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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Court Confirms ~ Corrie Caused own Death!

A Haifa court ruled this morning that Rachel Corrie (a pro-'palestinian' activist) caused her own death by intentionally remaining in front of an IDF bulldozer, ignoring many warnings to leave the area she was in.   Judge Oded Gershon supported the IDF claim that the driver of the bulldozer could not see Corrie, who was protesting the 2003 demolitions of structure in Rafiah, Gaza.  The court noted that the case of Corrie is sad but that the young woman, who was 23 years old, was fully aware that she was in danger and that she could have prevented her own death by moving out of the path of the bulldozer.   Judge Gershon further found the IDF free of blame and said it did not act recklessly .... Fully Exhonerated, B"H!!    Corrie was protesting with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), whose members have often worked with Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists to help them hide from Israeli security personnel.

Judge Oded Gershon ruled that Rachel Corrie, "consciously put herself in harm's way" by ignoring warning after warning.  "She did not distance herself from the area, as any thinking person would have done." ..... No, she did not.  She was killed after unlawfully entering an area where Israeli forces ~ seeking to protect Israeli civilians who had been terrorized by repeated rocket attacks ~ were destroying tunnels used by Hamas terrorists to smuggle arms illegally from Egypt into Gaza.   Rachel Corrie wasn't shielding innocent civilians, rather, on the contrary she was interfering with the Israeli army's efforts to demolish an empty house used to conceal one of these tunnels.  Crushed by a bulldozer whose driver couldn't see her in a Closed Military Area  ..... Her Death  was caused by Stupidity.  Her own!

Corrie's family had accused Israel of intentionally and unlawfully killing their 23-year-old daughter, launching a civil case in Haifa after a military investigation had cleared the army of wrong-doing.  Judge Gershon explained that where Rachel Corrie  was trespassing had been a war zone, and was formally declared a closed military zone at the time of the accident.  He mentioned that the US had issued an Israel travel advisory warning its citizens to avoid Gaza and the Yesha.   The judge added that the organization where Corrie worked, the ISM  "abuses the human rights discourse to blur its actions which are de facto violence. He claimed that it specialized in disrupting IDF activity. "This included an army of activists serving as 'human shields' for terrorists wanted by Israeli security forces, financial and logistical aid to palestinians including terrorists and their families, and disruption of the sealing of suicide bombers' houses."

 The Official Government Statement is Here!

I have previously blogged on Rachel Corrie's life, left wing politics and accident in detail  

I'm not going to repeat those points here, but I am going to point out that Rachel Corrie was far from the "peace activist" she purported to be, or that 
her supporters have since made her out to be.  Corrie was acting on behalf of the virulently anti-Israel International Solidarity Movement, which openly endorses violence as a means of achieving 'palestinian' goals.  The ISM, moreover, has ties with the Islamic terrorist organization Hamas,  whose charter unabashedly calls for the destruction of Israel, who just this morning issued a statement saying that Israel would be completely destroyed within a year.  Anyone with a conscience must regard Rachel Corrie's activities with contempt.

Rachel Corrie chose to side with a society that breeds some of the cruelest murderers of innocent people in the world. She gave her life trying to protect people whose declared aim is to annihilate another country.   In the name of saving children's lives,  Rachel Corrie chose to defend a society that teaches its young children to blow themselves up and which deliberately targets children for death.   And Rachel Corrie went to America's enemies to burn her country's flag.  We are told repeatedly that Rachel was idealistic as if that mattered.  Virtually every person who commits great evil ~ the Nazi, the communist, the Islamic terrorist ~ is idealistic.  Idealism isn't a moral position.  It is good only when directed to good ends.  And Rachel Corrie wanted to Destroy Israel & Judaism.  She ended up destroying herself instead!

Rachel Corrie
died fighting for the International Solidarity Movement, a pro palestinian group dedicated ~ in its own words ~ to "armed struggle" against Israel.  It is somewhat ironic that she has been manipulated to become one of it's 'victims'.

Here's Rachel Corrie burning a mock American flag in Gaza at a Hamas Rally,  her face contorted with rage.  It's a photo that never seems to accompany sympathetic articles about this pro-Palestinian radical in the mainstream media.   Many of the articles about Rachel are not really about this young American girl who died in preventable circumstances.  They are instead about promoting a hate-filled and glaringly one-sided anti-semetic view of Israel.  The International Solidarity Movement (ISM), the group with which Corrie was affiliated, is routinely described as a “peace group” in the media.  Their agenda or 'proposals for peace' are very simple ..... Wipe the Jewish State of Israel off the Map!!

It is ironic to reflect that there have been many victims of the arab 'Intifada' & jihadi violence called Rachel ~ but it is harder to believe that the world media have only heard of one of them.  Rachel Corrie's death was an avoidable accident,  one she conciously assisted in causing  ....  She died  a dishonourable death, unlike the following  Forgotten Rachels,  deliberately massacred by arab terrorists for being Jews.  Don't their lives matter as much?  Let's Remember them today,  not this idealistic idiot whose death was caused by her own stupidity.  At long last an International court of law has finally and firmly affirmed this, Baruch Ha'Shem. 

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