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Monday, November 14, 2011

Valerie Carlton .... Victimised for being Jewish!!

Valerie Carlton

I first became aware of this case last Friday evening, after close of Shabbat, when reading Serach's story on Arutz Sheva,  displayed on a friends wall in Facebook.  I immediately did some research ..... this lady needs support.  Jewish Support.  She is Valerie Carlton, a 42 year old Jewish woman who married a non-Jew who became violently abusive to her.  She has been kept in solitary in a US prison as her husband tries to get her extradited to where she will not survive, a guarantee he made to her and is in a position to carry out because of vindictiveness & Nepotism, and extreme Anti Semitism.

Just this week past ~ 8th November ~ was the Yarzeit of Rachel Immimeu, weeping Mother of Am Yisrael, and this Jewish mother is weeping too in an American jail.  On November 10th, 2011, she learned whether a judge will extradite her from Monsey, New York where, according to one of her lawyers, Michael Ettinger, she “faces probable death” in a private for-profit Detention Center in Harford County, Maryland.  I have not yet learned her fate that day ....

Valerie Carlton was falsely indicted on 28 felony charges in Harford County, Maryland, in May 2009. Ms. Carlton was held on $10,000,000 bail in the Harford County Detention Center in solitary confinement for over 13 months. Eventually all 28 felony charges were dropped for lack of evidence.   Prosecutors don't usually give up on 28 charges if there is any hint that wrong has been done. 
The false charges, which included child sexual abuse, stemmed from the unsubstantiated allegations of her ex-husband who was seeking to terminate her visitation, and all parental rights, with her six-year-old daughter.  What happened to the presumption of innocence in the American Justice System.  Does it not apply to Jews??

About 10 months into her confinement in Harford County, when it became clear to the State's Attorney that the case could not go to trial and that Ms. Carlton would have to soon be set free, an "altercation" occurred that was captured on video.   Although the Harford County Sheriff claims that Ms. Carlton assaulted a corrections officer, the enhanced forensic video of the incident shows the officer confronting the prisoner, pummeling her, throwing her on the floor and bashing her head three times into a concrete wall.

Valerie married a man who battered her, abused their young child, and then vowed to destroy her. According to Valerie’s advocates, Russell Carlton turned out to be a vicious psychopath who used his christian Evangelical and white supremacist brand of christianity (and his powerful, local connections) to try and “kill the Jew” who dared to return to her Jewish roots, light Shabbat candles, and “practice Judaism” with her daughter.   According to her lawyers and advocates, “both the search warrant and the charging document for the criminal charges against Ms. Carlton stated that she was an Orthodox Jew who practiced Jewish customs with her daughter whenever they were together.”


Although he was the abuser, he falsely accused her of having sexually abused their daughter. These charges were never substantiated but nevertheless, the allegations got her locked up. The other prisoners were carefully told she had sexually abused children and, because prisoners are notoriously cruel to pedophiles, the sheriff put her in isolation “for her own good.”  This is where the guards tried to “break” her, to get her to admit she was “insane,” and to give up full custody, maybe even parental rights, to her child.

Neither the court nor the sheriff ~ not even the Governor of the State ~ chose to intervene to spare Valerie’s suffering, not even when nationally recognized experts strongly recommended that she be freed and reunited with her child. To date, Valerie has not seen her daughter for 2 1/2 years.   Her ex-husband was found guilty of assaulting her,   she's been found guilty of nothing, but he has custody of her daughter.  How is this Just??

Once the authorities realized they would have to release her, they had a guard beat her up ~ but the guard falsely claimed that she had attacked him, he brought charges. Fake Charges.  (A video may be viewed at   www.valeriecarlton.com  which shows what really happened). Her jailors warned her that she would soon be re-arrested.  Valerie fled the area and relocated to Monsey, New York.

