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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Back to the Flotilla!!

 Remember the Terror Flotilla that Conned the World?????

Well, today, Tuesday, 16th November sees the launch of the Hebron Aid Flotilla!!!!!

What is The Hebron Aid Flotilla I hear you ask ?????  

I'll let their literature do the telling ....  "The outpouring of hate against Israel and the Jews after the flotilla incident {last May} was absolutely unprecedented. Jews around the world and those who love Israel suddenly felt just like the Jews of Hebron ~ the Jews the media most loves to hate. We therefore decided to hold our annual fundraiser as a unique, united Zionist response to this situation. We must bring together the various groups that work for Israel in a show of confidence in the future of a united, large and strong Israel "

The whole world is concerned with the supposed 'suffering'  of the Arabs of the Gaza strip.  Yet while the Arabs build and open luxury hotels and state-of the-art shopping malls,  the Jews of Hebron live in impossible conditions with families with 6, 7 or more children living in 2-3 room apartments.  While the Arabs of Gaza are free to build wherever and whatever they like,  Jewish children are arrested for planting gardens and installing park benches in violation of the “building freeze”.

Gardener ~ Yitzchak Imes, who tenderly cared for the Machpela Gardens ~ was brutally gunned down together with his wife and two neighbours in a recent Arab terrorist attack.  
(Remember last week's blog post 'UNESCO makes a Mosque' we learnt that Jewish Heritage Sites,  preserved & revered by Jews for three thousand years ~ including the Machpela Site ~  have been declared 'Mosques' in order that they can be destined for desecration & placed in Arab hands).

While investors are free to invest in and develop the Gaza strip, Hebron properties purchased by Jews ~ whether in 1809 or in 2009 ~ are not free to be used by their legal owners.

While the Arabs of Gaza, their incessant construction and their terror regime are all subsidized by many  "civilized" countries and NGO’s to the tune of billions of dollars per year, the tax deductible status of the meagre donations to Hebron’s Jews comes under repeated scrutiny,  for no good reason except for Racism and Anti-Semitism.

 This is the Actual Legal position: ~ 

1)        Settlements are Legal.   When the US signed the 1924 San Remo accords, they became co-signers of the British Mandate in Palestine which calls for “close settlement of Jews upon their land.” The area in question includes the Jewish territories of Judah & Samaria,  now better known by the fraudlent term the "West Bank" !!

2)        Support for Settlements is tax deductible!    The fact that this administration may decide to fly in the face of  US law and commitment does not negate the tax deduction on donations to Jewish causes in Eretz Yisrael.  Even the NY Times wrote: ~  “…the tax code encourages citizens to support nonprofit groups that may diverge from official policy, as long as their missions are educational, religious or charitable.”  

In a series of events ~ in both Hebron and in New York ~  voices and funds will be raised today in protest against the evil discrimination against the Jews of Hebron and Eretz Yisrael. 

In Hebron on the Succot holiday,  the end of the building freeze was celebrated.  This cessation was as promised by the Israeli government.  Yet again, yesterday, the spectre of another "temporary moratorium" on building in our homeland was raised in the media.  WHY????  

Let us say loudly & resoundingly ..... NO to a building Freeze...... FREEZE THE FREEZE ..... BUILD BUILD BUILD our Homeland!!!!!!   

If you live in New York then you could attend this Special Dinner ....  If not then Donate something & Show Support for Hebron.


The Hebron Aid Flotilla
Tuesday Evening, November 16, 2010
Leaving from Pier 59,  Chelsea Piers, 12th Avenue & West 23rd St.
Boarding: 6 PM * Departure: 7 PM  *  Return 9 PM
                                      Reception * Buffet Dinner  * Viennese Table * Couvert $300

                         THE HEBRON FUND  1760 OCEAN AVE. BROOKLYN, NY 11230                                                TEL. 718-677-6886 FAX 718-677-6886

It is even rumoured that Captain Stabbing himself might 'join the flotilla' tonight .....

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