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Monday, February 28, 2011

Ramsy & Rich ... Rare Revelations!!

Annihalation of Israel by Jihad is their Goal!

And today, Another Amazing scoop from my friend & Guest blogger Eileen Hart ...

A Marriage made in hell .... who are Ramzy Baroud & Rich Spiegel and what is the purpose of 'Deir Yassin Remembered'??

Ramzy Baroud, the son of PLO Terrorist, Mohammad Baroud resides in the Seattle area in Washington State.  His father, Mohammad is referred to as a “freedom fighter.”  The term freedom fighter was constructed by the Mainstream Media to relay the messages to the masses that this label means you have to kill Jews in exchange for freedom, and that it was Israel and the Jews who are the oppressors.  What a concept of delusional thinking, being that Israel absorbed all of these Arabs after they were expelled from Jordan and Syria as David Ben Gurion invited them before 1948.  Mohammad stockpiled rockets in Northern Gaza for Hamas and was funded by Hamas.  It should disturb every American that his son is in our country.  I will tell you why I think he’s here and what I think his intentions are.  I believe he is in our country to indocrinate, brainwash students against Israel for his own political gain and I believe he is being funded by Hamas.  In the video below, Ramzy describes how painful and despondent life was for his family when they were exiled to a Refugee Camp in Gaza.  This is all a ruse to get sympathy and compassion for their plight and his continuous journey to demonize Israel in whatever arena will give him attention.  His accusations that Israeli Army targets innocent civilians is completely inaccurate.  The Israeli Army is dedicated to ethics of the highest standard even in times of war in which they will not shoot any innocent civilians whenever they are put in the line of fire including women and children.
From the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs: ~

Israel Security Agency Director Yuval Diskin, in a briefing to the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on 14 November, noted the following quantities of arms smuggled by terrorist groups into the Gaza Strip since the Disengagement: ~ 

33 tons of military-grade high explosives
20,000 assault rifles
3,000 Pistols
6,000,000 rounds of small arms ammunition
38 long-range Kassam missiles
12 shoulder-fired, anti-aircraft guided missiles
95 anti-tank rocket launchers
410 anti-tank rockets
20 precision-guided Anti-Tank Missiles
In addition, between $50 miilion-$70m. in cash has been smuggled into Gaza in order to finance the Hamas terrorist operations.

In addition to their cynical tactic of using Palestinian civilians as human shields by firing rockets from densely populated areas, Palestinian terrorists are now increasingly mobilizing civilians in order to protect themselves from Israeli counterterrorist operations. In one recent example, on November 3, 2006, a group of terrorists was discovered hiding in the revered al-Nasr Mosque in Beit Hanoun. When Israeli troops surrounded the mosque and called upon the terrorists to surrender, they were met with gunfire. Soon, a procession of about 200 Muslim women, veiled and wearing traditional dress, arrived at the mosque, having been summoned by the terrorists inside. The terrorists then escaped by mingling with the women, some of them even donning women's clothing.

Another such event occurred on November 18, minutes after the IDF warned residents of Beit Lahiya that a counterterrorist strike was about to be carried out against the home of Muhammad Baroud, commander of the PRC’s Kassam rocket operations. The IDF issued the warning to prevent civilian casualties during the impending operation. Baroud quickly summoned hundreds of Palestinians, including women and children, and had them surround the building. The IDF counterterrorist operation had to be cancelled due to the proximity of the civilians ~ demonstrating vividly that the Palestinians know that Israel values their lives more than the Palestinian terrorists do.

Yes folks, you heard that right, Muhammad Baroud, father of Ramzy was a Commander of the PRC’s Kassam rocket operations.  Any individual who would beckon women and children and use them as human shields is a treacherous and murderous terrorist and any mother who agrees to this is the biggest child abuser of the face of the earth.  Muhammad stored rockets to aim at innocent Jews in Israel; men, women and children and on the flip side also used Palestinian women and children to shield them from the Israeli Army retaliation for terrorist acts.  He not only enabled the murder of Jews but the murder of Palestinian children as well.  So, to call him a freedom fighter is hypocritical being that he loved death more than he loved life and the fact that he would kill any child in order to exact revenge on Israel speaks volumes about the violence he embraced and produced.  Offenders like Muhammad believed that the only way to push their political agenda was to blow up Jews and aim missiles and rockets into Southern Israel.  The refusal to accept that THEY are occupying land that G-d gave to the Jews, and go back to Jordan and Syria where they belong is inherently clear to their agenda of radicalizing the entire region until they rule over everything and everyone. In the book of Joshua we see hundreds of truth in which Hashem tells Joshua and the Israelites to wage war against our enemies who were polluting our land that Hashem gave us, and thousands of years ago should have been a clear example that G-d himself wasn’t going to tolerate enemies in the land of Israel rising up for no reason other than to drive us out of our land. 

