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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Forget Not the Fogel Family!

Today, in Jerusalem the funerals took place of the Fogel Family.  Last Shabbat the were stabbed in their beds as they slept.  Shocked to the core as I saw the terrifying images of this tragedy I posted a memorial to this massacred family on Facebook.  Today I shall share that with you.  It is a day for tears not analytical commentary, tomorrow shall do that. 

Five members of the Fogel family in Itamar ..... Udi (father age 36),  Ruth (mother age 35), Yoav (age 11),  Elad (age 4) and Hadas (age 3 months) were murdered in their home in Itamar in Shomron by terrorists who infiltrated the Jewish community by jumping over the town's security fence. The five were stabbed to death.  Their 12 year old daughter Tamar was first to find the bodies about an hour after the attack when she returned home from local youth movement activity. She found her two additional brothers sleeping in a room the terrorists had overlooked.

The funeral for the five family members took place today,  Sunday March 13th, 2011 at Har Hamenuchot cemetery in Jerusalem.  At least 30,000 tearful mourners attended.

As news of this tragedy reached residents of the Shomron spontaneous demonstrations were held at many locations throughout the region.    Shomron Regional Council Head Gershon Mesika said that Defence Minister Ehud Barak was to blame for removing check points in the areas between Palestinian Authority in Shechem (Nabulus) and the Jewish communities in the area.

David Ha'ivri, my friend & director of the Shomron Liaison Office called on Defence Minister Barak to take responsibility for his grave mistake and to resign from his position. Nothing less would be accepted in a country with accountability in government. The Israel authorities must apprehend all those involved in this cowardly massacre and bring them to justice.

Donations for the family and for the security of the community of Itamar can be made via Paypal for Itamar !!

It is important for people to understand what was done here, to understand the utter barbarity and depravity that is "Palestinian" society. Its crucial to understand what Jewish Pioneers are dealing with as they obey Torah & claim Eretz Yisrael!!

The Murdered Fogel Family ..... May their Blood be Avenged!

Yoav, 11 years old was stabbed to death in his sleep.

Elad, 4 years old, was stabbed to death in his sleep.

Hadas (age 3 months) ... her throat was Slashed while she Slept.

Does'nt she look like a Dangerous Enemy??

There are extremley graphic photographs of the family in the aftermath of the massacre    HERE.     Discretion when viewing is advised.  But please be aware that the Family have requested their publication so people can understand the day to day difficulties faced by the Jewish Pioneers who extend the boundaries of Eretz Yisrael! 

"If one comes to slay you, slay him first!" This is Judaism, this is what should be a light unto the feet of the Israeli Defense Forces. Instead, thanks to the gentilized concepts of the gentilized Hebrews, their hearts and minds have been hobbled by perverted mercy. The Mercy of Fools."    ~ Rabbi Meir Kehane ~

I have a question .... Where is the International Outcry??? .... I remember the outcry following the death of Rachel Corrie,  a tresspasser who was responsible for her own tragic death.  This is a Family Slain while they Slept!!!   The World cares nothing for Jewish Blood!

I have a host of photographs of the Funeral of the Fogel Family.  And the Sad words of their Eulogies.  I will blog this later today.  Today is a day for Tears .....

Tomorrow is a day to discuss Retribution.  For this too is Judaism .... Suffice for today to say that the village of Awata needs to be Razed to the ground & the checkpoint at Hawara immediately reinstated.  This is NOT the first family to be similarly slain in Itamar. Nine years ago Rachel Shabo and three of her children ~ 13-year-old Zvi, five-year-old Avishai, and 16-year-old Neria were shot by arab terrorists. No Checkpoint should EVER be abolished at American or any foreign insistence, as this one was just last week.  Cowardice & Caving in to American Demands for Checkpoint Dismantlement has caused this tragedy.  And All were massacred because they were Jews living in the Jewish land of Israel.  We heal their Children, they slay ours!
If one Jew is injured, we are all injured. We share the same neshama. May Ha'Shem bless Tamar Fogel & her brothers, now orphaned by this attrocity. May Ha'shem comfort all of Itmar and the surrounding region among the other mourners of Zion and Jerusalem. And may the Blood of the Fogel Family be Avenged!



  1. This is the culmination of Israeli "Apartheid" week. I think this event, where a checkpoint was recently removed facilitating the terrorist murderers, shows the need for the security fence beyond doubt!!!

    There have been NO suicide bombings since this security measure became operable!!!!

    This massacre is not being considered a major news story by the world. I think it is not Apartheid but Anti Semetism which abounds!!!!

  2. This unspeakable crime is one of UTTER depravity and it demands the death penalty for the perpetrators. As I mentioned earlier today in another forum, this event is Israel's version of the Manson Family massacre.

    This is an act of absolute, utter depravity.

    And to your point above Pana- indeed- where IS the international outcry?

    Crickets chirruping....

    Dogs howling at the moon....

    Yeah, I thought so. Dead silence.

  3. This is horrible. I can't make myself look at the pics of the slaughter ... just knowing that such evil exists is enough for the mind to bear. MPO

    Thanks for posting their names; poor little lambs.

    It is hard to understand why there is no global uproar over this outrage.