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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Chanukkah Chutzpah!!!

This is my very favourite Chanukkah photograph.  I think it truly shows 'Chutzpah'  and total Defiance in the face of Nazi Aggression.  The photograph features  a Chanukkah Menorah from Kiel, Germany and it belonged to the Posner family.  The Posner family left Germany in 1933 and arrived in Eretz Yisrael in 1934.  The Menorah still belongs to the Posner family and is lit every year at Chanukkah, B"H.   Both the Menorah and the photograph are displayed in Yad Vashem's Holocaust History Museum.

We celebrate Chanukah by kindling the Menorah for eight days, adding a new light each night, bringing increasing Kedoshah into our lives and our communities.   This concept of Ma'alim B'Kodesh  to grow spiritually and to continuously add more mitzvos,  more Torah and holiness to our lives is the essence of our faith symbolized by the manner in which we light our Menorahs.

Man's Soul is the Candle of Ha'Shem .. which searches out the innermost parts
~ Mishlei 20.27 ~

Chanukkah is NOT a holiday that celebrates religious freedom but rather redemption of Jewish identity.  And this is sooooooo epitomised by the above photograph, I think!!!

Also, I haven't posted in about three weeks, since the Chag of Chanukkah.  I wanted a break and a 'bridge' post to link to today.  This special photograph is it!!!!

Credits ~ Posner Family Estate, courtesy of Shulamit Mansbach, Haifa, Israel
Photographer ~ Rachel Posner.

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