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Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Numbers Game??

The Ramallah Butcher is going home to a hero's welcome, with the blood of two IDF soldiers on his hands (literally!). This man is about to be released as part of the deal of 1,027 terrorists in exchange for Gilad Shalit & he personally mutilated Israeli reserve soldiers who got lost on the streets of Ramallah. You can see the blood on his hands after he dumped the body from the window onto the street below. This prisoner exchange deal that Israel has reached with Hamas is a victory for terrorism and a setback for Israeli security. Hamas has won this encounter .... Justice has lost!

The first list of 477 terrorists to be freed Shalit includes dozens serving 924 life terms for murdering or organizing the murder of Jews. The other terrorists were sentenced to a collective total of hundreds of years in jail, but all of them will see the light of day on Tuesday in the unprecedented exchange for Shalit, who is expected to arrive in Israel in Tuesday, one week after this 'deal' was announced to the world. Hamas still might torpedo the arrangement with demands for the release of more terrorists, but it is not the likliest at this stage.
In his public statement on the Shalit deal last Tuesday night, Netanyahu invoked the Jewish tradition of Pidyon Shevuim, or the Redemption of Captives. But the Talmudic writ is not unconditional. The Rabbinic sages were very clear. The ransom to be paid cannot involve the murder of other Jews. This deal ~ like its predecessors ~ is not in line with Jewish tradition. It stands in opposition to Jewish tradition. Even in our darkest hours of powerlessness in the ghettos of exile, our leaders did not agree to pay for a life with other life. Judaism has always rejected human sacrifice.

The modern state of Israel has made itself a source of darkness for the nations, not a light. This deal perverts justice and is a slap in the face for all victims of terror and their families. It promotes future terror. In fact, Netanyahu, if I'm ever captured, do not release terrorists for my life. If you do, you make me partly responsible for every Jewish child murdered in Israel by, or with the help of, the terrrorists you released for me. Benyamin Netanyahu .... This deal is NOT IN MY NAME!!!

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