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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Another British Blunder!

A quickly blogged paragraph in passing as I prepare for the morning's traffic ..... it is not my intended blog for today,  and rarely do I post twice in one day, but today I cannot not post this as an 'opener'.  It seems this morning that the British Press (above picture is from today's 'Telegraph' print edition) needs yet more instruction in Geography ..... Katie Taylor is like myself a Dublin Girl.  This makes her Irish.   Not British.  She is currently the Irish, European, and World Women's boxing champion and likely to capture the Gold Medal in her event at this Olypmics in London.  Perhaps this is the reason for this morning's co-option???   

And Just for the British Press .... And Anyone else who doubts Katie Taylor is an Irish Girl!

Whatever their reason is, this constitutes Another Fail ..... just like in the British Press, the BBC et al's refusal to recognise Y'rushalayim as the Capital City of the Jewish State of Yisrael.  While granting that status to the fictional entity that is 'palestine', which has been afforded 'nation' status in competition at the Anti Semitic games currently happening in London, the Capital City of the United Kingdom.  Or is it??  Who decided that?   Why can it not be Edinburgh?  Or Dublin?  May I decide?

The Guardian Newspaper has this morning issued an apology for stating that Tel Aviv is the Capital City of Israel.  Read it here .....  Apology     It is not. Not Now. Nor Never has it been.  Jerusalem (undivided) IS the Capital City of the Jewish State of Israel .... historically, Now at present & this will Always be. Ha'Shem has decreed this. It is an eternal declaration & certainly not open for 'discussion' at any forum of 'the nations'.  It is not up to 'The Guardian', the BBC, or the International Community, or any Other nation or entity to decide on Eretz Yisrael's Capital City.  Or any other matter pertaining to the Sovereign State of Israel!!!!

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  1. 4,733 People voiced/messaged Oppostion to the Telegraph's description of Katie Taylor as "British". The Telegraph Apologised as follows .... "We're sorry for mistakenly describing the fantastic boxer Katie Taylor as British in our London 2012 section today. She is Irish, of course."