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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Nakba Narrative!!

I know I've not been posting regularly .... Apologies.  I'm still here,  I'm Not dead.  I promise.  I've just been having some Real life issues.  Of the Romantic kind!!!

Anyways,  yesterday May 15th,  was Nakba Day in Israel.   Nakba Day,  meaning "day of the catastrophe" is an annual day of commemoration for the supposed 'palestinian people' of the anniversary of the creation of the Jewish State of Israel. It is held every May 15th, the day after the Celebration of Israel's Independence according to the Gregorian calendar and the day marks the flight of these Arabs from the towns and villages of Eretz Yisrael in the face of Jewish  advances and the Arab leaders calls to leave until the Jews are driven into the sea, with the consequent displacement, and the loss of their property.  In 1947,  the United Nations General Assembly proposed partitioning 'The British Mandate of Palestine' into two states, Jewish and Arab.   Although Eretz Yisrael has been Jewish Land for thousands of years, on May 14th 1948, the State of Israel was officially re-established, and once again, we Jews had a nation to call Home,  Baruch Ha'Shem!!!!

The Jewish community accepted the UN partition plan despite the miniscule land area afforded to Israel, while the Arab community in palestine, supported by the Arab League,  rejected the UN proposal and vowed to oppose it by armed struggle.  Hours later, Arab armies invaded & the Jewish State was at War.  Besieged by all the surrounding Arab countries. 

There is one fundamental and intractable issue in the Israeli-'palestinian' conflict, and that is the steadfast unwillingness of the Islamic world to tolerate a non-Muslim state in their midst. From this one issue all else flows, including the call for an 'Intifada' or a Third Terror War against the Jewish State of Israel.  It is the terror 'government' of Hamas, directed from Gaza,  that is leading this Terror Inititave .... an Islamist struggle against the existence of a Jewish state. Secular?   No Arab state is secular.   Arab states vary in the degree of their religiosity but make Islam the dominant core of their subordinate societies & anti-semitism their modus operandus.   
 Zionists are constantly pilloried in the media as being an "obstacle" on the path to peace, but instead it isthe Arab narrative which is the biggest obstacle to peace in the Middle East , with it's talk of Nakba & Intifada inflaming the supposedly disposessed allied to it's offensive occupation of Israeli land!! 

The establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 and the aggression by five well-armed Arab countries, assisting local Arab gangs and militias who had been attacking Jews for years, placed Jews in Israel in mortal danger.  Fighting back, Israel eventually negotiated an armistice in 1949, the Naqba ("catastrophe") for Arabs, that allowed them respite from open war, albeit not terrorism, and without peace. The Egyptians occupied the Gaza Strip, the Jordanians occupied Judea, Samaria and the eastern part of Jerusalem, including the Old City and its Temple Mount, Syria continued to occupy the Golan Heights, from which it constantly shelled Israeli Pioneering outposts ~ All these states trained and supplied terrorists who raided Israel. The United Nations did nothing.

Arabs who left homes and property in Israel, and many from other countries who joined Arab armies and did not want to return, remained in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, most as "refugees" under the care of UNRWA. This heterogeneous population was called "Arab refugees," not "palestinians," because at the time there was no such group or people.   One reason they were called "Arab refugees" was because there were a lot of other refugees in the palestine area who were Jewish.  Hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees from Arab countries streamed into Israel under threat of death & mutilation if they did not vacate the lands of 'Allah'.  UNRWA offered no aid, although Jewish refugees had lost everything and the newly established state had few resources.   It took a crafty Egyptian, Yasser Arafat, to create the PLO with his friends to promote the destruction of Israel and the return of Arab refugees.  Arab countries saw them as convenient proxies in their war against Israel,  in it's new terminology .... to "liberate palestine" !!!

Yasser Arafat,  creator of  palestinian myth

Except for Jordan, no Arab host country permitted the newcomers to obtain citizenship ~ as temporary residents, their civil and humanitarian rights were harshly restricted. The designation "palestinian" did not become widely accepted until after the war in 1967, in which Israel, in self-defense, captured areas that had been assigned to a Jewish State by the League of Nations and Mandate, and then occupied by Arab countries: Judea, Samaria, eastern Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip, the Golan Heights ~ rich in Jewish history and archeology ~ and the Sinai Peninsula.
As the PLO launched mega-terrorist attacks around the world, "palestinianism" became accepted, backed by the Arab League, Muslim and "non-aligned" countries, and the United Nations. As the proportion of anti-Israel countries in the UN grew, "palestinians" were given more and more recognition, support and legitimacy, unlike any other group.   And the fraud worked!!!    It worked so well because the world's media accepted the palestinians' self-definition and their cause. Even the Israeli media, politicians and jurists adopted this myth. Academics promoted "palestinian archeology," "palestinian society and culture." Every time someone writes or speaks of "palestinians", it reinforces this myth.