Even in the Torah our enemies such as the Amorites, Hivites and the Hashemites and Phillistines admitted that they heard how Hashem exacted revenge on them for going up against the G-d of Israel and being where they didn’t belong.  And yet, they still keep on fighting, demonizing us, and try to make us look illegitimate knowing that their claims to our land is criminal, illicit and filled with lies.  They know they have no right to our land, they know it isn’t theirs, and yet they persist on asking the world for sympathy all in the name of killing Jews.  The reason they continue to get away with it:  Enter the United Nations (Nazis).

In the video below, you will notice the fake tears.  Does this man look like he’s been starved and abused at the hands of the Israeli Army?  Ramzy conveniently leaves out that his father, Mohammad killed Jews for Yassir Arafat’s PLO, that terrorist organization that was responsible for the murder of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972 as well as many other terrorist attacks.  He conveniently leaves out the facts that his father was funded by Hamas and stockpiled thousands of rockets in Northern Gaza for Hamas.  Again I repeat this because he was a direct threat to Israel’s security.  On the outside, Ramzy looks like a gentle intellectual posing as a tender and placid man in a soft spoken voice. On the inside is a vicious, contemptible monster who uses taqqiya (deception) to brainwash people into demonizing Israel.  Why can’t he be honest and tell students he lectures to that his father was a terrorist, and if he truly wants peace why doesn’t he call for an end to all the violence from Hamas?  Because he wants Hamas to keep attacking Israel, and he uses his father’s acts to legitimize acts of terrorism on Israel.  Idealist students from all walks of life are falling for it.  He sees them as an easy target because at 18 they are idiots and not equipped for real life experiences, they are young, still innocent and ripe enough to brainwash.  This man should be stripped of any position of teaching, lecturing and writing.  The only way to ensure that students at a university level are learning the truth is to shun these Ishmaelites from Arab nations from teaching positions.  Many of these universities are held up with tax payer dollars and I am sick and tired of my money being used to support these villians who are only here to bring more terrorism into the world.  They use children as human shields, and Ramzy is using students to being a revolution against freedom and Israel.  I would hope the parents of these students he lectures to will wake up and forbid their children from listening to anything he says.

Which brings me to a man by the name of Rich Siegel.  I came upon his Facebook profile in my research for another article, and what I found was deeply disturbing.  A Jewish man who is involved in anti-Zionist and anti-Israel activities.  He calls himself a musician.  Honestly, anyone who sings songs about the plight of Ishmaelites who use acts of terror isn’t a musician, he’s an apologist and an enabler of terrorists and terrorism.  He resides in Teaneck, New Jersey.  Teaneck is one of the most highly concentrated cities of Orthodox Jews in America.  Why is he living in an area that is so richly Jewish and pro Israel if he hates Israel and being Jewish so much?  Is he there to report back to his Palestinian counterparts and bring them into the arms of Hamas?  Could there be an enemy in my backyard that is one of my own?  His groups on his Facebook page includes groups such as Stop IDF sexual abuse to Palestinian children. I’m sorry, but there has never ever been proof that any IDF soldier who is held to the highest standard of ethics raping Arab children.  In fact, it is the Arabs who are notorious for raping women and children.  Just ask the former friends of Yasser Arafat and what he did to European boys when he was exiled to Beirut.  Another group he belongs to is Journey of an antizionist Jew.  How about the journey of leaving us Jews and Israel out of your self hatred Mr. Siegel?   I have an idea:  because you hate yourself, Israel and the rest of us Jews so much, go jump off a bridge and Israel will be better off without your meddling in her business.  What a guy, a real peace loving individual who seeks Israel’s destruction.  I apologize to Israel that we have this growing trend of anti Israel sentiment growing by leaps and bounds in America.  Mr. Siegel, you are truly a traitor in the most literal sense.  Shame on you.  The conclusion I come to is that liberal Jews who seek Israel’s destruction have never had a real Jewish upbringing and were already questioning their faith and siding with Israel’s enemies makes them think they are better Jews for being apologists to the Muslims. What a twisted concept. 
 Proof of Pedophile  Yasser Arafat ~   Rich Siegel  needs to do better research on who rapes children!!

This sick individual’s wall is open for everyone to see, and I implore everyone to read what he is expecting, for Israel’s destruction to take place.  Here is an excerpt from one of his posts .....

