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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Maccabeats ..... Shine On!

 I Adore Acappella .... specifically, I adore the Maccabeats, the Yeshiva University acappella group.   The Maccabeats,  have gained legions of fans and millions of YouTube views for their catchy acappella parodies and covers of other artists’ songs.  Millions have heard and seen their catchy creations online.  The result has been dozens of feature stories in print, dozens of stories broadcast on local radio and TV,  a live performance on national television, and even a dinner at the White House.  A Cappella is a long tradition at universities. It reflects a love of Music, shared fun and the ability to create and concoct harmonies.  And the Maccabeats obviously LOVE what they do ..... 

Okay,  so now you all know I have had a several years-long obsession with the Yeshiva University Maccabeats.   An all male acappella group who went viral and sort of changed the face of Modern Orthodoxy and how the goyim and some Jews view Orthodoxy.  They sang for President Obama,  they  sell T-shirts   (I own several and a hoodie, yet to be autographed, cough, cough, cough .......).      Every Jewish kid knows who they are  (and most moms too!!!).     Actually,  it was at Chanukkah two years ago that Maccabeats came to prominence for the first time & I have blogged before my love for them,  I have introduced the Maccabeats here ....    Awesome!!!!!          
They’re wonderful and talented and sweet.   And,  their first 'hit' two years ago at Chanukkah,  where they were termed   'Youtube Sensations'  as they burst on the webscene with the timely legendary Torah tale of the Maccabees was   Candlelight .... 


More than a Million views were captured,  singing engagements followed and busy became a business.  The following year, last year 5772,   saw them engage with Jewish Reggae Star
Matisyahu and a cover,  an approved re-release of his hit 'Miracle'  for the next Chanukkah Chag.   Matisyahu wrote the song. 

His rendition is   HERE

 But that wasn't all .....    This single release headlined a campaign  Miracle Match!!     This campaign linked with the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation which helps children and adults suffering from leukemia, lymphoma, and other cancers and genetic disorders find matching donors for blood and marrow transplants.  It is life saving and life transforming.  A cause close to my own heart.    Every year, more than 10,000 patients in the United States alone need a transplant, and about half of them do not find a matching donor. They rely on Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation and other registries to save their lives by finding their Miracle Matches.   And Chanukkah, based itself on a Miracle of Ha'Shem is all about Miracles.    Since last Chaunkkah  over $80,000 has been raised to benefit   The Gift of Life   and their efforts to register bone marrow donors and save lives. To date,  the Miracle Match Campaign has led to 24 matches and seven transplants requested, B"H!!!!

"We light candles in testament that faith makes miracles possible." 
 ~ Rabbi Nachum Braverman

This Tzedaka still continues with Maccabeats Support .......   HERE!!!!

And this Chanukkah,  Maccabeats have 'upped their game'   yet again,  and have taken things to the next level as they release their newest song/video "Shine" ,   their very first original song.  Self penned.  

And now, this Chanukkah the lads have unveiled their first original song, "Shine."

 Same Maccabeats quality, professionalism and where appropriate, humour, all wrapped up in a new, catchy song not heard nor performed before.  I particularly love the use of continuity with "Miracle" and the reappearance of the Greeks from "Candlelight."   

 Their own website introduces it thus ..... "In honor of Hanukkah 2012, we are proud to debut our first original song, “Shine.”   Shine is a song about Hanukkah and so much more, and we hope that the song and video inspire all of our fans to keep the flame of Hanukkah burning well beyond the Festival of Lights.  Since we love our fans, we’ll be honest with you. We need your help. We’re very proud of Shine, but it isn’t a parody of a wildly popular radio hit that everyone is already humming. If you want to help “shed the light in each direction” you’ll have to share and play the song for all your friends, just like we played it for you. We’re really excited to have you with us on this next stage of our fantastic journey. You can also grab the song on  iTunes.

 Last but not least, this year we are once again partnering with the Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation for our Miracle Match Campaign. This campaign raises much-needed funds to process tissue samples from potential donors. Miracle Match has saved lives, and could save so many more with your help. To learn more about the campaign, visit   www.makesomemiracles.com."

 Whoooo hoooo ......     But that's not all!

I oftentimes wondered what would happen to the Maccabeats when they all graduated from YU.  Would they dissappear??   Would they break up and be no more??  How terrible that would be!   It has happened &  on viewing the comments on 'Shine' it appears that a certain Astronaut (Noah) has been so sorely missed.  Not to worry.  It has been taken care of.  Graduated and unable to utilize the Maccabeats name,  certain members  (with an obvious obsessional fan following !?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!) have formed 
the "break off" group  StandFour,   these four former Maccabeats now have real lives that are too busy to allow them to travel across the country as readily as their fellow singers still students.  However, even though they won't be touring, they still want to produce quality, engaging Jewish music and videos, hence StandFour was born.   Also,  an Acappella group and also Jewish and great.   And also with an original single this Chanukkah.   I love the modern music choices.  I love them in hoodies looking all casual and hip-like. It’s beautiful acapella.  It's beautiful singing.   It's official. I'm obsessed & I adore them too.  Nobody erases who we are ever!!!!   So, What else do they StandFour

Ha'Shem.  Torah.   All that is good in our world.  I love them already!!!   Total Jewish Awesomeness!!!!   Through the Eight Nights of Chanukkah and beyond ....   Chag Chanukkah Sameach!!!!

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