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Friday, May 25, 2012

Idolatry in Israel ... Expose & Eliminate!!!!

Xtian Idolatry floods Israel!

This coming weekend, the most important event in the history of the world is commemorated in the Jewish Holiday of Shauvot ... the Giving of the Torah. Torah was given by Ha'Shem to the Jewish people ~ Am Yisrael ~ on Har Sinai more than 3,300 years ago.  There, the entire Jewish nation ~ 3 million men, women and children ~ directly experienced Divine revelation.  The giving of the Torah was an event of awesome proportions that indelibly stamped the Jewish nation with a unique character and destiny.

"Ha'Shem spoke to you from the midst of the fire; you were hearing the sound of words, but you were not seeing a form, only a sound. He told you of His covenant ....."
~ Devarim 4:12-13 ~

Every year on the holiday of Shavuot we renew our acceptance of this most precious gift, and Ha'Shem “re-gives” the Torah to us. The giving of the Torah  touched the essence of the Jewish neshama for all times. Our sages have compared it to a girls wedding as a pivotal event in our lives, but this is the bethrothal between Ha'Shem and Jews as His special people.  One of the meanings of Shavuot is “oaths,” for on this day Ha'Shem swore eternal devotion to us, and we in turn pledged everlasting loyalty to Him. Alone among the nations of the Earth to do so. Torah is the greatest gift of Ha'Shem, and we, Klal Yisrael are it's keepers.  At Mount Sinai, we Jews responded to Torah revelation with the words .....  "All that Ha'Shem has spoken, we will do & Moshe took the words of B'nei Yisrael back to Ha'Shem"   ~ Shemot 19:8 ~ 

Jews are the Keepers of Torah!

As we approach Shavuot & the time of the Sinai revelation, its important to remember as we relive that event and re-receive Torah, that it is Torah which has given us the ability to reject all the false gds and false prophets that the goy world has adopted . Without the powerful testimony of Sinai & Torah  passed down by Jewish Mothers to their families,  untainted & unchanged, preserved through every generation since our prophet Moshe received it from Ha'Shems hand on Sinai,  Jews could not have survived as a people and gone on to posess our birthright from Ha'Shem ..... Eretz Yisrael!!

"For you are crossing the Jordan, to come to possess the land which Ha'Shem, your G*d, is giving you, and you shall possess it and dwell in it."  ~ Devarim 11:31 ~  

Why does Torah go out of its way to command that the B'nei Yisrael both "come" to the land and "possess" it?  Because we are to possess the land and live in the land as Jews.  As Torah Observant Jews.  The text seems to be suggesting that only through two complete actions could B'nei Yisrael transform the land into the fertile home that Ha'Shem has promised us. In other words, the simple act of being there was not enough.  We are required to do the additional act of "possessing" the land,  and Torah is clear in how we must possess the land and make it ours.  

Parsha Re'eh instructs .....  " These are the statutes and ordinances that you shall keep to perform in the land which Ha'Shem, the G*d of your fathers gives you to possess all the days that you live on the earth. You shall utterly destroy from all the places where the nations, that you shall possess, worshipped their gds, upon the lofty mountains and upon the hills, and under every lush tree.  And you shall tear down their altars, smash their monuments, burn their asherim with fire, cut down the graven images of their gds, and destroy their name from that place."   ~ Devarim 12, 1-3 ~ 

But we have NOT Done this.  Xtianity is condoned NOT condemned in Israel today. Why?

Xtian Missionisng is a Crime in Israel

Torah is Clear.  Crystal Clear.  We are told to CLEAR THE LAND.  This is OUR responsibility before Ha'Shem.  Yet in the 64 years of the rebirth of the Jewish State we have not achieved this, and we have not attempted this in any real way.  WHY??     Today, there is still Idolatry in Israel.   Xtianity Abounds in it's Arrogance.  Nowhere is this stated more clearly than in the filth spouted by John Hagee (y'mach shemo)  in the video below.  The disgrace is that this anti semitic filth is uttered from the roof of the Aish Ha'Torah Headquarters in Y'rushalayim itself !!!!

Let's be clear what xtianity intends & what Hagee spells out below.  Here is the "friend" of Israel,  IN Israel, telling us JEWS that every knee will bow to his IDOL in OUR land. Every Jewish knee in Ha'Shems Holy land .... I don't think so,  Hagee, JEWS DON'T BOW.   Many have learned this lesson before you!!!!     What of those Jews who don't bow???    

Well, xtianity has this covered clearly.  The anti semitic greek book of theirs (the new testament ~ as if Ha'Shems eternal testament of Torah was insufficient & needed any addition)  explains ..... "But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them, bring them here and kill them in front of me."    
~ Luke 19:27 ~

Their Book of Revelation, chapters 11 & 13 specifically,  reveal their promise to Jews .....  "rivers of blood to their horses bridles"  if we dont bow to their Idol.  Armageddon they call it!  Another Shoah!  A Slaughter of Jews.

"for Jerusalem is given unto the Gentiles: and the holy city shall they tread under foot forty and two months."  
~ Revelation 11.2 ~ 

This is the xtian end time prophetic agenda and their intention for Jews. Slaughter that will make the Shoah pale into second place.   This is xtianity's plan for Torah ~ Replace with their Idolatry.  For Jews who don't 'bow' ~ Slaughter.  Another Shoah!!!!!

