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Friday, April 15, 2011

Ten Years Too Long!!!

Hamas anti tank Missile Hit on School Bus
This is the School bus hit by a Hamas Missile last Thursday in Israel. The family of injured 16-year-old Daniel Viflic are keeping a bedside vigil as he lies dying ~ there is no brain activity & his family have asked the public to please Daven for their son.
Daniel was critically wounded when Gaza terrorists fired an anti-tank missile at the school bus he was riding in near Kibbutz Sa'ad. He is now fighting for his life, in critical condition, at Be'er Sheva's Soroka Medical Centre with extensive wounds throughout his body, particularly to his head.  “Unfortunately I do not have good news. His condition is not good and not improving,” Soroka's Professor Shaul Sofer, told Channel 2 television last Sunday afternoon. “We are not accustomed to using this terminology, but he has suffered a mortal wound. We are still hopeful, but are being very realistic and we know that the injury is very severe.”  
Rabbis have added the name “Raphael” to Daniel's name ~ a traditional way of increasing one's chances of recovery. Please daven for the life and speedy recovery of Raphael Daniel Aryeh ben Tamar this Shabbat.   Daniel had been on that bus to go visit his grandparents in the Western Negev.  Did this teenager deserve this horror ???
On April 16th, 2001, Hamas terrorists in Gaza fired the first rocket at Southern Israel, aiming for the town of Sderot. On this Shabbat, ten years will have passed since that day.  Do the Children of Sderot deserve to 'live' this way .... please watch the video below ~ it accurately captures  Life in Southern Israel ..... where 15 seconds Count.  The difference between Life & Death!  Would you be happy to live like this??
Terrorist organizations in Gaza fired 38 rockets and 87 mortar shells at Israel in March. In the Jerusalem area, there were 42 attacks in March, compared with 20 in February, and in Judea & Samaria there were 36 attacks,  compared with 23 in February.  This is Life in Southern Israel & this is  the 'palestinian' peace Plan .... Destroy Israel in 'Pieces' !!!
Rabbi hunkers down to avoid Qu'ssam Rocket in Sderot Street
“At that time, everyone was sure it was a one-time event, a red line that nobody would think to cross again,” former Sderot Mayor Eli Moyal said this week in an interview with the Maariv/Nrg. “Nobody imagined ten years of missile terrorism.”    Terrorists began with short-range rockets produced in Gaza, known as “Qu'assams.” In the first years, rockets hit with no warning. Even after the installation of the “Colour Red” rocket warning system, residents had at most 15 seconds to run for shelter, and often had significantly less time than that!   Several people were killed by the rockets in Sderot alone,  among them four children. Others were badly wounded, including an eight-year-old boy who lost a leg.
Prior to the disgraceful  Israeli withdrawal from Gaza in 2005 and the expulsion of Jews from the area in a bid to appease arabs, many rocket attacks targeted Jewish communities in Gush Katif.  The Gaza belt was hit by rockets more than 280 times in 2004, and 170 times in 2005, but did not face daily attacks.  Following the expulsion, however, terrorists began to strike far more frequently, hitting the region with 946 rockets in 2006, and 2,048 in 2008. After the Hamas takeover of 2007, when United Nations observers fled the border, Hamas managed to smuggle in more advanced medium-range rockets and expand its attacks beyond Sderot and the Gaza belt.  Cities such as Ashkelon, Be'er Sheva, Ashdod and Ofakim all fell victim to rockets as well.    “In retrospect, that first Qu'ssam was a clear sign that Hamas was going to look for a fight with Israel,” former Defence Minister Amir Peretz,  a resident of Sderot, told Maariv. “In the beginning, we did not treat the Qu'ssam as something that could pose a threat or a danger. We treated it as an attempt by the Palestinians to threaten us, nothing more.” 
Why should we accept Hamas threats or Rocket attacks.  Today is the Tenth Anniversary. Ten years of this Torture is Too Much.  Destroy Hamas .... Not Israeli lives.  Would YOU live there & endure such conditions???  And yet the world brays for Jewish blood  & calls  us the aggressor.  Do you concur???

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