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Monday, January 17, 2011

The "Settler" Story .... from Samaria, Israel!!

My friend Eli's cousin is involved in reclaiming Eretz Yisrael & Eli told me his story ....  He built a beautiful home & overnight it was destroyed. A young settler & his new bride now must sleep outside in the Israeli winter.  His hilltop settlement in Samaria was destroyed by our own Jewish people.  To say that this hilltop was Paradisical would be a huge injustice to it, you will never see anything in your life that could compare to this.  This young man picked this piece of Land out, he used to sleep there alone at nights in a sleeping bag under the stars, and then decided that he would build himself a home there. This isn't just some random hilltop, it's a hilltop near about a dozen Jewish communities in the area, the Shomron.

He built his home with his own hands, it was a glorious structure that was as beautiful as it was simple. Bricks set with love, features placed with honour, and the touchings done with pride. You could go to a palace in any other country, and I can assure you that the feeling you experience when you saw this home & this patch of land would trump any other place on earth. It overlooks all of Samaria,  even down to the Jordan Valley. On a clear day you can actually see parts of Jordan, which in many places is actually biblical Israel itself!

He lived there for a year with two friends, who helped him tend his animals, sow the Land, and build up the property. Not only that, but two months ago he married a girl as special as he is, and they both lived in the house together, starting a new marriage in a place that is the very essence and embodiment of our people. Our land throughout more than three thousand years. 

This is not the first time that this has happened .... these Jews may have been isolated on a hilltop,  but it is not an isolated incident. On the night of December 15, 2010,  Police forces snuck into the settlement of Tekoa and destroyed the home of Mayan and Yigal Carlebach, while severely violating their human and civil rights.  In the Youtube video below the tale of Mayan Carlebach is brought to you in her heartbreaking words, telling the horrors of that night. 

Why are things like this done? Is knocking down the homes of young Jewish families going to bring peace to the region? Is Israel more safe now that a husband and wife are homeless? Is knocking down a barn full of animals going to get the muslims back to the negotiating table? Is breaking the heart of a kid who dedicated his entire life to a settlement named for his deceased nephew going to stop rockets from coming into Israel?  Tomorrow morning will come, and the circumstances in the middle east will be exactly the same, except that special Jews will be sleeping outside in the winter, while the ones that destroyed their special, loved, little patch of earth,  Jewish earth,  will be warm inside their own homes.

This act is a continuation of the pattern that has occurred over the last few years. When Jews want to show the world that we are interested in a ridiculous peace with an enemy that openly declares that they want us dead (chas v shalom), they immediately turn their sights to our own people. Pre-dawn raids on settlements, the destruction of property, the intention to break our spirits. The most sickening part of all of this is watching Jews take part in the destruction, seeing our own people inflict misery on their brethren to try to please an uncaring world.

What exactly are hilltop settlements or outposts?  They are nascent Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria typically, but not always,  consisting of several simple primitive caravan structures populated by young idealistic families,  situated on barren hilltops, usually near established "settlements".  These living and breathing communities are deemed "unauthorized" or "illegal" by the Israeli government because their establishment was never formally sanctioned,  and as such are under constant threat of destruction.  Despite the fact that all their paperwork has been done and all permits issued,  there are many Jewish communities,  some of them really well established and developed,  consisting of dozens of families, permanent homes and infrastructure,  in limbo simply because certain political figures refuse, for self-serving reasons, to give the required stamp of approval. Why would they do this??

Because the government of Israel are looking not to lead the Jewish people but to seek the approval of an uninterested & unforgiving world.  By branding these settlers as "radicals or extremists " the media's ' tar-and-feathering' makes it easy to resent them. Because of them, they say, there's no peace. Because of them the world boycotts us.  Because of them the economy suffers.  Rubbish!   These are families want only to return Jewish Pride to the Land of Israel and lead her people to a better future. That's right, they want to lead, because they perceive a dangerous leadership vacuum in Israel.  They see today's Israel as a rudderless ship being tossed about in a turbulent sea of hate. They see a bankrupt political leadership with no direction, no values, no backbone and certainly none of that good ol' Israeli chutzpah. They see an army turned gun-shy, fighting with one arm tied behind its back for fear of being charged with using "disproportionate force" by the liberal courts. They see in Israel a people who, after more than three decades of exposure to relentless left wing media brainwashing are confused, desperate and searching for a way out of the morass.  And they see in Israel today a society largely detached from its roots,  one that has forgotten the reason why they are here in the first place, one that has long ago traded their self-sustaining idealism for empty promises of peace. 

