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Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Audacity of Dopes !!

This year's version of the Gaza flotilla is dead in the water. Sunk by a changed perception of them by public opinion, Israeli Diplomacy & European authorities who are fed up with them. Last year they were flavor of the month. Their mission hit headlines with the action that took place on the Turkish "Mavi Marmara" ship. The world forgot that five other ships were tamely towed into Ashdod port and the passengers deported.
Following the refusal of the Turks to not only allow the "Mavi Marmara" sail, but also to disallow their ports to be used as launch pads for yet another anti-Israel exercise, the organizers decided to base their fleet in a Greek port before setting out on their provocative cruise to Hamas.  And Greece stepped up to the Plate, Baruch Ha'Shem !!!!!

Greece, struggling with a serious economic crisis, welcomed Israeli advances with open arms. Increasing Israel investment and tourism into Greece will significantly assist the Greek economy.  Past Greek governments had been quite radically left wing but recent trends have made the current government much more pragmatic. So, when the Gaza flotilla fly approached the Greek spider's web, Israel requested the Greek authority to recognize the ships as representing a provocative act against a friendly country. The Greeks obliged by refusing to grant sailing permits to the boats. The Flytilla too has Flopped! .... Following the False Flotilla propaganda & passengers into Oblivion.  Baruch Ha'Shem!!!

Enjoy LATMA  .... Satire for Summer in the Sun in the Land of Ha'Shem.

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