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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Peace or "Palestine" ??

Israel has long been villified in the International Mass Media,  & the eyes & ears of the International community so poisoned,  that most citizens of the world believe that the Arabs who call themselves 'palestinians' want peace,  and are earnestly seeking it. And that Israel is an agressor who demands unreasonably & who won't negotiate.  Well, is that true??   What do the "palestinians" want??

The Israel Project (TIP)  ~ www.theisraelproject.org  ~  is a non-profit educational organization that gets facts about Israel and the Middle East to press, public officials and the public.  The Israel Project is not affiliated with any government or agency.   Last November, TIP commissioned an external consultancy to carry out a major survey in Gaza that tried to understand exactly what 'palestinians' want.  They produced a Comprehensive, Analytical Report that more than answers those All Important questions.  Here is that report for you to download for the data .....  it should remove All of your doubts!

Poll Report (PDF)
Poll Questions (PDF)
Some of the answers were seemingly contradictory ~ until analysed or clarified,  but most answers were quite clear and consistent immediately.  A statement left open and undefined ("peace") received a positive answer,  but when the actual terms of what "peace" included were defined (see last graph on this post),  it was then overwhelmingly rejected.

Firstly, what most palestinians want is to live under Sharia law ....

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 Surprisingly, Most palestinians say they will accept a two state solution, which would include Israel ...

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But,  not so surprising when asked to explain that position further .... Most palestinians see a two-state solution as a stepping stone to replacing Israel with one Palestinian state!!

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To achieve their aims Armed Struggle is the preferred method of palestinian engagement!

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Most palestinians do not accept the existence of a Jewish state and believe it must be actively destroyed!!

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And finally, maybe most damning of All .... Most palestinians do not expect there to be a Jewish state of Israel in 25 years!

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 In summary,  the palestinian position seems clearly to be that Israel should be destroyed and replaced with a single palestinian state, and the means employed to do so should be through both negotiation and violence.

When "peace" was defined with the maximum peace terms Israel already offered, and terms that Israel could never offer more than, "peace",  now clearly defined,  was overwhelmingly rejected. 

The Question herein asked is .... "In 2000, President Bill Clinton proposed an Israeli-palestinian peace agreement in which the palestinians would receive an independant state, which would include Gaza and almost all the West Bank, using the 1967 green line, exchanging Israeli land for larger settlements. It made East Jerusalem the capital of the palestinian state, with control over palestinian quarters of the old city. Yasser Arafat rejected this offer. In Retrospect, do you wish Arafat had accepted this peace agreement ~ yes or no? 

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 Although I, too,  would fundamentally disagree with that "agreement",   the point here is to judge the Arab response & to come to the only conclusion possible,  that  ARABS WILL NEVER AGREE TO RECOGNISE A JEWISH STATE OF ISRAEL NO MATTER WHAT STEPS ISRAEL TAKES TOWARDS APPEASEMENT !!!

Ultimately, what this means is that "palestinian" society is not looking for an end to the conflict or for peace,  but rather sees negotiations as just another means to destroy Israel. When palestinians speak of peace and negotiations,  they (and their leaders) apparently believe they are talking about weapons for destroying Israel.  They actually believe that they will ultimately succeed in destroying Israel.  The Conquest of Israel ~ this is their avowed Goal! 

For peace and regional stability to occur the Palestinian Authority MUST be at a genuine peace with Israel, within the PA and its security forces, and with Hamas. The PA must create enough economic growth (homes and jobs) to satisfy the existing population and the needs of the supposed  'refugees', all at the same time ~ and in a relatively very short period of time ~ as maintaining stability and economic prosperity over many years, even decades.  This is a complete fantasy scenario .... Let's just look to Gaza ~ with it's once thriving farmlands, wineries & orchards ~ it has now become a 'Judenrein' Islamic sectarian statelet run by terrorists and paid for by World Economic Aid.  The only objective that can ever be achieved by the creation of another Arab state,  'palestine',  this time within precious Eretz Yisrael itself,   is the complete annihilation of  Middle Eastern Jewry!!

This is confirmed in the Youtube video below, where you can witness Kifah Radaydeh, the deputy head of the Jerusalem chapter of Fatah, headed by Mahmoud Abbas, palestinian President, declare it in her own words ....   (Fatah is considered the more moderate wing of the Palestinian Authority, compared with Hamas).  

"It has been said that we are negotiating for peace,” she states, “but our goal has never been peace. Peace is a means; the goal is Palestine."

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  1. A Friend in FB commented that "They want peace, Pana, but their idea of peace is to have no jews around!"

    It's Apt .... Concise & Correct. Thanks, Aaron!!!