Rich Siegel on his Facebook Page February 22, 2011 ~
"I do not believe that a Jewish-exclusivist entity has the right to exist on stolen Palestinian land. The idea that there is this "right to exist" and that two states should co-exist side by side is ridic...ulous. First of all, Israel has made it all but impossible with settlement expansion, and intentionally so. Second, and most important, it's a question of very clear morality. Israel came into existence through massacres and military forced mass expulsions, making over three quarters of a million people homeless. Justice demands that the refugees be allowed to return. International law also demands it. The "right to exist", even though it serves its purpose as a propaganda slogan in that it sounds very good, is NONSENSE. "Israel" needs to be dismantled, and Palestine- ONE STATE- needs to the state of all its rightful citizens. The concession to the Zionists is that they be allowed to stay."

As you can see, folks, this is a delusional man determined and hell bent on Israel’s destruction and calling for the annihilation of Jews in Israel.  However, he remains silent on where he thinks they should go should Israel cease to exist.  I can only imagine his ideas on where they should go.  I probably shouldn’t say this, but my gut instinct tells me he probably wishes the ovens at Auschwitz were still in operation.  He demands Israel be dismantled.  Does this sound like someone who seeks peace?  He seeks her death and embraces a cult that loves death, murder and terrorism more than he loves life.

Mr. Siegel, do you realize that Israel has existed for over 3,000 years with historical, biblical, archeological proof?  Do you realize that while you’re an apologist aiding and abetting terrorism in Israel that Hashem gave us the Torah and the land of Israel on Mt. Sinai or do you just conveniently forget that we are the Chosen People to live in our land.  Do you not realize that G-d went to all the nations outside of Israel to offer them his Torah and Commandments and because of fact they were practicing pagan rituals they had to reject it?  Do you also not realize that throughout the Torah Hashem ordered Israel’s enemies out of the land before he inflicted his wrath upon them?   It is your friends that have been the occupiers, and for the record, they are Philistines.  Palestine is a made up name that the Romans gave Israel in order to besmirch, belittle, and degrade the Jews in such a vicious way until they were forced out of Israel with no place to go and being relegated to dispersing among the nations.  Paying lip service to “peace” in a self-aggrandizing title and a victim because you are Jewish is meaningless when YOUR version of “peace” works only one way.  If you seek peace why haven’t you and your cronies and followers called for Gilad Shalit’s release from the shackles of Hamas?  Why haven’t you ever spoken in support for him?  Why are you silent that he is being held hostage?  IT proves how slanted you are in your search for a true and lasting peace for Israel in that you seek to destroy it.  Your post on Facebook proves it by saying it needs to be dismantled.  Mr. Siegel, in your email exchange to me all you wanted was to know where I lived and used vicious and vile language toward me.  You are a Nazi in the truest sense and every Jew that near you should shun you from the community.  Does this guy not get that they were nations outside of Israel that tried to destroy her over and over again?

My good friend, Jan Steinberg said it better than anyone;  When a Muslim hates Israel he is rooting for his team. When a Christian hates Israel it is because the re-establishment of the Jewish state disproves his theology and spoils his stereotype of a Jew. When a Jew hates Israel he is sick, stupid, traitorous scum.  Need I say more.

Which brings me to a group called Deir Yassin Remembered, a group in Geneva, New York, it is based on the incident below.  They twist it out of proportion.  Below is the true story of what evolved.  Hat tip to Jewish Virtual Library .....

"The United Nations resolved that Jerusalem would be an international city apart from the Arab and Jewish states demarcated in the partition resolution. The 150,000 Jewish inhabitants were under constant military pressure; the 2,500 Jews living in the Old City were victims of an Arab blockade that lasted five months before they were forced to surrender on May 29, 1948. Prior to the surrender, and throughout the siege on Jerusalem, Jewish convoys tried to reach the city to alleviate the food shortage, which, by April, had become critical.

Meanwhile, the Arab forces, which had engaged in sporadic and unorganized ambushes since December 1947, began to make an organized attempt to cut off the highway linking Tel Aviv with Jerusalem - the city's only supply route. The Arabs controlled several strategic vantage points, which overlooked the highway and enabled them to fire on the convoys trying to reach the beleaguered city with supplies. Deir Yassin was situated on a hill, about 2600 feet high, which commanded a wide view of the vicinity and was located less than a mile from the suburbs of Jerusalem. The population was 750.

