in the Western cultures that supported Antisemitism, and Islam was (as has been the case for centuries) politically dominant in the Middle Eastern cultures supporting Antisemitism.   But the process of increasing isolation of  Israel ~ the product boycotts and divestments, the UN resolutions, the attempts to restrict Israeli participation in international sporting events, the academic boycotts, the anti-Israel conferences, and the escalating vilification in the media ~ are all intended to disconnect Israel from the world, to ensure that she will have no friends to stand by her when her enemies feel ready to challenge her directly.   What was unimaginable last year becomes standard fare this year.  Just like Nazi propagandists,  there are writers and media that specialize in Jew-hatred!

The response has to be to not allow the temperature to be raised imperceptibly, to not allow our societies to get used to the anti-Israel rhetoric as,  for example, “just what one expects from Obama or  the Guardian, etc.",  but to loudly declaim & push back vigorously against each attack, each lie, each libel, not to be controversial, but to at best deny (at worst delay) the time when Jewish lives may yet again be subject to Nazi norms.  Antisemitism is a Vile, Virulent Plague & Blood Libel a foreboding fairy tale that does not die .... just remains as an undercurrent in our so civilised societies!! 


  1. Another great blog, Pana! This is absolutely aimed at Jews, just as the measures taken by the Greeks and Romans between the 2nd century BCE and 2nd century CE were.

  2. I won't reiterate the legal rationale as to why a ban on circumcision cannot survive a court challenge. It's posted far an wide, on another of your blogs, and on a half dozen FB threads. And if it DOES survive past the highest court of the land, RUN, do not walk, for the exits.

    I will say this about the sick, antisemitic comic book: 1. Their imagery and defamation stoops to lows not hit since the Nazi Ernst Hiemer published The Poisonous Mushroom. 2. Despite all of this, it is still protected (even if sick) speech.


    Matthew Hess... Rudolph Hess... coincidence?

  3. Great post. A Yid in Dixieland is on the case. I expect a counter-hero, The Mighty Moyel will be forthcoming.

  4. A Yid in Dixieland reports:

    Foreskin Man Unmasked by Messianic Jewish Sheep Shearer


  5. Male genital mutilation causes a thickening of the skin on the glans which lowers levels of sensitivity and robs the victim of much of the enjoyement of sexual intercourse.

    You jews must accept that doing that to infants who have no choice in the matter is tantamount to grave bodily harm.

    I commend the artist who had the pluck to challenge this topic, in an over the top way, but it's a four-colours comic book, not an essay or treatise, DESPITE the utter jewish domination of mainstream media.