We Cannot have peace when our "partners for peace" want NO peace, and a Judenrein Eretz Israel!   And my next blog will be about what exactly those 'poor palestinians' want. I cannot fit everything in just one blog &  I don't want to detract from the settlers stories  ....

I do however,  want to say that the very same USA that exerts international pressure against these "settlements" was settled when those with vision & those with an unquenchable fire for freedom went West & settled the land and allowed America to be lauded as  "the land of the free & the home of the brave" ~ how is what these heroes are doing in Israel today any different???  

These pioneers are giving everything of themselves to hold the Land of Israel for the Nation of Israel.   The American settlers had their “home on the range, where the deer and the antelope played”,  so today the Jewish people are also cultivating the same pioneering spirit by developing a new homeland in the wilderness of Samaria and Judea.   They are blazing new trails, or reclaiming ancient ones.  Despite the entire world pressuring them into giving this land away to people intent upon the destruction of the Jewish people,  these pioneering settlers living in the hills of Shomron, have now become the world’s villains.  Yet, they are truly the Israeli nation’s true patriots.  The John Wayne’s of the American West a century ago wore a similar mantle to the 'Patriotic Settlers of Shomron and Judea'.    And having lived here for more than a year I do know that America is all about patriotism.  So,  let's not use language or euphemisms to deny these brave Pioneers the title they deserve, for that is what they are,  Zionist Pioneers,  so let's stop calling them by the somewhat derogatory title of "settlers"!!!!

  A young couple went to sleep last Thursday night in their home, and awoke on a Shabbat morning to see over a year's worth of effort in ruins before their eyes.  A home was lost last Thursday, but it will be rebuilt, and it will be rebuilt fast ... and we all lost something as well. We lost our purpose that day, our place in the world.  Something that personified the Jewish Spirit and Jewish strength was ripped from us. We as Jews are one united soul, when a part of us suffers, we all suffer. We rejoice as a nation and we mourn as a nation, that is how the Jewish people were created. The Holocaust is proof positive that we are judged as a whole unit, and not just as individuals like most have come to believe.   Am Yisrael is exactly what we are, we are the Nation of Israel, each a link on a chain that is judged as a collective unit. 

Jewish weakness is pathetic, Jewish self-hatred is destructive, and Jewish appeasement is dangerous. How many more times do we have to get stabbed in the back by our leaders before we realize that we are going about things in the precious Eretz Yisrael all wrong?  The World will respect us when we STAND firm, desiring no stamp of approval from them. Appeasement has always spelled Disaster!!!    Land for Peace” will not bring peace but destruction to the State of Israel.  Like Britain’s Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, when in appeasing the Fuehrer Adolf Hitler,  was responsible for the destruction of the free nation of Czechoslovakia, my Mom's homeland.   The British consigned Czechoslovakia to two decades of Nazi and Soviet Communist totalitarian control.   Let's not be caught in the apeasement trap ~ let's trade Peace for Peace. Period!

 One of the strangest phenomenon in the world is the international attention given by the nations of the world to the region of Samaria and Judea in the Land of Israel.  Samaria is more strategic and essential to Israel's security than the Golan Heights!  

Whoever controls the Shomron mountain range also controls the low-lying regions on each side below. This means the heavily populated Gush Dan, Sharon and Carmel Coastal regions to the west,  and the strategic Jordan Valley to the east,  would both be at the mercy of any foreign power that would hold the Shomron.  The strategic value of the Shomron mountain range ~ the spine of which runs north-south for 70 kilometres and which overlooks to the west the majority of Israel's populated areas is immense.  One only needs to visit any of the Shomron "settlements",  & look towards the sea to the strategic advantage of these highlands which will become immediately obvious.  One can easily imagine the threat posed to the millions of Israelis living below,  as well as to industry, infrastructure, military installations and Ben Gurion International Airport if Israel would cede control of the Shomron to any hostile power ..... Imagine the Fatalness of considering giving the Mountains of Israel,  Samaria and Judea,  to Islamic Enemies of Israel so they can have Strategic Control overlooking the Jewish “Unwalled Cities of Israel”.   Our IDF fighter jets unable to take off because the runway was under bombardment from a hostile Iran!!