Xtians 'love' Israel because it is tied to the supposed 'return' of their corpse mangd messiah entity.  (He didn't nor cannot qualify for to be a Messiah, ever!)  NOT because they have any 'love' for Jews, Judaism or Torah.   They have perverted Torah.  They dont know Ha'Shem.  They don't know G*d.  They worship an IDOL.  A Corpse Idol.  The j-sus Idol.   This truth needs to be Exposed and the xtian evangelists Expelled from Eretz Yisrael.  We must Clear & Cleanse our land as Ha'Shem has instructed in His Holy Torah.    Israel is a Holy Nation for a Holy People,  the Jewish People,  the Keepers of Torah,  not the usurpers of Islam and Idolators of all sorts.  Not Hagee & his like minded perverters of Torah who seek total destruction of Torah Observance and Judaism and it's replacement with Idolatry in Israel. 

The consequences of not doing so are also clear .... "If you defile the land, it will vomit you out as it vomited out the nations that were before you"  ~ Vayikra 18:24-28 ~ 

Xtains DEFILE the Kotel with Idol worship!

And yet in the last weeks in Israel, not only did Hagee spew his filth  overlooking OUR Temple in Y'rushalayim, but you have on a daily basis the spectacle of xtians coming to the Kotel, which is not only a Jewish place of worship, but the Holiest place in the world where we Jews can go to pray at the moment, and they start doing their own evangelical "mock" praising & babbling their blasphemies to their mangd Idol, OUT LOUD, on Holy ground, where Jews can hear.  Defiling our holy land.  Why is this permitted in Eretz Yisrael ??? 

Yad L'Achim report just this week that  "missionaries have returned to major intersections in Israel's north brandishing huge banners promising salvation through belief in J Idol. The missionaries also hand out material to cars stopped at lights and engage their drivers in discussion.  This is the third year of a campaign that is planned to continue through 2013 to convince Jews in Israel to convert out of their faith"  to the xtian Idolatries.    This is just continuing  their destruction of Judaism by other means.   And in Israel this is a Criminal Act.  This Shavuot we need to once again remember the instruction of Torah.  And we need to respond once again to Ha'Shem as we did at Sinai ....

"All that Ha'Shem has spoken, we will do ....."   ~ Shemot 19:8 ~

Pastor John Hagee of CUFI uses Aish HaTorah's Jerusalem facilities overlooking the Kotel and Har Habayit to declare that all will bow to and acknowledge the j-sus idol as lord.  Sickening!!!


  1. Shabbat Shalom & Chag Shavuot Sameach!!!!!

    Be back on Monday Night after the Festival of Shavuot.

  2. Yad L'Achim has scored a number of key victories by denying the missionaries use of public platforms to spread their message in Eretz Yisrael. In response to appeals from Yad L'Achim, the mayors of Haifa, Karmiel and Ramat Yihai ordered the immediate removal of missionary billboard signs. A similar appeal led the Kavim bus company to remove all missionary ads from its buses, Baruch Ha'Shem!

  3. Leaders of Yad L'Achim met recently with the Admor of Seretz Vizhnitz in his home in Haifa and presented details of the latest missionary campaign in the north and what they are doing to combat it.

    The Admor expressed grave concern over the missionaries' ability to operate freely in their brazen attempts to convert Jews.

    At the conclusion of the meeting, the Admor warmly blessed Yad L'Achim's leaders in advance of a large assembly they are organizing for Haifa on the mounting missionary problem. The assembly, to be addressed by leading Rabbis from the north, will bring together Jews from the entire chareidi spectrum. The goal will be to enlist the entire public in the battle against missionaries, and equip them with effective means for waging the battle.

  4. Yad L'Achim announced that it would shortly release details on the large rally planned for the north, including the names of the Gedolei Torah and Rabbanim who will grace the assembly with their presence.

    Yad L'Achim reissued its call to residents of the north not to respond to missionaries and not to engage them in poisonous conversation or blasphemies, and to immediately throw in the garbage any of their leaflets and books.

    "We will continue to utilize all legitimate means at our disposal to stymie their wicked campaign," said a Yad L'Achim official.

  5. More on Hagee's evangelistic excrement .....


  6. And this article is relevant too, B"H.


    Residents of Y'rushalayim are concerned at xtian symbolism throughout the Jewish Capital City.

  7. Yad L'achim are no friend of the Jewish people

    They encourage their own idolatry, they are closely linked to Chabad movement, therefore they want Jews to commit to 770 Rebbe, Menachim Shneerson.

    I have spent 6+ months closely researching the anti-missionary movements in Israel finding them full of hypocrisy.


    Peter Johnson

  8. Just what I'd expect a jsus Idolator like yourself to say!!!! (Y'mach Shemo)

    Yisrael is a JEWISH State. Just for Jews. Not for Goyim, nor Idolators. They may neither travel through, sojourn nor live in ha'Eretz. It is a Holy land, and only those who live righteously before Ha'Shem may dwell there. That includes B'nei Ya'akkov/Yisrael and B'nei Noach. It does not now nor never will include Idolators.

    Yad L'Achim are doing an exemplary and splendid job, B"H!!!!!!