Deir Yassin Demonstration
On April 6, Operation Nachshon was launched to open the road to Jerusalem. The village of Deir Yassin was included on the list of Arab villages to be occupied as part of the operation. The following day Haganah commander David Shaltiel wrote to the leaders of the Lehi and Irgun ..... "I learn that you plan an attack on Deir Yassin. I wish to point out that the capture of Deir Yassin and its holding are one stage in our general plan. I have no objection to your carrying out the operation provided you are able to hold the village. If you are unable to do so I warn you against blowing up the village which will result in its inhabitants abandoning it and its ruins and deserted houses being occupied by foreign forces....Furthermore, if foreign forces took over, this would upset our general plan for establishing an airfield".

The Irgun decided to attack Deir Yassin on April 9, while the Haganah was still engaged in the battle for Kastel. This was the first major Irgun attack against the Arabs. Previously, the Irgun and Lehi had concentrated their attacks against the British.

According to Irgun leader Menachem Begin, the assault was carried out by 100 members of that organization; other authors say it was as many as 132 men from both groups. Begin stated that a small open truck fitted with a loudspeaker was driven to the entrance of the village before the attack and broadcast a warning to civilians to evacuate the area, which many did.  Most writers say the warning was never issued because the truck with the loudspeaker rolled into a ditch before it could broadcast the warning. One of the fighters said, the ditch was filled in and the truck continued on to the village. "One of us called out on the loudspeaker in Arabic, telling the inhabitants to put down their weapons and flee. I don't know if they heard, and I know these appeals had no effect."

Contrary to revisionist histories that the town was filled with peaceful innocents, residents and foreign troops opened fire on the attackers. One fighter described his experience ..... "My unit stormed and passed the first row of houses. I was among the first to enter the village. There were a few other guys with me, each encouraging the other to advance. At the top of the street I saw a man in khaki clothing running ahead. I thought he was one of ours. I ran after him and told him, "advance to that house." Suddenly he turned around, aimed his rifle and shot. He was an Iraqi soldier. I was hit in the foot.The battle was ferocious and took several hours. The Irgun suffered 41 casualties, including four dead",

Surprisingly, after the “massacre,” the Irgun escorted a representative of the Red Cross through the town and held a press conference. The New York Times' subsequent description of the battle was essentially the same as Begin's. The Times said more than 200 Arabs were killed, 40 captured and 70 women and children were released. No hint of a massacre appeared in the report. “Paradoxically, the Jews say about 250 out of 400 village inhabitants were killed, while Arab survivors say only 110 of 1,000.”A study by Bir Zeit University, based on discussions with each family from the village, arrived at a figure of 107 Arab civilians dead and 12 wounded, in addition to 13 "fighters," evidence that the number of dead was smaller than claimed and that the village did have troops based there. Other Arab sources have subsequently suggested the number may have been even lower.

In fact, the attackers left open an escape corridor from the village and more than 200 residents left unharmed. For example, at 9:30 A.M., about five hours after the fighting started, the Lehi evacuated 40 old men, women and children on trucks and took them to a base in Sheikh Bader. Later, the Arabs were taken to East Jerusalem. Starting at 2:00 P.M., residents were taken out of the village. The trucks passed through the Orthodox neighborhood of Mea Shearim after the Sabbath had begun, so the neighborhood people cursed and spit at them, not because they were Arabs, but because the vehicles were desecrating the Sabbath. Seeing the Arabs in the hands of Jews also helped raise the morale of the people of Jerusalem who were despondent from the setbacks in the fighting to that point. Another source says 70 women and children were taken away and turned over to the British. If the intent was to massacre the inhabitants, no one would have been evacuated.

After the remaining Arabs feigned surrender and then fired on the Jewish troops, some Jews killed Arab soldiers and civilians indiscriminately. None of the sources specify how many women and children were killed (the Times report said it was about half the victims; their original casualty figure came from the Irgun source), but there were some among the casualties. Any intentional murder of children or women is completely unjustified. At least some of the women who were killed, however, became targets because of men who tried to disguise themselves as women. The Irgun commander reported, for example, that the attackers "found men dressed as women and therefore they began to shoot at women who did not hasten to go down to the place designated for gathering the prisoners." Another story was told by a member of the Haganah who overheard a group of Arabs from Deir Yassin who said "the Jews found out that Arab warriors had disguised themselves as women. The Jews searched the women too. One of the people being checked realized he had been caught, took out a pistol and shot the Jewish commander. His friends, crazed with anger, shot in all directions and killed the Arabs in the area."

