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Friday, July 27, 2012

Biased Broadcasting Corporation!!

Hours before the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games and the BBC still refuses to acknowledge the fact that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel,  just like London is the capital of the United Kingdom.  The BBC has no right to decide which city is Israel's capital,  or do I get to decide that Edinburgh is a more fitting Capital City for the UK.  Or Maybe Dublin???

This is just reflecting the British Bias and its Anti Semitic Animosity towards Israel, a stance that has been in operation throughout my 29 years of life and before  ....  It was Britain who illegally  handed over TransJordan to the Hashemite Kingdom (illegal under all agreements) and created Jordan out of land that was deeded to Eretz Yisrael, the homeland for the Jewish people by the San Remo Conference and Agreement, after the break up of the Ottoman Empire.  Another would be excercise in Fraud .... 85% of the present State of Jordan belongs to Yisrael, as does ALL of the land presently in the possession of the Jewish State.  Plus more in fact!!!!!  It is they,  the British,  who have laid the seed of the 'palestinian' problem.   Anti Semitism lies at the heart of the matter, as it has done through all the decades of this century.  

How come the BBC cannot tell the difference between a REAL country (Israel) and an IMAGINARY one (palestine)???   And to present the real Eretz Yisrael as a Country without a Capital?? 

But, according to BBC Sports, Israel has NO capital. Don't let the media delegitimize Israel's claim to Jerusalem as its capital. Take action now and support Israel's demand that the BBC corrects its error. Send your complaints directly to BBC Sport.  Let's Put the Pressure On. Now.  There is No better time than this,  when the Olympics capture the publicity of the Sporting World.  Anti Semitic as those Games may be!!

Oppose the Biased Broadcasting Corporation's inconsistent & irrational stance.  Jerusalem is the Capital City of Israel and that is a FACT!!

Write to BBC Sport Olympics on the Web here !!!

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