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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Israel ~ Images of a Week at War!!

"We don’t thrive on military acts. We do them because we have to, and thank G*d we are efficient"  
~ Golda Meir ~

I've tarried way, way too long in posting this particular promised blog.  I couldn't decide what video should accompany these images, I have many, many videos of Rockets slamming into Israel from Gaza, and crying children and adults.  So, I decided instead to post the one below,  HaTikvah ... this is Israel!!!!

I'm posting Images along with the captions I originally posted.  A Vignette of War.  Israel has been subjected to many days of war,  just to survive. More than any other nation.  And is still hated and branded the agressor by all other nations.  Just because we are Jews.  This is the Truth.   Eretz Yisrael Chai!

The picture above is perhaps my favourite image from this war.  It's caption when I posted was "This awesome photo from the Israeli army deployment area near the Gaza border shows IDF Command as they prepare for a potential ground operation in the coastal enclave of gaza shows the true strength of the IDF.  This soldier's right hand connects him to his commander in the field,  his left to his Creator, Ha'Shem. The Commander in Chief!!!!!"

Israel's armies have always thus marched to victory .... with Torah Scholars at the helm. Learning & davening for success.  When we put our trust in Ha'Shem ..... Wonders Abound!!

"Some trust in chariots, and some in horses,  but we will make mention of the name of Ha'shem,  our G*d."    
~ Tehillim 20.8 ~

Israel does not make it's citizenry targets for terror, instead it shields its Citizens from Terror.  Tehillim against Tillim.  Please say Psalm 20 for the Safety of Israel this Shabbat.

Life in a Bomb Shelter in Israel.   How long would YOU be prepared to live like this family? 12,000 Rockets worth?? 4 years  worth???     12 years worth???  Should children remember childhood like this?????    This is everyday life in Southern Israel And yet we are accused of genocide in gaza???? This is a defensive war ... a Justified War.  We just need to see it through to the end and make an end of Gaza!!!!!!!!!!!   

We Shield our Children Well. We Cherish our Children. We Cherish Life,  B"H.  Why then do so many arab children die?? ...... Well, apart from obvious lies such as pretending Syrian children (arab violence)  belong to this conflict ~ which I will blog in the next week, I'Y"H ~ they are used as shields in the hope that the IAF won't target.  A hope which is more often than not realized to our own detriment.  The IDF are truly the most moral fighting force, not only in the modern day world, but in the history of warfare itself.   That is why arab rockets are launched from schools and apartment blocks,  they are useful as propoganda tools.  Alive .... as photo fodder for international anti semitic media to ask why is Israel firing on them, or as dead as an exceptional propoganda tool.  We have more respect for our children, our citizenry and life in general.  We are above animal level existence.
  Arabs apparently are not!

Why Do Arab Children Die??? ..... They are used as Propaganda Pieces by Hamas.  Repeatedly.  Media Fraud is widespread and nourished by all arab sources.  Wake up World!

Where did YOU Sleep last night??   This is where Jewish children do homework, entertain themselves sleep and eat .... would YOU live like this with your family?? More than 3 Million Israelis are in rocket range from Gaza and 1 million Jews have had to do this intermittently for 12 years.  This past week ... approximately 4 million.  Is this an acceptable level of arab terror to you??   Should we allow it continue so as to appease world opinion???


A Happy Meal in a Concrete Tube .... hmmmm??  Would you be Happy??   Jews must no longer cower in bomb shelters while their hate-filled enemies shower explosive projectiles down on them at will. This was today in Nitzan.  NO CEASEFIRE!!    Finish the Job!!!  CLEAR OUR LAND!!!!  Make Hamas History!!!!   Crush Gaza!!!!  Repopulate Gush Katif with our people & make the desert  Bloom not Boom!!!!


School in Sderot .... It's on.  Then Off.  This is School for Jewish Children.  Southern Israel Style.    On the walk home the Sirens Still Sound .....  So, Cling to Mama!

On hearing a siren citizens in Israel are instructed to lie down and cover their head with hands. A Mother Shields her Child in the Street in Ofakim. How long must this go on???   Would you continue to live like this without retaliating?    Labelled as 'Illegal' for being a Jew.  Without Justice?  Without Defence?? 

This is why Pillar of Defence!!

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