Ten months ago, Ms. Carlton's mother applied for visitation with her granddaughter. Recently, however, the grandmother retained counsel to assist her.   Afraid that there might be contact between mother and daughter (Ms. Carlton has been rendered unable to communicate with her daughter for two-and-a-half years) it appears that Mr. Carlton prevailed upon the Sheriff's office to have his ex-wife arrested in New York and brought back to Harford County to face trial on the "assault" charges.   It is unusual for US Marshalls to be sent to arrest someone in another state for a misdemeanor.   No Jew should feel safe in America with such blatant hatred for justice when it comes to them. 

Valerie now faces a potential sentence of up to ten years for a beating she did not commit; in a jail that had no legal right to keep her; where she was literally tortured; and where  her “baby son, wrongfully removed from her, ultimately perished  through the County’s malfeasance.”  

They removed her still breast-feeding son from her and put him in state care where he….just died. And they did not allow a rabbi to break the news to her. Not even a psychologist was allowed in to tell her. Her punishers literally tied her down and told her that her son was dead, waiting to see if she would “break.”  This is INHUMANE!!

Dr. Mark J. Mills, a forensic psychiatrist, said in a letter that his evaluation of Carlton found she is not psychotic, not dangerous and it is extremely unlikely that she would commit sexual abuse on her child or any other child.   Mills also wrote that he reviewed the transcripts testimony by the two girls and found no credible evidence of abuse.  And the neighbour who laid charges has apparently done this on previous occasions where the allegations have proved to be FALSE in law!!

Michael Ettinger,  Valerie's lawyer,  described her persecutors, including her ex-husband, as “malevolent people who have no problem putting an innocent women in jail in order to destroy her.”
This is a Jewish mother who has known more than a Mountain of sorrow, a Jewish mother who faces certain barbaric treatment if she is extradited. Other prisoners have died in the Harford County Detention Centre. It is known for its “accidental” taser deaths.

Ms. Carlton faces a potential sentence of up to ten years for .....
* a beating that was administered by a jail guard to HER, 
* in a jail where the State had no legal right to hold her,
* where she was tortured and abused,
* where her baby son, wrongfully removed from her, ultimately perished through Maryland County's malfeasance.  

What YOU can do .....

*EMAIL to the Governor's of New York & Maryland County.

Send a Cheque to help defray & pay her legal costs to: ~
Philip J. Murphy, Esq., Escrowee
10 Esquire Road, Suite 10
New City, New York 10956
Mark your cheque  "Valerie Carlton Defence Fund."

*Send an email of support, or with any comments or questions, to Valerie Carlton .... VindicateValerie@gmail.com

This is all being done in furtherance of a vindictive ex-spouse's scheme to destroy the mother of his child.  A Jewish Woman for Practicing her Judaism!!


  1. Israel needs to demand the Aliyah of ALL Jewish prisoners held in the USA as a matter of Urgency. This would absolutely include Jonathan Pollard who has completed his sentence & then some!!

  2. Looks like Jews DO have to leave the States.

  3. BS"D
    Blogs are "cool" but unless they have an immense audience not very effective for this sort of need, other than being a jumping off point or idea exchange.
    This story NEEDS to become a nation wide scandal. try getting her on Ofrah or something like that. Interviews in papers radio/TV shows that get national exposure & that would be sympathetic to her plight. Have her prepared with a good heart rending way to tell her story & in a way that will move the hearts of non-Jews as well.
    Also if you would provide us with her full Hebrew name & her mother's name it would let people pray for her too.

    BTW is that half photo of a face in the "avatar' your face?

    1. I am Sarah Bashin, an advocate for Valerie Carlton and her current hostage child.
      We are building a new campaign now in hop to build more awareness and help for rescuing Valerie's daughter; Winnifer Hope, her Hebrew name is: Shulamis Malka bas Sarah

      Can we count on your support? You may reply to; 72brachos@gmail.com

    2. B"H

      Yes. For Sure. I'll reply to you per email

  4. BS"D
    Had a functional idea that if they can pull it off could blow the entire charade apart, set her free & put him in jail for perjury, false accusations/abuse etc.
    Demand Brain Scan lie detector test on him & have the questions asked be engineered in way to put him into stress & no way to make an ambiguous answer. Polygraph lie detector test can be fooled, brain scan not so easy to do so.