Most major newspapers use only the term "West Bank" ~ a Jordanian reference from 1950 to distinguish the area from the "East Bank" ~ rather than its authentic names,  Judea and Samaria, apparently to deny its Jewish history.    "palestinian" came to mean Arabs who lived in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, as well as those in UNRWA-sponsored "refugee camps" in Lebanon,  Syria and Jordan, and hundreds of thousands of "palestinians" living throughout the world. By UNRWA's unique and controversial definition, anyone who claims to live or have lived in Eretz Yisrael, and all descendants,  forever, are considered "palestinian," with full rights and privileges.

Spread among 58 "refugee camps" (in many cases, entire towns), there are about 1 and 1/2 million "refugees in camps" and five million "registered refugees, supported by UNRWA's over half-billion dollar budget.   As palestinian nationalism spread among Israeli Arabs, the term became an identity magnet for Arabs on both sides of the 1949 Armistice Line ~ the "Green Line" ~ as well as those living in other countries. Today, "palestinian" can be anyone who, for whatever reason, identifies as such, including their children, grandchildren, etc.  This amalgam of national identity is possible because "palestinian" is not a separate, unique linguistic, cultural, ethnic, religious or racial group.  Nor does this motley group, currently led by Fatah and Hamas terrorist organizations, aspire to a country with clearly defined borders.   

Their goal is not statehood, but exterminating all Jews, thereby "liberating palestine."

Jews Massacred in Hebron ~  A Real Naqba?

The success of "palestinianism"  is a tribute to what money,  influence and Jew-hatred will buy and attract. That Jewish and Israeli media and NGO's support palestinianism stems from liberal ideals of helping those who are less fortunate, the underdog, and even a genuine, although misdirected, desire to live in peace, a supreme Jewish value. And one that is cried to Ha'Shem for at least three times a day!   Although there's probably no way to prevent the virus of "palestiniansm" from spreading, there's no reason to ignore it, and even less to accept it. Like pollution, it may be one of those things we have to live with ~  but we can and must resist its proliferation!!

Arabs are entitled to civil and human rights in the countries in which they have resided for generations. That there needs to be a second Arab palestinian state, in addition to Jordan, which was carved out of palestine ~ or rather the land set aside for the building of a Jewish Homeland in Palestine ~ and whose population is two-thirds "palestinian," and whether such a state will resolve all the attendant problems is extremely doubtful.  In fact, it is ludicrous. That the State of Israel should commit suicide to accomplish this goal is unthinkable.   Israel has the right to be according to international law,  the Israeli government just needs to do something about it.  And scream it loudly from the rooftops .... which will help drown out the frequent bigoted UN and EU pro-'palestinian' statements

What is mine is mine & what is yours is also mine is the Arab position.  "Arab palestine", 78% of the former British Palestine Mandate has an Arab Muslim "palestinian" majority. No Jews may reside or own property there.  Gaza is 'Judenrein' (cleansed of Jews) and the same is now proposed for Judea and Samaria (being marketed as the 'West Bank').  Of course Arab Muslims, who call themselves "palestinians " are allowed to live and own property in Jewish Palestine aka Israel

Anhilating Israel is the 'Key'

 WHY THE DOUBLE STANDARD ??  Why dont we hold the 'palestinians' to the same standard as we do Jewish Israel where the land was, is, and always will be Israeli land??   Are they less responsibly human??

As a result of the United Nations Vote that established the State of Israel some 860,400 Jews had their bank accounts frozen, their real property had liens placed upon it and they were evicted from their homes and businesses.  Many were required to sell, abandon, or smuggle their property out of the countries they were fleeing .... more was 'donated' to the various states national treasuries.  Some were forced to walk to Israel,  800,000-1,000,000 (one million) Jews left,  fled,  or were expelled from their homes in Arab countries. That is a somewhat more real Nakba, n'est pas???? 

The REAL Nakba .... Jews Massacred in their own land by Marauding Murderous Arabs. More than One Million Jews were expelled from their homes and fled to Eretz Yisrael. They have not 'whinged' to the world for their lives or lost property. Jew Blood does not matter to an anti-semitic world ..... who swallow arab lies and delusions, designed to de-legitimise the Jewish State of Israel.    At the very least, then, the deliberately dangerous & destabilising 'Nakba narrative' precludes Middle East peace.  But it’s also,  as it happens, a myth ~ a radical distortion of history.  An Arab invention to mask a land grab of legitimate Israeli land.   When will the world adopt this truth??

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