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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Gaza Ghetto .... A Picture Postcard ~ Part 2 !!!!!

Influenced by Arab and leftist propaganda, the world sees Gaza as a Ghetto under siege by the cruel Israeli army, but photos from Gaza continually prove the opposite.   Less than a year ago, a bustling modern mall opened in Gaza City.  Also a Waterpark,  An Olympic Pool Swimming Complex and many hotels & resorts.  So, this week   'A Girl, A Blog & Life In-between'  is Saluting Summertime with a Picture Postcard Series of  The Gaza Ghetto ...... 

Remember,  this is the land that is in receipt of Billions of $$$$$$,  ££££££,  €€€€€€ of YOUR tax monies.  And various terror inspired 'Aid' Flotillas to it's 'Beseiged' peoples threaten Eretz Yisrael,  which actually supplies more food & essential aid per week than any flotilla of ships annually!!!   Israel also supplies water & power to Gaza .... Free of Charge!!!

Today,   Famine,  Feast or Fiesta ..... 'Roots' Country Club, Cairo Street, Rimal, Gaza !!!

 (And in case you think I am making this up .... Here is their Website so you can Verify for yourself !!!!!!