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Monday, March 21, 2011

Itamar Intrusions .... A Long List!!!

 The horrifying massacre of the Fogel Family last weekend was not the first intrusion into the life of the Shomron community of Itamar, Israel, by murderous Arabs.  In June 2002, a terrorist entered the pioneering settlement.    And, Armed with an assault rifle and grenades, he barricaded himself in the home of the Shabo family, where he shot and killed the mother of the family, Rachel Shabo, and three of her seven children,  Nerya, 15, Tzvika, 12, and Avishai, 5, as well as a neighbour Yossi Twyto, who responded to assist in saving the family. 

Wounded in this frenzied attack were other children of the family, Asael Yonah ben Rachel,  a 10-year-old boy  (leg amputated above the knee),  and his sister,  Avia bat Rachel 13, with moderate-to-serious chest wounds.  And, just like last weekend.  media outlets in their reporting, when they deigned to say anything at all,  spoke blandly of the killing of "Four Israeli Jewish settlers",  coldly offering little detail as to what happened or how another Israeli family had just been torn apart forever by "palestinian" terror as they handed out candies in the streets of Gaza in celebration.

On the night of 20th June 2002,  as the Shabos family prepared for Shabbat,  an Arab terrorist burst into their home and opened fire. Rachel, the mother of the family, and three of her children, were killed. Another two children were injured.  A neighbour who sought to break into the home to help was also killed.  After more than an hour of exchanging gunfire with Israeli soldiers, the terrorist was killed.  In the course of the exchange, the house caught fire and burned down.   Yossi Tuito (age 40), who served as commander of Itamar's 'preparedness team', was also shot to death when he arrived at the family's house in an attempt to help.  Yossi had worked as an educator in the first grade at the school in Elon Moreh (a nearby community), and had helped children at risk. The father, Boaz, and two of his other children were not at home at the time of the incident, and were not harmed.   Another Jewish family torn apart.  

But even this was not the only other intrusion into Itamar ....

In May 2002,  a terrorist infiltrated the settlement through its surrounding fence. When he reached the basketball court of Itamar's yeshiva high school, he shot and killed 14-year-old Gilad Stieglitz and wounded another teen.  The terrorist then proceeded to the yeshiva buildings, where he killed two more teens, Netanel Riachi and Avraham Siton. He continued firing toward the yeshiva buildings until one of the yeshiva's counsellors ran toward him and shot him to death.

Less than a month later, in June 2002, a terrorist entered the settlement again. Armed with an assault rifle and grenades, he barricaded himself in the home of the Shabo family, where he shot and killed the mother of the family, Rachel Shabo, and three of her seven children - 15-year-old Neria, 12-year-old Zvi, and 5-year-old Avishai. The terrorist also killed the community's security coordinator, Yosef Twito, when he arrived at the Shabo home hoping to rescue the family.

In July 2002, another "palestinian" armed with two knives broke into the home of David and Orna Mimran and stabbed them.  They fought back ..... David Mimran was moderately wounded and his wife was slightly wounded. An army officer shot and killed the terrorist.  As in the other cases, in this incident, the terrorist was able to access the settlement through the surrounding fence.   A soldier was convicted of dereliction of duty while on guard, which the Israel Defence Forces said had made it possible for the terrorist to infiltrate the settlement. The soldier was sentenced to two months in prison.  Was this really what made it possible??  Or was it the world's indifference??   Or worse.  The worlds desire to push Israel into sacrifcing it's precious land for an illusory  "peace"  with a people who desire only our annihilation???

In August 2004, Shlomo Miller,  who had replaced Twito as security coordinator of Itamar, was shot and killed by yet another palestinian terrorist.   And yet again,  there were waves of only silence from a world that cares nothing for the spilling of Jewish blood,  or Jewish suffering!
Once again,  last week the silence from the "civilized world" was deafening about Itamar's tragedy.   Where it was sparsley reported they called the murderers ~  "palestinians" (no judgemental adjective)  ~ whereas they called the Fogel family   "hardened settlers".  Who were they talking about...??  Baby Hadas, whose throat was slit from ear to ear while she slept?  Or 3 year old Elad whose heart was punctured with a blunt knife???

It is sickening & anti semetic to employ euphemisms thus in language.  The Nazi's did it when they proffered "Special treatment" to Jews and used language to cover attempted genocide. The 'palestinians' use it to cover an anti semetic land grab of Eretz Yisrael.   If a tree falls in the forest and no one heard it fall, did it make a sound?  Conversely, if a terror attack occurred and it didn't make the news, did it really take place?   These tactics have been used before .......  And, of course, the media failed to mention that Hamas has described the attack as a “heroic operation” while sweets and candies were handed out in Gaza in celebration. 

 Those who profess to deplore violence and killing on both sides of the Israel-Palestinian equation are giving the lie to their pious hyperbole by remaining conspicuously silent on the slaughtering of this Israeli family.  No words of condemnation about the deaths of these innocents at the hands of terrorists have been heard from the usual human rights groups, the same faction that is so quick to vilify Israel for defending itself from terrorist attacks,or scream when Palestinian citizens lose their lives during a retaliatory foray by Israel.  

Remember Rachel Corrie,  a foreign tresspasser who was responsible for her own tragic death.  The World does .......  The Fogels were a Family Slain while they Slept!!!   The World does not care to mourn!

There is no other conclusion to draw ~ when the deaths of Jewish innocents go unmourned and unacknowledged, it is because some believe Jewish lives do not count. It is hard to escape the feeling that had similar attacks occurred in, say, London or Paris, rather than a religious settlement in Samaria, the reaction would undoubtedly have been quite different. 

Where's the outrage?  Why is the world silent about the slaying of a three month old Jewish infant?  The Silence has been Screaming Anti-Semitism at me all week!!!

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