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Sunday, July 22, 2012

BBC ..... A Capital Crime??

Jerusalem is the undivided and eternal Capital City of the Jewish State of Israel. We need to remind the BBC & the World of this Fact this week!!!

So, it was with horrified surprise that I realised earlier this week as I looked at the 'new' news in sport webpage of the the UK’s main public broadcaster, the BBC,  that Israel was the only country listed without a Capital City,  yet the fictional entity of 'palestine' has East Jerusalem listed as it's Capital.  Does the British Broadcasting Corporation not have access to any actual,  factual geographical information then????  It appears not.  Or maybe it is just Arab Appeasment & Anti Semitism which Already Abounds in the IOC being reflected in the BBC???   However this deliberate slight occurred it certainly calls into question the competence of the broadcaster (and the UK itself given it's stance re the Munich Massacre) to host this event.

How come the IOC or the BBC cannot tell the difference between a REAL country (Israel) and an IMAGINARY one (palestine)???   And to present the real Eretz Yisrael as a Country without a Capital?? 

Comedic events follow as an anti-semitic world try to put Jews down.  Again.  And as another comedic aside, US Foreign Secretary, Hilary Clinton was IN Jerusalem earlier this week.  She too needs some serious geography tuition as she was unsure whether Jerusalem was in Israel or not.  Geeesss .... it beggars belief, doesn't it??

And All just to publically express Anti Semitism!!!!

  Anyways,  the UK’s main public broadcaster, the BBC,  has now agreed to list Jerusalem as Israel's 'seat of government' following a complaint by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office that it had not listed Jerusalem as the Israeli capital (which is geographically correct), but did mention ‘East Jerusalem’ as the capital of the invented entity ‘palestine' (which would be geographically an absolute invention).   Mark Regev, Netanyahu's foreign press adviser and spokesman, wrote a letter of protest to Paul Danahar, the BBC Middle East bureau chief, on Wednesday, saying that he was "dismayed by the BBC's decision to discriminate against Israel on the BBC's Olympic website."  The site includes a page devoted to each of the countries taking part in the London Games, which will begin next week.

Regev wrote the BBC bureau chief that "every country (and non-country ) participating in the London 2012 Games has been given a page on your website with background information about the country, including mention of the capital city. Every country (and non-country) except Israel. Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Israel, and accordingly we respectfully request the immediate rectification of this matter".

So, today
Israel, shorn of its capital, appears with the cumbersome and questionable listing as having its “seat of government is Jerusalem though most foreign embassies are in Tel Aviv.” And as for “palestine,” its key fact is that its “intended seat of government is East Jerusalem.”  For now, however,  it at least has an “administrative capital” which is Ramallah.  More refelctive of reality!

The BBC’s choice raises questions, quite serious ones,  which relate to and have implications for how media outlets operate?

Why would a reputable news site independently recognize 'palestine' as a state and declare East Jerusalem as its capital, when the UN and the rest of the world does not ~  and when the arabs who call themselves 'palestinian' de facto have zero say or sovereignty over what goes on in their supposed “capital?”    And does the BBC refusal to list Jerusalem as Israel’s capital mean it does not recognize Israeli sovereignty in lands that have been Jewish for more than three thousand years??

Does this mean news corporations and their internet sites have the prerogative to recognize any entity they want as a country and proclaim its capital?   According to what standards should news sites adhere to when it comes to terroritory that is falsely claimed ~ the facts on the ground,  or their 'political' vision for the future no matter how unwelcome or unreal?  

Let's bear in mind too, that both Jeremy Hunt, Minister for Culture in the UK and Lord Sebastian Coe,  Chairman of the IOC and ex Olympian athlete,  have both shunned implementing a minute's silence for the Munich Massacred because it would 'politicise' the games.  The Height of Hypocrisy, I know!

Animosity to Jewish Israel & Appeasement of Arab Anti Semitism is the order today in the UK today.  This calls to Question it's impartiality & suitability as an Olympic Host venue.


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  1. The BBC need a lesson in Geography that Jerusalem is the Capital City of Israel. Send this message to them at

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/front_page/3701180.stm .......

    "Jerusalem is Israel's capital city and that's a fact! I ask that you list it as such on your Olympics website, as you have done for every other country".

    Thank you.