Arab Peace Plan!
 Contrary to claims from Arab propagandists at the time and some since, no evidence has ever been produced that any women were raped. On the contrary, every villager ever interviewed has denied these allegations. Like many of the claims, this was a deliberate propaganda ploy, but one that backfired. Hazam Nusseibi, who worked for the Palestine Broadcasting Service in 1948, admitted being told by Hussein Khalidi, a Palestinian Arab leader, to fabricate the atrocity claims. Abu Mahmud, a Deir Yassin resident in 1948 told Khalidi "there was no rape," but Khalidi replied, "We have to say this, so the Arab armies will come to liberate Palestine from the Jews." Nusseibeh told the BBC 50 years later, "This was our biggest mistake. We did not realize how our people would react. As soon as they heard that women had been raped at Deir Yassin, Palestinians fled in terror."

The Jewish Agency, upon learning of the attack, immediately expressed its “horror and disgust.” It also sent a letter expressing the Agency's shock and disapproval to Transjordan's King Abdullah.

The Arab Higher Committee hoped exaggerated reports about a “massacre” at Deir Yassin
would shock the population of the Arab countries into bringing pressure on their governments to intervene in Palestine. Instead, the immediate impact was to stimulate a new Palestinian exodus.

Just four days after the reports from Deir Yassin were published, an Arab force ambushed a Jewish convoy on the way to Hadassah Hospital, killing 77 Jews, including doctors, nurses, patients, and the director of the hospital. Another 23 people were injured. This massacre attracted little attention and is never mentioned by those who are quick to bring up Deir Yassin. Moreover, despite attacks such as this against the Jewish community in Palestine, in which more than 500 Jews were killed in the first four months after the partition decision alone, Jews did not flee.

The Palestinians knew, despite their rhetoric to the contrary, the Jews were not trying to annihilate them; otherwise, they would not have been allowed to evacuate Tiberias, Haifa or any of the other towns captured by the Jews. Moreover, the Palestinians could find sanctuary in nearby states. The Jews, however, had no place to run had they wanted to. They were willing to fight to the death for their country. It came to that for many, because the Arabs were interested in annihilating the Jews, as Secretary-General of the Arab League Azzam Pasha made clear in an interview with the BBC on the eve of the war (May 15, 1948) .... “The Arabs intend to conduct a war of extermination and momentous massacre which will be spoken of like the Mongolian massacres and the Crusades.”

Deir Yassin has remained a staple of anti-Israel propaganda for decades because the incident was unique.  People continue to use this incident to disprove Israel’s legitimacy. 

Rich and Ramzy belong to a group called Deir Yassin Remembered   located in Geneva, New York.

It has been operating under the radar for quite some time.  They are both on the Advisory Board with other Phillistines, and I believe it’s operations and activities are anything but legal.  For instance, it asks for donations, but an Advisory Board of any organization manages the funds that come in and the funds that go out.  Advisory Boards are set up to control large sums of assets.  My question is what are their true activities, where do they get their money/funds and who are they giving money to and why does it exist?  Is it a front group for terrorist activities and if so, how has it been able to stay under the radar for so long?  I call on Governor Andrew Cuomo to immediately launch an investigation into this outfit,  open the books and find out what exactly is their purpose.  WE THE PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA have a right to know if this group and these two miscreants are putting our National Security at risk.  IF this is a front group for terrorist activities they are in direct violation of the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and a clear and present danger to America’s security.

Eileen Hart is a 45 year old daughter of Holocaust Survivors. She was raised in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. Eileen was raised in a very conservative and observant Jewish home and was lucky enough to hear her parents story and how important it was to never take freedom for granted, and how lucky she was to live in America. At 17, her parents took her to the American Gathering of Holocaust Survivors and was lucky enough to hear Reagan speak on April 11, 1983. His statement that the safe haven of America and Israel for Jews would never be compromised has stayed with her forever thus stapling her belief in conservatism and working to make sure the world never forgot the Holocaust. She has been active in Holocaust Remembrance programs such as The Philadelphia Holocaust Film Series, receiving a degree in honors in Jewish and Holocaust Studies. After Barack Obama was elected President, she saw the increase of antisemtism and has been actively fighting against the growing sentiment of anti Israel and anti zionist bias within the Jewish community and working against the disturbing trend of Jews turning against Israel. She resides in South Jersey with her family.

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  1. This is terrible ... and even worse that a terrorist lives only 3 hours from my home in WA State! I will definately be praying about this situation.

    I believe ALL OF ISRAEL BELONGS TO THE JEWS. I also believe obama and his administration are doing all they can to erase Israel and America from the world view as legitimate and God-loving peoples.