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Monday, September 3, 2012

Migron Migration ....

"And I will plant them on their land, and they shall no longer be uprooted from upon their land, that I have given them, said Ha'Shem your G-d"   ~  Amos 9.15 ~ 
Residents from the Jewish Pioneer Outpost ("settlement") of Migron being Removed by Israeli border police on September 2nd, 2012.    Settlement is the wrong word and I refuse to use it in relation to Israel,  these Jews are committed Zionist Pioneers deserving of our Support & Respect.   This took place yesterday.   A Sad Sunday.  The Saddest Sunday  ......  Yehudi lo megaresh Yehudi ~ A Jew doesn't expel a Jew.   But they did.  In the Jewish homeland.  In Eretz Yisrael.  The High Court of Justice in Jerusalem ordered a few days ago that all 50 families in Migron were to evacuate their homes no later than Tuesday September 4th.   Some of these families have been in Migron for up to 10 years .... Toddlers born here know no other home.  Please also know that most Jews evicted yesterday PURCHASED their Plots.  All were paid for.  Any Arabs that owned anything have been more than paid.   I don't see the Justice here at all!

And I shall NEVER 'Adjust' to Jews ejecting other Jews from their homes.   Shouts of "Juden Raus" should never reverberate in Eretz Yisrael.   The forced evacuation of Jewish citizens from by their own government rivals the discriminating and brutal treatment of Jews by Jew-hating German authorities under Hitler ~ but this time in their own Land.  Ha'Shems Land .... Not ours to Give away.  It is our Gift from Ha'Shem.  Our Birthright, deeded to us more than 6,000 years ago
, and we revoke Torah at our peril.  It is Betrayal.

I have no words.  There are no words for this.   Just pictures ...... 


What can be said?  Jewish Land ripped from under Jewish feet to give to our arab enemy.  That worked so well before  ~ Remember Gush Katif,  once the 'garden' of Yisrael,  now a Rocket Launch base against the citizenry & children of Sderot in the South.   Baruch Dayan Emes.   May Ha'Shem not hold this against Klal Yisroel,  but in His wrath remember Rachamim!


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