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Friday, October 14, 2011

A Bittersweet Release ....

 Many murderers will be released in return for kidnapped Israeli Soldier, Gilad Shalit.  Although I welcome his freedom of course I would regretfully that this is the Absolutely WRONG way to achieve it.  A Military operation should have freed Gilad Shalit. Gilad Shalit should have been freed by force, by crushing Hamas, not allowing it to achieve victory through it's terrorist strategy of kidnapping.  The price that Israel has reportedly agreed to pay for his release is itself a terrible one which will have untold consequences for Israel. 

Israel will apparently release 1,027 "palestinian prisoners", including 400 serving long sentences for some of the worst terrorist atrocities in the country's history.  For the IDF it is a moral imperative to bring home its fallen or captured soldiers. But the terrible thing is that by releasing these thousand terrorists back to Gaza and to towns in Israel's heartland of Samaria, it makes it more likely that not just the Hamas but Hezbollah in Lebanon too will redouble their efforts to kidnap yet more Israeli soldiers in order to further such barters in future.

It is a statistical certainty that the release of 1,027 Arab terrorists for Shalit will lead to the murder of untold numbers of Israelis. According to Israeli security bodies, about 50 percent of the terrorists freed in past prisoner exchanges have returned to terrorism, either as perpetrators, planners, or as accomplices. Hundreds of Israelis have been murdered, and thousands wounded, by freed terrorists.

* After his release in 1996, Abbas ibn Muhammad Alsayd was involved in three terror attacks in Netanya, including the Park Hotel Passover massacre on March 27, 2002, in which 31 people were murdered and 155 wounded.

* After his release by the Netanyahu government as a “goodwill gesture” to Yasser Arafat, at the behest of Bill Clinton in 1998, Iyad Sawalha perptrated the June 5, 2002 bus bombing at the Megiddo junction, murdering 17 people and wounding 42.

* Seven months after his release, Ramez Sali Abu Salmim blew himself up in Jerusalem’s Café Hillel on September 9, 2003, murdering 7 young people and wounding over 50.

* Matsab Hashalmon was released from jail as part of the “Tennenbaum deal” on January 29, 2004. Three months later, on August 31, 2004, he masterminded the attack on two buses in Beersheba, that killed 16 civilians and wounded scores of others.

The list of freed terrorists and their victims goes on and on. It has happened before & It will happen again.

This morning some details have emerged of just who is about to be released ... unleashed into Israeli society.

*  The Sbarro restaurant Suicide bombing  on a pizzeria in downtown Jerusalem, Israel, on August 9, 2001, in which 15 lunctime diners ~ women & children ~  were murdered and 130 wounded with a bomb containing nails, nuts and bolts among its powerful explosives.  See the picture above & the video below for details of this horrific attack ...... Within the last hour, relatives of the victims of the Sbarro pizzeria bombing and other terror attacks received phone calls from the Israel Prisons Pardons Board informing them that two terrorists, serving sixteen consecutive life sentences for this attrocity are about to be released. Those terrorists have shown no remorse for what they have done. Quite the opposite last week they again said how proud they were of their actions.  Who doubts they will repeat them??

 How is this anything but a bad deal for Israel? It will become a Bloody Bad Deal for Israel!

Don't get me wrong, I am 100% in favour of getting Gilad Shalit back, I'm not heartless,  but there were other ways to do this.  Lot's of ways ....  the most sensible of which would be bringing Gaza to it's knees with no electricity or water, both of which Israel supplies,  no monetary aid or funding from abroad allowed thorugh,  and the threat of a massive military campaign aimed at wiping out Hamas.  We did none of these, and instead  we are set to release mass murderers of innocent Jews, whose families now have to grapple with the horror that their family members killer might bump into them in the streets of Jerusalem.  Or worse,  watch them resume their murderous rampage against other Jewish families in their own localaties.

While virtually everyone wants to see Gilad Shalit freed, many in Israel (and elsewhere) are very unhappy with this deal given Israel’s past experience when (in order to secure the release of kidnapped Israelis) Israel released convicted murderers who subsequently returned to Israel to kill again.  This prisoner exchange deal that Israel has reached with Hamas is an enormous victory for terrorism and a setback for Israeli security. Gilad Shalit should have been freed by force, by crushing Hamas, not by bolstering it & its terrorist methods.  Hamas terrorism has won in this encounter .... Justice has lost!
Today's message is that Kidnapping pays. A thousand-fold. The Israeli government just proved that to Hamas. And whether we want it or not, we'll (chas v'shalom) ALL pay the price for it.  This is a Bad Deal for Israel. It will become a Bloody Bad Deal for Israel.  And we will all taste its Bitter aftereffects .....

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