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Monday, November 22, 2010

What's In a Name??

The Shomron ~ the entire width of Israel!

 I have in blogging this month already looked at  "Palestine" & how that name describes a geographical entity & not a people or a nation.  No such nation or people with a right to nationhood exists now or ever did. It is nothing more than a fraudulent scam to claim lands for Allah!!  (see the previous blog posting Terms that Deceive!).  I also looked at the libellous language employed by the Nazi's of the Third Reich to cover their Murder on a Mass scale. (see the previous blog posting Kristallnacht!).  So, today I want to look at another term or name devised with no purpose other than to deceive.  Another name that has fallen into usage & become accepted as a reality, which it is not, although designed to deceive.  That term is "The West Bank"!!

The land of Samaria and the area known as Judea make up what is often termed the "West Bank", i.e. the west bank of the Jordan River. The latter name did not exist until the early 20th century, when after the defeat of the centuries old Ottoman Turkish Empire in World War I, the British and the French divided up much of the region's spoils.   In 1922, to reward Hashemite Arab allies in the Arabian Peninsula, the British chopped off almost 80% of the original 'Mandate of Palestine' ~ the geographical area ~  that they had received on April 25, 1920 for the purpose of allowing a Jewish Homeland and handed it over to the Hashemites.

Since all of this land reward consisted of Palestine across (east of) the Jordan River, the East Bank became known as the Emirate of Transjordan. Thus arose the name "West Bank" ~ formerly known for thousands of years as Judea and Samaria ~ located on the opposite shore.

When Transjordan illegally seized the non-apportioned territory of the Mandate on the "West Bank" in 1948 (where Jews, Arabs, and others were legally allowed to live), when it joined other attacking Arab states to try to nip a reborn Israel in the bud & strangle it at birth,  it further emphasized this designation to distinguish its newly conquered territory from the original 1922 Emirate,  today known simply as Jordan. 

 Historical Israel
 Jews have lived and owned property in Judea and Samaria for thousands of years. Massacres by Arabs in the 1920's and 1930's took their tolls as did previous ups and downs of Jewish history under various imperial conquerors which succeeded each other since the fall of Judea to Rome some two thousand years earlier. However, as soon as Transjordan seized Judea and Samaria, it declared that no Jew could live there. Places such as Hebron, Beth-El, Shilo, Bethlehem, Shechem, and so forth are known to the world via the Hebrew Bible. Most Arabs came into the area after their own imperial conquests in the 7th century C.E. They ruled, first out of Damascus and then out of Baghdad,  for a few centuries and were then conquered themselves by the next of Judea's imperial settlers and colonisers.

Jordan is "Palestine"
 In 1922, Britain invented the emirate of Transjordan. When Transjordan became independent in 1946, Emir Abdullah became King Abdullah of Transjordan. After Israel & Transjordan signed the armistice following Israel's War of Independence (3rd April 1949), Transjordan (illegally) annexed all the land they could get their hands on.  To demonstrate sovereignty over both banks of the River Jordan,  King Abdullah dropped the "Trans " from the name of his artificial kingdom, and "Transjordan " became "Jordan ".  Abdullah then invented the term "West Bank " for the express purpose of trying to eradicate all Jewish historical connections with the area. And in 1954, Jordan passed Law #6 on Nationality which granted citizenship to "any person who, NOT BEING JEWISH, possessed Palestinian nationality before 15 May 1948". 

After 1949, when Transjordan seized the "West Bank," while no Jews were allowed in the territories, Arabs poured into them from all over. To further its Judenrein policies, Transjordan ~ now holding both banks of the River ~ renamed itself Jordan and proceeded to destroy dozens of synagogues, cemeteries, and so forth in adjacent Jerusalem and elsewhere dating back numerous centuries and showing the Jews' continuous connections to the land.

The current American Administration insists that no Jews should be allowed to live in Judea or Samaria as well, completely acceding to false Arab claims & demands.  It also demands that Israel abandon what UNSC Resolution 242 promised it after the June '67 War ~ secure, defencible borders instead of the previous '49 armistice lines which made it virtually invisible on a world map.

America & Europe took lands thousands of miles away from their integral territories because they had interests there over the centuries, (American Samoa & the Falkland Islands come to mind here ~ these are still officially categorised as American & United Kingdom territory) YET they claim that no Jew may live in Judea or Samaria. Is that fair? Does America act that way? Does the UK protect it's Cititizens interests thusly? (The Falkland War of the 1980's tells otherwise!!)

Unlike Samoa to America or the Falkland Islands to the UK, Judea and Samaria are literally a stone's throw away from Israel's heartland, are an integral part of Jewish history, and are positioned to allow a hostile army entering from the east to cut Israel in half.    If Judea must be Judenrein, then every Arab in Israel should be sent packing. Israel must be made Arabrein.  Half of the latter are just waiting ~ like vultures ~ to pounce anyway ... given the right moment. It is truly time for equal treatment here. What's good for Jews must be good for Arabs.   Only Jews worry about being fair when they're fighting for their very lives against enemies who won't grant them any peace except the peace of the grave & want every piece ~ regardless of the size Israel shrinks itself to.  The rest of the world couldn't care less.  So, you know what ..... Let's not think about what the world thinks at all!!   Instead, Let us think about what's needed for survival for a change ... not thousands of miles away from home,  but right on Israel's front porch and backyard.  For Survival.  Our Survival.  And, the Survival of our homeland.  The ONE JEWISH STATE.

PA Map of "Palestine" ~ Israel has been wiped off the Map!
Forget land for peace. It's a bad joke ~ part of the Arabs' openly-admitted destruction-in-phases plan since 1967. Look at a map of the region. Is the problem really a lack of Arab land in comparison to Israel?  Or the fact that A  Judenrein World is wanted?

Peace for peace...Period!!!!!!!!!!!

We are told names are important.  The name of the Jewish State of Israel certainly is .....No recognition of a Jewish State of Israel?   Then no recognizing a 22nd state for Arabs ~ and their second, not first, one in "Palestine".  (Jordan is Arab "palestine", remember??).
Look at what came after Israel's total withdrawal from Gaza seven years ago to see what a total Israeli withdrawal from the "West Bank" will mean for Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Ben-Gurion Airport, the Knesset, and so forth once Israel has been forced back to the '49 armistice lines ~ not borders ~ imposed on it by the United Nations and which made it a mere 9/16 miles wide at its strategic waist,  where most of its population, industry, and so forth are located.  For me this is the Crux of the present Issue,  Israel would be comitting suicide and ceasing to exist if it accedes to present demands of the Obama Administration & the clamourings of the world media.   Is this their intent???

The term the "West Bank" is part of the process of divorcing the Jews who live there right now from their land & of removing it's historical association with Judaism ..... If It is called the West Bank .... ie the West Bank of the Jordan river. ie  as part of Jordan the country.  ie not Israel .....  Get it?????

It is removing Israeli land from the Jewish State of Israel.   It is shrinking the size of Eretz Yisrael & it is removing Jewish land from the Jewish people by stealth.  That is the purposeful use of this term & language.  
That is what is in a name!

Most politicians & major newspapers & television stations use only the term "West Bank" ~ a Jordanian reference from 1950 to distinguish the area from the "East Bank" ~ rather than its authentic names, Judea and Samaria,  apparently to deny its Jewish history.  That is what is in a name.  And it is a name that no Jew should use when describing the land of the  Jewish State of Israel!

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