"Should the IDF completely withdraw from the [West Bank] territories as they did from the Gaza Strip, security problems that I consider unsolvable will result, such as daily Kassam rocket fire on Jerusalem and Netanya and an Iran – West Bank air supply route which Israel will find unstoppable. The moment Highway 6 comes within close range of machine gun and RPG fire, Israel will have a problem. The moment that strategic sites in the State of Israel fall within striking range of Sagger missiles, Israel will have a problem. If you have the world's most advanced fighter jet but it cannot take off [from the runway] because the airfield is within easy range of precise weaponry - there's a problem. I for one think it's impossible to guarantee the security of the State of Israel without the Golan Heights. We need the vast majority of its high ground just to have the minimum depth needed to operate our precision weaponry, fighter jets, drones and missiles. How much more so is this the case concerning Judea and Samaria!"  ~  General Giora Eiland, former National Security Council chief, in an interview with Ha'aretz, June 4, 2006  ~

And, besides all that,  the land is not ours to give away.  To give away these strategic lands would not only be national suicide for the State of Israel, but those who give it away will be remembered in future history as traitors of Israel and enemies of Ha'Shem, the G-d of Israel. These lands are a birthright to our people from Ha'Shem.   And this is the solution to these problems ~ to assert the Divinely given Jewish right to settle the land, openly and proudly, without restriction and without apologies. The Torah gives us the right ~ indeed the imperative ~ to spread out over the land that is Israel far and wide.

The U.S. President doesn't like it?   That's Tough!   It's OUR land.   The Israeli Army is embarrassed that they can't remove our Pioneers from our hills? They have no business sending in troops against Jews to begin with. Rather than causing Israel to be alienated from the nations of the world, settling the land with Jewish pride, purposely and pointedly, will earn Israel the world's respect, admiration and support.  History alone should teach us that. Settlers are the fulfillers of the Zionist dream. They have the vision, drive and ability to establish new points of settlement (outposts) on unsettled patches of state land, & against all odds turn barren rocky hilltops into a land of Milk & Honey.  Yesteryear's settlement movement, once a dynamo of energy and idealism, has been beaten down over the years to the point where they have all but given up on Greater Israel and are now content with isolated and fenced-in "settlement blocs" near the pre 1967 Israel.  We need to revive the Zionist movement & put the pride back into the word Zionist, which is today defined in Arab terms. Why should it be??  ..... Zionism is our history, the tenacity and heart of our people, the Jewish people in the Jewish homeland.  I wear my Zionism as a badge of pride, won't you??

Not only must we never again be fooled into believing any future pie-in-the-sky-land-for-peace promise,  we must proactively push out and settle the entire land, up until the Jordan River. This is our birthright to claim as our own.  Eretz Yisrael.

Drive out all the Arabs?  Not necessarily, and a friend asked me this question last week ~  we can live with them as neighbours IF they don't threaten us. But let's be very clear about whose land this is.  The ever-elusive peace lies in the Jewish dominion over all of Eretz Yisrael, the ancient homeland of the Jews.  Our gift from Ha'Shem. Because the political  right wing and Greater Israel supporters are so marginalized by the media, this outside-the-box viewpoint is missing from the public debate and not taken seriously as a viable option for a real lasting peace.  However, the land-for-peace sham will necessarily fail as it has done repeatedly in the past and the only solution a Two-State Solution will lead to is The Final Solution!!!  Only when our land is Shalem (whole),  can there be Shalom (peace).

"No Jew is at liberty to surrender the right of the Jewish Nation and the Land of Israel to exist...This right is reserved to the Jewish People throughout the generations. This right cannot be forfeited under any circumstances...Our right to this land, in its entirety, is enduring and eternal. And until the coming of the Redemption, we shall never yield this historic right."    ~ David Ben-Gurion, 20th Zionist Congress speech, Basel 1937 ~

We owe it to these brave Zionists to support them .... if you would like to donate to the rebuilding fund for new homes for these pioneers then please email Eliyokim@gmail.com.


  1. I am so happy we know each other! This is an amazing blog and I don't think anything else can be added. You represented those in Yehuda and Samaria perfectly. Thank you.

  2. you address very well that our worst enemy is ourselves.

  3. Well, it isn't really ... we just need to 'get a grip' & stop shooting ourselves in the foot, and make our leadership LEAD !!!!!!

    Better still replace them with those willing to provide Leadership instead of Cowerdice. Ceasing bowing to international opinion & putting Israel's Interests first for once!