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Monday, October 24, 2011

Anti Semitism is Alive in LA!!!!

The LA Leftists are Lunatics ...... Those protesting at Los Angeles City Hall ~ the 1% (ha!)  are overwhelmingly Anti Semitic as their defining characteristic ~ Most are Holocaust deniers too  ~ And they are not Alone!!   The Pictures & rantings herein tell their own story ... Incredible as that is.   Their actions in abhorring America are an Aggressive Act that violates the right of other Americans to live in a city with rules, and law and order.    So much for 'Democrat' politics .... ????  ....... And America is our 'Ally' in the 21st Century!?!?!?!?!    

This all came to light in an interview given last Wednesday, October 12, 2011.  A Lady in LA identifies herself as Patricia McAllister and as an employee of the Los Angeles Unified School District to 'Reason TV' during the Occupy LA protest.  She then said, "the Zionist Jews who are running these big banks and our federal reserve ~ which is not run by the federal government ~ they need to be run out of this country."

This Lady was subsequently fired .... McAllister was fired by LAUSD after her anti-Semitic statements went viral over the weekend on YouTube!   She re-iterated this sentiment during a later interview with Fox11, in which she said "Jews have been run out of 109 countries throughout history, and we need to run them out of this one."   Apart from McAllister not having anything other than a casual contract, which the county of Los Angeles enacts on a "we need you this day/week" basis & may decline to call at their pleasure.  She is not "tenured" as a teacher.  However, this lady has decided she has a "case" against the county.   Here she's holding a sign that reads, "Congress Should Print the Money, NOT the Zionist Jews"  in this interview that follows .....

In a Press release, LAUSD acknowledged her right as a citizen to air her views but emphasized a teacher's responsibility to serve as a role model for students. All Students ... not just Jewish students ~ but imagine for a moment her 'impartiality' in teaching History Class to Jewish children after publically  uttering such an unacceptable expressions of anti-Semitism

As a teacher, McAllister works with a captive audience of vulnerable children. Her comments certainly raise questions about her ability to treat them all equally and fairly. What's more, even if she's been the soul of discretion on the job, as well as kind and evenhanded with all her students, by making herself a public symbol of intolerance, McAllister no longer can serve effectively as a teacher.  For one thing, Jewish students likely would feel intimidated in her classes , no matter how nicely she treated them.  Remember .... Children, not adults who may or may not be capable of holding their own when faced with such racial predjudice.  And I as a Jewish Parent would certainly withdraw my child from her care .....

This isn’t the first time Patricia McAllister has lashed out at Jews in a public manner. She runs a rather odd website called “Genocide of African Americans” though which she manges pages such as this one called  “Jews Profit from Prison System.”       Let me Quote ....... "During slavery, Jews had become commission merchants, brokers, auctioneers, cotton wholesalers, slave clothing dealers, and peddlers, keeping the slave economy oiled with money, markets and supplies".    She also supports this site for  "Mandated" African American Reparitions!!

And McAllister’s racist background wouldn’t be complete without a supporting link to, none other than, the Black Panther Party!!   In fact, her “
Events and Interests Around California” page only has one single link .... That link    points to this page!!!

Democrats are embracing this movement whose bigotry is on display for all to see. Democrats have ONLY favuorable things to say of the “occupy” movement, and Obama sees the Occupy Movement as powerful support for his presidential re-election.  The Democrats and Obama are clearly aligned with this radical and colossally ignorant group of hooligans leaving trash and wreckage in their wake wherever they go. They aren’t just trashy and dumb, they’re virulently and openly anti-semitic, making no attempt to hide their bigotry, nationwide!  I should be entirely fair though, and point out that The Democrat party isn’t the only group that supports this stuff. The American Nazi Party and the Communist Party have both thrown their support behind the Occupy Wall Street Movement also.  Hints of the 1930's European continent abound ...... & when I suggested that was the way things would go two years ago to American friends, I was told I was just a "Bad Jew"!!

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At Oregon

Where is 'Team America' when you need them, huh????

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  1. Just asking, but what does Judaism say about things like social class, the wage system, private property, and chattel slavery?