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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

An Xtian Xposed !!!

Rabbi Tovia Singer ~ Counter Missionary

I have a tale to tell, a personal tale today, for it concerns an xtian conspiracy to "christianise"  me and is a tale of organised conpiracy and missionising by xtians on FaceBook.  There is obviously an active "Prayer & Action" Group on FaceBook, designed to defraud Jews of their precious Neshamot, and Am Yisrael of it's citizenry.  I was sent details within the last week to my inbox on facebook,  from an acquantaince on my friends list who wishes to remain anonymous ~ and I have promised this ~ but this person was drawn into an elaborate web to trap and "christianise" me.  And obviously, I am not the only one .... but I am the only one I know about!!!!

It also seems that these xtians are funded because they can travel accross a continent or here to Israel as they wish to personally "visit" their targets. This is upsetting because it concerns both myself in person and my seven year old daughter of whom I am the sole parent.  And a Rabbi,  a personal friend,  told me that this indeed is the new tactic among xtian missionaries.

This christian cell is controlled (certainly in my case) by one cultist in particular .... David Mark Hipkins Snr.

Once upon a time ..... I went to America.  Having just got my green card I embarked for the USA for study purposes, but also to spend time someone special to me, and with whom I wanted to develop our relationship. I got all set up with employment, apartment & car ... and then events spiralled as they sometimes do .... My Dad OBM died & I ended my relationship when I realised I was being presented with a choice to accept Polygamy or leave. It became too painful to live with and I left. I was alone in the world and 6,000 miles away from my childhood home & I posted status updates reflecting my sadnesses. I was sent a friend request by Hipkins, a "caring" christian, a goy, who said he wanted to be my "Daddy",  one week after my Dad died. He wanted to be my adopted Dad.  My parents had died, but they would always be my parents and I wasn't looking for goy replacements!!!!!

He wanted me to come stay with his family in Virginia so he could be a "proper" Dad. It all sounded really cultish & off the wall and of course I said NO. Especially when he offered to pay for my plane ticket. I defriended him & he persisted in messaging so I eventually re-added him, and he attempted to "share" with me about "jesus". He wanted my phone number and address details etc. Needless to say he never got them from me .... although he did get my address eventually from online sources somewhere and despite me telling him not to come to California, that I would not under any circumstances meet with him or "have dinner to discuss Israel & Judaism", he travelled 4,000 miles from Va to Ca and spent 12 hours one day patrolling my beach and local Pier,  located literally at the back entrance to my home, virtually imprisoning me.  He left dissappointed,  as unlike him I was as good as my word!!

I was then contacted by a Private Investigator in relation to another young girl on FB who was having a similar problem to me, except that she had given him her phone number and he called her every day at least three times. I messaged with this girl ~ not Jewish ~ but she had concerns because he didn't listen to her & bullied her and was attempting to get her to move to Va so he could be a "proper" Daddy to her. She was a single parent too & in a vunerable place. Sound familiar?? In fact it turned out that there were 8 other girls all young, all pretty who were approached by Hipkins to be their "Daddy" !!!!!!

The man is big into contol .... he does not take NO for an answer.  He told me almost daily that I was his business ...... as I was now his "daughter",  and it appears that he has been discussing my personal and private business with others, perfect strangers, in intimate detail for quite some time now, especially my dating life!!!  .... I would not expect that level of interference even from real family.  He obviously views tyrannical behaviour as being the way to be the patriarch to his family!

It just so happens that last month he chose the wrong person to discuss it all with ..... and tried to organise a physical meeting here in Israel, in Yerushalayim of all places between me & this person. All in a bid to get me SAVED by the jesus idol. The whole thing is majorly suspect and makes my skin crawl. The plan is clearly laid out in the screenshots accessed by the link below.  I reported him to Yad Le'achim just before Shabbat for his attempts to Missionise Me. 

Facebook Photo Album ~ An Xtian Xposed !!!

I don't know if other Jewish Girls have been targeted in this manner but I would seriously suggest that they have been.  I didn't really know it was Stalking ....... I knew it was harrassment.  I'm not frightened, not at all, but I was just unsure of exactly what to do.   I did know two things kind of innately ... one was that it probably was not just me .... and that turned out to be correct.  And secondly,  that publicly exposing him is probably the most effective means to prevent him from deceiving anyone about his motives. Perverts such as this inculcate fear only because their activities are hidden in the dark.

I just didn't know who to speak to or go about it. I have since spoken to a Rabbi ~ well more than one,  actually three ~ & my Rabbi has blessed the distribution of thisinformation  ... & assured me that it constitutes care in warning other Jews of Danger & complies with Halakhah & Lashon Hara l'toeles,  for a constructive purpose, that of benefitting Jews.
  This man believes that his personal "calling" in life is to "Bless Jews" .... with the jesus Idol obviously!!!!


I especially sent this to those on my friends list who were mutuals with this Nut, some Rabbi's involved in counter-missionary activities & those female friends who I feel are in some way vunerable. I have not ruled out wider action like letters to the editors of Virginia Newspapers, and I have been advised that should I wish to pursue a prosecution, that is feasible.

This predator raped my friends list, as I got a number of messages from those on mine that he contacted and offered to be a  Daddy to them also.   I am left wondering just who else has been targeted by this Action group????

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