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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

From Fizzling Flotilla to Flight of Fancy!!!

Anti Israel Leftists are descending on Israel this week in a "fly-in" as part of a week of ”solidarity” with Hamas and the pretend people, the 'palestinians'. This is happening between July 8th-16th. They intend to cause disruption when they land at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv,  before continuing with other illegal activities. They are determined to state their destination as Gaza & their activities there as to "Help Hamas" ....  Hamas is the terrorist organization that controls Gaza, and rejects the Jewish State of Israel's right to exist.  And of Jews to live in their own land!!

On Friday, July 8th 2011 ,they plan to bring 600 trouble makers to Ben Gurion Airport in support of the “resistance to Israel occupation”. One group call themselves “Return to Palestine”Their agenda is to Replace Israel with palestine.

Israel has the ability and the right to stop and detain members of this hostile group in order to keep Israel safe and to contain this group of extremists and anarchists that are trying to create a new order in the Middle East without Israel. The international community should come together to stop this anti democratic act, but I wouldn't hold my breath!  The World we live in is Jew Hating!!!!   

One small testament to this fact is that the Flotilla of Fools which was carrying thousands of letters to unknown & unamed citizens of Gaza REFUSED to take a letter from Noam Shalit to Gilad Shalit, who last weekend 'celebrated' FIVE years in Hamas Captivity!!

Details are still sketchy but hopefully all the activists will all be both Detained & Deported for their activities!!


  1. Meanwhile, leaders of the Gaza-bound flotilla rejected an offer late Sunday by Greece to deliver aid from the ships stuck in Greek harbours to Gaza either through Egypt or Israel. palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas reportedly agreed to the deal.

    The Greek government so far has not given permission to any ships planning to sail to Gaza to leave its ports. Flotilla organizers said the remaining ships in the flotilla would leave Greek ports by Monday evening, according to reports. This was refused this morning, Baruch Ha'Shem !!!!

    In a letter sent to George A. Papandreou, prime minister of Greece, ADL ~ Anti Defamation League National Director Abraham Foxman expressed his organization's "sincere appreciation for the action taken by Greece to prevent the ships involved in the Gaza flotilla from leaving Greek ports. Your willingness to act in such a responsible manner serves as an example for the entire international community."

    "Greece's actions to stop these ships from using Greek ports as a launching point will help prevent the public confrontation with Israeli naval authorities these activists are seeking," the letter continued.


  2. Pretty cool, Greece stopping this non-sense.

  3. As they arrive at Ben Gurion transport them to Prison and keep them there until Gilad is released. Feed them poorly and make them clean and lets see how much Hamas cares about theses fools.